Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing – Part 1

Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing – Part 1

Increasing number of app stores; numerous app developers and publishers; and exponentially increasing number of mobile apps – ensuring your app’s success, profitable monetization is not easy at hand. On top of all this, while the mobile app market is getting highly competitive due to widespread innovation, the mobile app users are also getting smarter and smarter. Factoring all this, there are chances that an app might be easily lost and can go unseen.

But, why to leave anything to chance? You need to start answering a few basic questions- that will help devise a comprehensive strategy to bring out the full potential of your app and ensuring profits from app monetization. Let’ start with a few of those basic questions you ought to have answers for:

1.    How to ensure that your app is visible? Better visibility means that you app is ranked high enough in the app store that it can be easily discovered, organically.

2.    How do you ensure that your app is being downloaded by the right audience you targeted for? This will mean that it has a good and consistent usage

3.    At the same time, how will you ensure that your app receives enough downloads that it is monetarily valuable and profitable to your app business?

These questions, once addressed, will help you define a comprehensive app marketing strategy, which, in turn, will not only ensure your app’s success but also help you sustain that success. There will always be a need of continuous improvement and change in the marketing strategy in that it adapts to the every changing app market dynamics and marketing tactics apart from the margin pressure.

There are a few time-tested tips that will prove to be useful, irrespective of the mobile app market – as well as marketing – being so dynamic in nature.

Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing

1. Leveraging Social Media to its fullest

With increasing social users and dependency on social media, every organization – across industries and regardless of its size – ought to have a social media strategy. Leveraging Social Media is critical in order to grab the mind share of your target audience and increase your brand awareness. Through targeted marketing on social media and driving relevant call to action, will help you establish your brand and draw the right and expected audience to your apps.

Social media marketing strategy can be further segregated into Push and Pull marketing. With powerful content marketing and communication on social media will help the app gain more hits and will also help the developers/publishers gain mind share. Social media, at times, can also serve as a support and response engine. Continuous updates and positive communications on social media will help the developers keep in check any possible negative reviews for the app. Each review or comment on social media should be attended to with full care and relevant response. This will help your app as well as you – as a developer – keep the social media reviews positive. Use the comments and reviews posted by your customers on social media as an effective and continuous channel that provides you with suggestions and feedback.

2. A Network of affiliates to display app ads can boost your apps’ traction

Engaging with a few selected affiliate companies for ads can proved to be substantially effective in boosting your apps’ visibility and increasing downloads. These partner ad companies can help you promote your app through other well-established and successful apps. This cross promotion through banners etc can help you increase the app downloads and even the ranking in the store. While the click-through rate for ads displayed in the advertising apps through ad networks is not too high, but if this channel is used appropriately, it might increase the organic ranking and downloads of your apps significantly.

At the same time, choosing a right affiliate is not easy task at hand. The best way to choose one is to start with a few ones and measure/track the impact on your apps’ ranking and downloads. By assessing this impact each time, you will eventually know which of the affiliates and advertising app bests suits your kind of apps and attracts your target audience.

While you go through the complete blog, please do remember that the one thing that will make all the difference is how well you apply these tactics.

This is not just it. We have just concluded the Part 1 of ‘Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing’. We discussed two of the most important options that you might want to include in your app marketing strategy. There is a lot more to talk about. We will discuss that in the Part 2 of this blog.