How to Plan Your Budget for App Development

How to Plan Your Budget for App Development


When it comes to developing an app for the mobile platform, the budget can be a quite serious consideration. Depending upon a number of factors, the budget for app development can be initially broken down into separate entities.

Budget Separation for Aapp Development - Parangat

Starting from scoping the market to cater to the needs of its potential users, to the final launch and then further marketing of the app. This process can be quite as vigorous as developing a business plan. To make this easier for you, we have divided into multiple stages each covering one step at a time:

1- Requirement Analysis
2- App Development Platform Selection
3- Outsourcing vs Inbuilt team
4- Integrated Features & Functional Analysis
5- App Submission
6- Marketing

Requirement Analysis

There are several things to do before you start building a mobile app. One of those is doing market research and finalizing what all things and resources you will need in the due course of app development process.

    • Finalize the vision of what your app is going to be and its scope and extent.
    • Based on upon, you will need to hire team members should you choose to go with your own team instead of outsourcing.
    • Whether you will need a web portal with it or backend development and customer support staff etc.

App Development Platform Selection

One of the major dilemmas of any app creator is what platform to go with and if both, then whether or not to go with hybrid apps or native apps. Both iOS and Android bring advantages and concerns of their own. Such as iOS users reportedly bring more revenue but the number of Android users worldwide are far more superior to them.

App Development Platform Selection - Parangat

Window/Blackberry platform doesn’t get as many such apps as it’s still not so much widely used and thus very fewer app owners choose to go with. As for whether android or ios, the choice totally depends on you. If you decide to go with native apps, then you will have to develop a separate app for both androids as well as iOS platform which will cost more but will cover more features and provide more functionality as well.


Hybrid apps, on the other hand, provide much fewer functions and incorporate fewer features due to less customization available. But, on the bright side, they cost less than both Android and iOS app development cost when combined. Some also choose to have a web app for their purpose, this number is very less as for now but is increasing with time.

Outsourcing vs Inbuilt Team

Building a team for each minor task that’s associated with your main project is not a wise idea, on the other hand, if you already have the resources and manpower, then outsourcing the task would be a foolishness.

Outsourcing vs Inbuilt Team - Parangat

These days almost every business in any industry wants its own industry but lacking its manpower, they prefer to outsource it to app development firms such as Parangat. A few of those who plan on creating large-scale apps and would in future require continuous upgrades and maintenance do this by hiring a team once and for all.

Benefits of Business Outsourcing - Parangat

Outsourcing such project works in the immediate future and is light on a budget as compared to hiring the team. But if you have got some long-term goals and may require further assistance regarding app development, it’s advised to build a great team.

Integrated Features & Functional Analysis

Its features and functions are what makes a user stay on the app for a long time. But, putting too many features which aren’t requisite or functions which are hardly used can not only make the app bulky and slow, they also cost quite a lot on the pocket unnecessarily.

Some main key features such as in-app purchases, social media integrations, cloud backup etc. are a few of these which are often in high demand but not completely necessary and can cost quite a lot.

Further, using the latest technology and building everything from scratch can cost quite a lot not to mention imperfect as well. There are many publicly free as well as paid SDK’s available which you can make use of for your app development.

App Submission

After the app is completely developed and beta tested for debugging, the next step is to submit it on an app store of your preferred choice. Each app store charges varies and could be either one-time or monthly. For android play store, it is 25$ while for iOS app store it is 99$. Windows apps have it at quite less and need to pay only 12$.

With the apple store being most strict for app submission, you can go through iOS app submission policies to prevent rejection of app. Windows offers individual and company accounts with both having respective pros and cons. Android being most popular is quite soft on this side and doesn’t ask for much.


This is another huge section of your app development budget. You can make a cornerstone of an app but it’s of no use if you don’t get its reach to its potential user segment. Social media, press release, guest blog outreach etc these are just some of the ways in which you can market your app.

To get a further detailed idea, you can read this article on various ways of marketing your app and the efforts you are required to make into it.


When it’s all being said and done, above is only an estimate and when you actually get into the field, many other minor factors within the above major areas come into play such as your team location. Third world countries provide cheaper labor than most developed countries though at sometimes it’s less skilled too. Want a free quote for your next Big Idea? Get a free quotation from our skilled Developers today.
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How much would it cost to develop a Taxi App like Uber?

