Top Mobile App Ideas You Should Invest in a Pandemic Situation

Top Mobile App Ideas You Should Invest in a Pandemic Situation

The outbreak of pandemic Covid-19 has not affected a country, but it has disturbed countries all over the world. Many countries have imposed complete lockdown, and they are living in a state of dichotomy. While this unforeseen situation has created massive chaos among the business owners and entrepreneurs, the businesses and companies have undergone an enormous transformation. As the no. of Coronavirus positive cases growing day by day, people are forced to stay at home and seek alternatives to run their day to day operations. As we all know, the business world is not an exception. However, among all this tough situation, thankfully, we have the innovative power of technology and mobile app solutions. It has turned out to be a great benefactor for all businesses, industries, and entrepreneurs. Some companies are there that are finding ways to forge ahead with the help of mobile app development.

Technology as a savior (during Covid-19 pandemic) for businesses- How?

Due to the global pandemic, the economy is on a downfall leading to a mass loss on a worldwide level; it has unboxed new opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. As we know that health regulators announced maintaining social distancing, it forced the customers to stay in their houses. So,  entrepreneurs and business owners can take a step forward and need to shift to the online business to serve society in the most critical times. Many organizations, industries, and companies have already adopted an online mobile application market to occupy the current situation. And, this shifting seems to be the best thing that could happen right now. It is the best decision that one can ever take during this time. This model saves resources and facilitates customers and offers an excellent chance for businesses to stand up and keep running their business in this lockdown situation. 

The massive growth in Online Shopping during LOCKDOWN

The lockdown regime has changed the pattern of online users to buy things. Across the world, there has been considerable growth in e-commerce solutions. Online shopping and deliveries are permissible and allowed by the government and authorities in most countries. Many companies have been witnessing a huge surge in online business.  The COVID-19 lockdown has given an incentive to online sales as people are strand at home shifted to purchase things through digitally. According to research by Mintel, online shopping became more popular during the lockdown phase. Encouraging self-quarantine and social distancing, online businesses are genuinely supporting the economy and people in these hard times.

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Stats Speaks More Louder
  • Despite the crisis impact, spending on the mobile app is expected to double by 2024. 
  • Moreover, downloads will reach 183.7 billion by 2024, showing a lift of 9% from the forecast made before COVID-19.
  • According to the Retail and logistics experts, online shopping is permissible and more supported during the coronavirus pandemic.
Revealing the top Mobile app ideas during the coronavirus outbreak-

Some industries are thriving and coping with the heat with their mobile apps. Here, we have curated some mindblowing mobile app development ideas that you should consider for your startup business during the COVID-19 pandemic- 

Food Delivery Apps

Due to this unprecedented lockdown, many students, laborers, and working men/women are away from their homes or still stranded. Food is the essential thing to survive, so it’s necessary to deliver them the home-cooked meal. According to the sources, food delivery services are thriving, as consumers opt to stay in their homes to avoid the spread of contagious diseases. A new startup can help in these critical times by launching your branded food delivery app to enable customers to order food online.  

Note: Your brand must maintain extreme personal hygiene during food preparation. 

Online Education Apps

As we all know, educational institutions are crowded, so they are forced to shut down to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. According to the reports, 67% of US companies are already conducting E-learning through mobile applications. Those education players that were technologically reading have managed to offer online learning to ensure that learning doesn’t stop. Online educational apps are in much demand; therefore, its an excellent opportunity for startups or businesses to make a difference in this industry. As a startup, it would be a great idea if you could build your trusted platform for learning that works as an encyclopedia for learners. So, start investing in education mobile app development to make your startup company successful. 

The Stats suggest that the downloads of education apps spiked in March 2020, increasing nearly 300%. 

Healthcare Consultation

To offer a remote health care services during this hard time is crucial. As we all know, nowadays, more people seek on-demand doctors, healthcare consultations, expert advice for fitness and boosting immunity, or getting immediate medical help through online platforms.  At the amid of quarantine, healthcare professionals need to take care of their patients to combat the novel disease, Coronavirus.  With the help of several telehealth mobile applications, you can reach them to provide remote care, remote monitoring, virtual consulting services. There is a massive demand for such applications that enable patients to consult doctors digitally. Entrepreneurs can think of offering healthcare consultant mobile app solutions that solve specific problems people face. 

Fitness App

We all know that Gyms and Yoga centers are shuttered down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, People are now more looking for digital workout solutions to maintain their exercise routines. So, this is the best opportunity for startups to invest in fitness app development to connect fitness trainers and enthusiasts. This will enable the fitness freaks to carry on with their workout regular schedule. According to the reports, online fitness and wellbeing apps are the one such sector that promises tremendous growth.  

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope that the above mobile app ideas will help you to boost up your startup idea or business to grow through digital transformation. The Mobile app development industry is thriving, helping businesses to turn up and flourish in digital space. As a company, it’s up to you how you use the time and add value to the native with the digital solution. Thus, it’s high time for you to roll up your sleeves and drive the world to connect virtually forever.

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