What could go wrong while developing apps with React Native

What could go wrong while developing apps with React Native

React Native Application Development is setting up the trend in the mobile app development industry. And so it is now becoming the first choice for developers when it comes to choosing the best Cross-platform framework. React Native helps you to build native-like mobile applications for both iOS and Android at an excellent development pace. And it has lots of potentials to do wonders and making the development exercise more efficient and practical.

React Native is a Javascript framework that is open-source in nature. It has gained huge popularity among mobile app developers. And the reason is it allows them to create high-quality apps for both Android and IOS platforms. It’s not that tough to develop mobile apps with React Native, but sometimes developers make silly mistakes. In order to utilize its potential to the fullest, developers need to be little aware of some common React native app development mistakes, which can ruin the users’ experience and their skills as well.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the mistakes that you may make

while building a React Native App. It would be best if you avoid these mistakes (given below) as they can cost you time as well as money.

Why does the developer love building an app with React Native?

After knowing all the pros and cons, Developers love to build an app in react native for the following reasons-

1. Faster to build

One of the primary benefits of React Native is that it reduces the development time and, in result, saves money as well. The framework gives various easy-to-use components that accelerate speed up the process of development.

2. Hot Reloading

The hot reloading feature enables the developer to keep the application running while applying the latest versions and customize the user interface. There is no need to build the app again.

3. No requirement of the big team

There is no need for the big team to build an app with React Native. Any Javascript developer can write the code for multiple platforms.

There are various reasons for choosing to React Native. After seeing the benefits of React Native, countless enterprises and businesses are moving ahead and embracing this subsequent piece of technology. Instagram, Walmart, Facebook, Bloomberg are some famous apps built with React Native.  

What are Issues Associated with React Native App Development?

You may face some errors while building code to React Native. Here are the issues associated with React Native and suggestions to solve them-

Development Server Error

Sometimes, you may find development server error, saying, “Could not connect to the development server.” This means that there is an issue with your metro bundler. You can solve this issue by closing all the previous metro bundler and restarting it.


So many times, you have found the TypeError, stating “Undefined is not an objective,” which means some of the references were not defined adequately.

 App Registry Error

When you created an application and started running it, you may find an issue saying that “your app is not registered.”  It means that there is an issue in the core process while creating an application. 

Also, we can say react native is the future of hybrid mobile app development

Common Mistakes to avoid in the React Native App Development:

Improper Plan of Redux store

Redux is a tool that helps in storing the data and managing the app properly. If it planned correctly, it could be proved as a powerful tool for managing the app data, while if it not planned in the right manner, it can create many issues.

Most of the time, developers focus more on the planning of the layout of an app and don’t care much about data handling. You must plan the Redux store correctly.

Not reading the code of external modules

Most of the developers want to save time through external modules to their React Native projects. But, they often make the mistake of not reading the code of the external modules. In results, modules break, or they might not work as anticipated. You need to treat this as one of the best methods of React Native App Development. So, make sure you verify everything that you add to your project and read the code properly.

Wrong Estimation

Another most common mistake that the developers made while developing an app with React Native is that they estimate project layouts and forms incorrectly. Make sure you estimate the project layout for IOS and Android separately as it could be different on both platforms. Also, you need to estimate the validation layout as well. When creating an app with React Native, you are supposed to write more codes compared to creating a Hybrid app on other frameworks.

Not optimizing images

Optimizing of images is quite necessary while building a mobile app with React Native. It not only helps to enhance the app performance but also makes the app lightweight. React Native developers may not make proper optimization of images.

Not following the coding best practices

One of the major mistakes Reacts Native Developers make to not following the coding best practices on a React Native project. If the coding not done properly, developers have to face numerous issues such as low performance, poor quality of the app, and so on. You must follow the coding best practices to get better results.

leave ‘Console.log’ statement in the app

Console.log statements are so much essential as it helps to detect bugs quickly. It also helps to know whether your app is working as expected and also the line of code that causes the problem in an app.

Make sure to remove these statements after completing the debugging otherwise, and it can impact on the overall performance of the app and greatly slow down your app.

Final Words

The above-mentioned are the most common mistakes that you should avoid while building the React Native app. 

If you want to become a top-class react native app developer, then I would suggest you two things which will help you to enhance your skills-  the first one- try to brush up your skills and revise all the basic things on time-to-time and the second one is associates with the mid-sized company that mainly trained the newbie developers.

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A Complete Cost Guide For Entrepreneurs to Develop an App Like Tinder

A Complete Cost Guide For Entrepreneurs to Develop an App Like Tinder

There are many factors involved when considering the development of dating apps like Tinder App. There are various different aspects to the development of online dating apps that can beat Tinder dating app at its own game or at least present some competition.

Dating Applications - Parangat

Now when you start developing a dating app, it’s hard to ignore Tinder. Since it entered the market, it has created a niche out of nothing virtually on its own. There were a couple things mainly that stood out from the rest in making Tinder App a hit amongst youngsters and teenagers alike.

Tinder App - Parangat

Though it has great interactive design and a lot of functional features, it was its swipe gesture, geolocation feature and match on chat option that made it a hit. Now, it was as inventive as it was user-centered and practical. These are the things that you need to keep in mind as you go along the development of an app like tinder and will decide cost accordingly.