How much would it cost to develop a Taxi App like Uber?

So you must have probably heard a lot about the most promising brand in the Cab Industry, for eg. Taxi App like Uber. We all know and how successful it is. Being one of the most successful traveling apps, it is used by millions of travelers every day.


One of the most common questions a lot of traveler’s owners have is “What’s the exact cost estimation for developing traveling app like Uber?”. So if you are looking to get your travel app developed, the first question that arises is you need to look for a proficient app development company. And being the most trusted and recognized app Development Company, we at Parangat can help you in getting that developed as per your business requirements.

When it comes down to develop a well-versed taxi app like Uber, there are a lot of key factors which are required to be taken into consideration. And if you want your users to not forget your taxi app like there are a lot of other apps available on App Store or Google Store. Then you need to consider each and every crucial factor of mobile app development. So let’s take a look at all those key factors that are required to be considered to meet your client’s business needs:

–        Easy and flawless communication

–        GPS, Map and Route drawing

–        Taxi and Drivers’ confidential details

–        Multiple Payment Methods

–        An Accurate Hiring and Matching System

There are a lot of key features that can help you make your about-to-be-famous taxi app must have. Likewise, it will help us in determine cost estimation for developing the app like Uber.

GPS, Map or Route Drawing

There are a lot of key features that could be used for both the sides, be it drivers or passengers. It helps in a proper mapping of the vehicle. Now passengers can locate their car and see where it is. And drivers can see where passengers are thus it helps in properly locating them.


How are Grocery Businesses Leveraging Mobile and Web Technologies?

How are Grocery Businesses Leveraging Mobile and Web Technologies?


Earlier people use to visit retail and grocery shops available in the local areas and marketplaces in order to buy household and essential products. So slowly and very gradually this basic concept was being reinstated by Supermarkets, where people used to come across the variety of products and choices. Now when we are seeing the evolution of online retail and grocery stores, it has necessitated the need of a Grocery App for Business!

The Growth of Grocery Apps:

And that’s why grocery delivery apps are seeing such an enormous success and have become so popular. This has in turn lead to the numbers of such mobile apps increasing at a rapid rate. According to reports, around 43% of the buyers and shoppers prefer mobile apps when compared with grocery shops. In the years to come, industry gurus and experts are expecting to get a hike in the percentage of eCommerce apps. That’s why grocery-based apps are expected to see enormous growth. These mobile apps are by large built on the same architecture where the consumers can find an array and spectrum of products under various categories.

Benefits to Customers:


(Grocery Delivery Apps brings many benefits for customers)

  1. Grocery apps saving your time and cost

    Do you know why eCommerce is excelling at a rapid rate? And in this tough competitive world, the same statement could be given to grocery apps. But after the emergence of grocery apps, you don’t need to visit the grocery stores personally, walk around the whole supermarket by carrying a shopping basket, look for each and every item, look for the discounts etc. And lastly, when you are done with the shopping, you need to wait in the long queue for paying the bill.

  2. The Facility of Food order Tracking

    Here we are talking about the convenience of customers and success metrics of grocery apps that are being built for users. In this process, there are a lot of crucial reasons that show why the demand for grocery apps has suddenly increased. As per the reports, the rate of online grocery usage has increased up to 20% to 35% in 2016. And groceries have become must be taken products. So if you are getting the facility of food order tracking that means you are getting icing on the cake.

  3. Grocery Apps are helpful in easily managing the budget

    Well, in this rapidly changing technological world where managing your budget has become one of the key concerns; you need to properly keep a tight check on your budget and avoid placing unnecessary orders. And if you are buying products for grocery stores there are huge chances that you end up purchasing products that you don’t require. It’s only after purchasing that you realize that you have needlessly spent more than actually required. By using grocery apps, you could keep a close track record on how much you could spend on grocery items every month and can properly control it if it’s exceeding your budget.

