How to Work for Great UI/UX Designs? – Think First. Design Next – Part1

How to Work for Great UI/UX Designs? – Think First. Design Next – Part1

The term “UI/UX best practices” on goggling will give you endless stream of results. And, the majority of results are focussed on key features of UI/UX that includes UI design trends, software tools, basics of UX or design and development.  For delivering a product that helps your client’s business earn vale and revenue, both, the above mentioned points just play a small part. To deliver the amazing results it’s always needed that you should deliver things quicker, easier, faster and more accurately.

A captivating and great UI/UX is not only a product or tool that can help you deliver outstanding products. It’s the creativity and your approach towards UI/UX design that will help you deliver user-centric and business centric results. And, definitely, it’s all about how you think about those things.

Great UI/UX is not only a product; it’s a medium that helps you decide what to do. For delivering the right product, you need to make the right decisions. And, it’s up to you to think how effective your strategy is – it helps you think how to deliver business-centric products.

How to Work for Great UI/UX Designs?

Common Strategies That Designers Follow For UI/UX

Designers working with leading organizations, mid-size companies and start-ups follow a few strategies to begin with the process of UI/UX, design and development. Here are a few strategies that designers follow while working:

They start with themes:  Usually the selected theme essentially becomes the basis of the project’s UI and UX design. And, it stays in the same way throughout the launch. However, the pre-built themes probably look amazing, but always remember that – it was created in imagination. While designing the theme, the designer must not have considered the project’s uniqueness and challenges.

By considering the work of other designers and developers: One of the most scaring things for designers is a blank page and a blank screen. And, the most difficult part is – Starting is the toughest part. To refer the most amazing platforms, you could consider some best-in-class designing platforms that includes Pinterest, Behance and Dribbble, etc. Through this you can refer the freshest, newest and craziest UIs. But if you’re a designer or developer — experienced or fresher — you should understand that you will not get the answer by following the work of others. By following others work, you will find solution to someone else’s problem. And, the problem you need to solve belongs exclusively to you, to your client, and to your users. By copying someone else’s work, you can’t learn and solve the problems.

The above factors will definitely help you in knowing, understanding and serving your audiences better from design perspective, thus, improving number of new users, which in turn, helps in achieving app success. Over the coming week, we will be publishing new posts in this series about remaining pointers on How to Work for Great UI/UX Designs? – Think First. Design Next. And, that would deal with the pioneering strategies that will help your app in getting great UI/UX design tips.