Below is the list of factors that affect the development of your Android app especially one such like tinder and this invariably your costing estimate for the same.

1- App development Platform
2- Backend Development
3- Web Portal Development
4- Q/A testing

When you take into account the above various factors, you get a rough estimate of the cost that would be required to develop an app like Tinder. Further, based on your geolocation and the workforce that you hire and expertise that you require, you can zero in on the total amount.

App Development Platform

There are mainly two app platforms being used worldwide i.e. Android and iOS. Both very popular amongst its users for their own qualities and specifications. When it comes to launching an app like this, it becomes hard how to decide between choosing two platforms.

Ideally, iOS users generate more revenue but that’s compensated by a large number of Android users worldwide. When choosing between one platform or other, you can always choose to go with cross-platform/hybrid apps as compared to native apps to each platform.

Now, native apps take somewhat 200+ hours for android app development and around 250+ hours for an iOS app development. Hybrid apps need approx 350 hours of development time and require more technical expertise which means higher developer cost as well.

Backend Development

With heavy traffic and the database that an app like tinder requires, you must have a fully equipped admin backend technical panel if you are hoping to compete with tinder app on some level. It usually takes around 180-200 hours for an efficient developer to create it.

This backend panel will not help you track down analytics of app users, it will also help you analyze user behavior and latest trends. You will have to keep yourself upgraded constantly if you want to last in a long time.

Note: To make the best out your backend panel, make sure that it has feasible integration with several other tools such as google analytics etc.

Web Portal Development

If you’re aiming big then you need to have some source of your entire database or information repository to which users can refer to via some extension. The cost for developing such an extension depends upon the features that you choose to go with. Generally, it can take 100-150 hours of development time.

Q/A testing

Quality analysis for debugging purposes is one of the most important phases in which any flaws left whatsoever are detected and resolved before final release. Due to this stage being highly technical and through, it can take anything between 150-200 hours to be completed. That all is including the app deployment on the app store.

All the above things considered apart, there is also the matter of technical expertise required and resources needed. Most of all, everything can depend upon whether you outsource or hire a team to build your app.

These 4 are the general team members that you will need for a basic dating app:

  • 1 Graphic Designer for about 50+ hours with charges ranging from $25 per hour and above.
  • 1 UX designer for approx 100+ hours with the price per hour starting from $25 same as above.
  • 1/2 programmers depending upon your choice between native and hybrid apps costing $25 per hour and above for native developers and $35 and above for hybrid ones.
  • 1 Quality Analyst for about more than 100 hours with per hour cost starting from $15.

Note: Above is just a rough estimate for the cost of the team members and depends highly upon their technical expertise, experience and the country you are in. Hiring members in developed countries such as America can cost twice or thrice as much as hiring them from a country like India.

Calculating all the above hiring costs and number of hours required from initial development to app deployment, we can put an estimate between $30k-$50k for an average dating app with your basic features. Needless to say, the higher you go in terms of UI, UX, technical features etc, pricing increases with the same.

Factors to be considered for getting the Business- Centric Mobile Apps

Factors to be considered for getting the Business- Centric Mobile Apps

Most of the business owners especially who are non technical do the mistake of thinking that just because many mobile apps are free (or nearly so) to download, a user-centric app can be developed in an afternoon or so only. In recent years, due to rapidly increasing smartphones, the mobile revolution may have changes our lives, the way we live, shop and communicate. But one time-tested dictum remains always true- you get what you pay for.

Nowadays, the mobile age has proven that the cost associated with developing any product or business hasn’t changed much at all. However, the infrastructure has simply shifted to a different asset of class. Today, businesses are more interested in investing in software instead of investing in buildings, tools, machinery and capital. If you want to capture the attention and wallets of your clients, you need to replace your traditional forms of commerce with new trending ways. And, your mobile app can prove to be better and more engaging than the one your competitors offer. It’s just that simple.

Adept and business-centric mobile apps require a unique idea, strong conceptual foundation, ground-breaking planning, a breakthrough ecosystem and undoubtedly a proficient mobile app development team that comprises of designers, developers and testers. If you scrimp on any of these elements that means you risk the value and ROI of your final product. Here’re a few steps that are required to be followed for finding the right development team:

Do Proper Research and Analysis

For getting started with the development of your app, the first and perhaps the most important step is – to do the proper research & analysis. To begin with, once you have come up with your mobile app concept, ensure that nothing identical already exists in stores. As it also helps to come up with a few core use cases, which in turn, helps you in taking into account of your target audiences and will help you in knowing that how your app will perform in app stores.

Which Platform to Build For?

Which Platform to Build For?

Once you have completed your research and analysis part, another critical and early-stage decision is which platform to build for? – Whether for iOS, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry. Every platform has its own operating systems and different native SDKs and programming languages. For right selection of the platform, you need to define your go-to-market strategy properly and your target market segment for your mobile app as well. And, that will help you in determining which platform you should launch with.

Selecting the Right Technology Partner

One of the most critical factors is to select the right development and creative team. However, there are a lot of mobile app development companies that are known to deliver best-in-class products. But to get the app that generates value and revenue, both, you need to choose the right development team that is comprised of team that is well versed in their domain—e.g. user experience, interaction design, visual design and so on.

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