  4. Get the benefits of discount, offers, and coupons

    Since its launch, the number of grocery apps have increased at an enormous rate. This shows that competition is getting stricter and tougher. And every now and then, you can find online grocery apps, which comes with a lot of enticing offers and tempting discounts for its customers. And this discount could be availed merely on almost every item and product, ranging from fruits, pulses, soaps, and detergents etc.

Benefits to Vendors: 


(A grocery delivery app for grocery business offers many benefits to Retailers/Vendors)


  1. Makes you aware of your customer behavior

    Consumer behavior is one of the key terms, which is applicable to every app category. By considering the current scenario, it has become a necessity for entrepreneurs and business owners to collect insights and valuable data of the customers.

  2. Direct Marketing Channel

    A Grocery app helps the retailer in maintaining a direct link with the  consumer. An app also saves them time and they can earn the best rates/profits from the customers and if the retailers have their dedicated shops, they can build a strong brand reputation, as well!

  3. Subscription

    Subscriptions are more of a recurring money-making model, where  grocery store owners/vendors can shell out discounts and seasonal offers in return of a subscription sign-up. There can be many types of offers such as discounts up to 10% on the first order or free delivery for orders above a certain value.

Parangat’s Grocery Delivery Solution

Over the past couple of years, Parangat Technologies has partnered with a lot of budding startups/ enterprise-level companies and has successfully delivered flawless grocery solutions. One such solution is Blazon – Delivering groceries at your doorstep.


   (Blazon – Grocery App Solution)

It’s time to add ease and comfort to your life with the Blazon App. It lets you stock up on your groceries right from your mobile. From garden-fresh vegetables to just-out fruits – find them all in Blazon. Add to your cart all that you need and place your order in just a few clicks and that’s it – get them delivered at your doorsteps. Blazon is the smartest solution to your grocery shopping.

Wrapping it up:

Grocery items have become an essential factor for daily needs and they are required for meeting basic needs. And a Grocery Delivery App is helping in meeting those daily needs as they save a lot of time and money. So if you are looking to get a grocery app developed for your business, hire Parangat as your web and mobile app development partner and we will help you in getting a top-notch mobile solution delivered. Just shoot us an email on [email protected] and get a free quote for your business idea and our experts will be in touch with you soon.

Keep Away From these 4 Mobile App Development Challenges

Keep Away From these 4 Mobile App Development Challenges

A well-versed design and development team can’t guarantee a business-centric mobile app. Today, when there are over 1 million apps already available in the App Store, it has become harder for marketers and publishers than ever to stand out from the crowd. Before you start developing your app, let’s figure out the mobile app development challenges associated with developing an app.


Creating Your Niche

There are many entrepreneurs, who think that developing another version of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter with a minimalist twist can be helpful and, will let them develop the next best thing for the app market. But instead of mimicking others idea, it is always advisable to come with your own unique one. And, once you are done with idea part, start finding the particular demographic; understand your target audience’s needs and more specifically what they are actually missing. And, if your app idea has already been developed, then try to assess what they are missing that you can add.

App Stores Flooded with Apps, hence more competition

With recent technological advancements, mobile space is flooded with more and more apps, which resulted in more and more app development companies, which in turn, lead to higher competition.  And, these big companies are dominating the advertising game by buying up all that precious ad space. Even the search algorithm that Apple utilizes obliges the app developers and publishers that are lower ranked to spend more and more money to attain higher app store ranking. Big companies and enterprises are also depending on the advertising platform on Facebook and Google, thus, elevating the price of ads significantly. And, because of this, newly launched apps need to think differently and outside the box to get the word out and come up something revenue-centric.

Difficulty in finding and targeting loyal users

Finding loyal users has always been a problem for every business. And, same goes with the app development marketplaces, too. Be it your friends at home, or any club, finding a pool of targeted and loyal users is one of the key challenges for developers.  And, to find those loyal users, who not only install your app but also keep using it in their daily lives is also important.

One of the best solutions to this challenge is – Try to engage your users by letting them know – why your app is special and how it stands out from the rest of the crowd.  Easily submit your app to the iTunes store by following Appstore’s guidelines.  Planning a press media release is also something that could help you in getting some early buzz in your target marketplace.  By crafting a well-versed media release plans; you could also offer promo codes to your users, thus, availing your users with an incentive plan and thus they would love to come and explore your app further.  You can adopt certain other marketing strategies like – commenting on appropriate forums that might be relevant to your app, or to your target audiences.  Try to hit new Tech forums and meetups so that you can get early adopters, who can give genuine feedback and suggestions. You can go for guest blogging as well and write blogs that target your ideal users.

Always remember– to make any app popular and create buzz, PR and social media is always helpful.

Proper Testing, Monitoring, and QA

By rigorously testing your app and getting its UAT done through active participants can help you in gathering relevant feedback and information.  You can also gain support from different top-notch analytics companies. They will help evaluate the exact challenges and help you inform what to apply and take out of your app.

Parangat’s testing team recommends publishing an initial beta testing stage to a number of users, thus, making it easier to scale your app’s performance. And, never, ever, make assumptions about what potential users want. Always do in-depth research, and check what your beta testers think the app should improve.  By testing the core of your product with beta testers, then through thorough research will help you in knowing what all other features should be added in the app before its final launch.

And, most importantly keep updated with changes and advancements in the platform or specific to your app. By staying updated with different movements in-app platforms you can always be updated and move forward in the app game.

At Parangat Technologies, we have a robust team of developers and designers. Want to be a part of our ever-growing team? Contact us or drop us an email on [email protected].

Why to Hire a Freelancer over an App Development Company? Part 2

Why to Hire a Freelancer over an App Development Company? Part 2

So, we are here to move on – Why to Hire a Freelancer over an App Development Company? Part 1 that we have discussed in our earlier post. The previous posts highlighted the importance of hiring Mobile App Development Company. Let’s discuss some more points:

Quality Assurance & Rigorous Testing

Quality Assurance & Rigorous Testing: Like some any other IT project Quality Assurance is one of the most important factors in app development. Rigorous testing is very important, before the app is ready to launch. But most of the freelancers due to lack of experience and expertise lay less emphasis on user acceptance testing. You need to focus on formal unit testing, smoke testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing; all code should go through peer-to-peer reviews. Why not having a colleague review, it can improve the chances of delivering bug free coding.

Quality Assurance & Rigorous Testing

Warranty & Contract: Having a robust contract in place always helps you in getting right deliveries. Most of the freelancers will work via one of the online contractor sites. But contracts are for the best part, be careful and never just put into place outside of setting up terms for payment. Another important factor is – Most of the development agencies offer a full-proof warranty on the end product for a number of months and again backed up by a contract.

Proper Support & Maintenance that improves Business Continuity: have you ever thought? – What happens if disaster strikes and your servers have stopped working in the middleware? And, it stopped working 15 months after your project has been put live. Think if you don’t have in-life functional and operational support for your product, then you might face trouble. Once your project gets completed, you may face trouble, if you’ll work with freelancers. While selecting the development companies, always considers that the company that provides full-proof agreement for in-life support and maintenance.

Proper Support & Maintenance that improves Business Continuity

Ultimately, on which factors does the success of my app truly based on?
App development is an event that is based on hit and trial. The secret to ultimate success involves strong expertise and experience. One of the most common success stories are based on a solid beta test or a proof-of-concept that is sumptuous enough to develop another top-notch solution that may even attract some press.

Most of the app developers have dream of delivering grand product before even entering the competition. But to traverse a mile, you must take your first step. So come up with a different and bets-in-class idea, believe in yourself, and enlist the help of world-class developers who can turn your sporadic idea into a reality. And, that has the power to revolutionize the mobile app industry and the lives of their consumers.

Parangat Technologies have spent more than 5 years refining and developing mobile app solutions. Bestowed with highly experienced and dexterous team of developers, we are known for having a flawless project delivery process that is both agile & strong enough to manage the iterative nature of mobile app development. About 32% of all projects that Parangat Technologies pick up are mobile app projects that haven’t met the client’s expectations. The solutions they sent were either not met for the purpose or were not what the client actually required. But here at Parangat Technologies we offer all clients 24/7 support with Non Disclosure Agreement across a range of operational KPI’s. We provide a viable support and maintenance policies because we believe that it’s not just about delivering a product– It’s about offering a client the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, issues can be easily addressed and service restored within an over-sharing timescale.