Tips to Launch your App Successfully? – Part 2

Tips to Launch your App Successfully? – Part 2

In the previous post, we gave some insights to successfully launch your app so that your app can top the charts and gain revenue and value, both. Let’s continue with the remaining success secrets to launch your app successfully.

•    Done with the Approval Process?

Once you begin with the ideation part, you should have the full-proof marketing plan prepared. An app that is engrossing and has kink-free marketing plans should be ready on time for the approval process on the various app markets you’re targeting. There are many stores like Google Play, the Apple Store and GetJar etc. And, each has their own standards and unique application processes. If you do the in-depth research and prepare your app accurately, application development process will be a cake walk. And, if you are unable to do that, it can quickly become a huge mess. To get the things done according to the app market criteria and get your mark of approval, now it’s time for the final move.

•    Ready For Launch?

Ready For Launch?

So, you are ready for your app launch. Now, what? Prepare press releases, get support ready, connect with the best review websites and ensure your marketing strike is active, and go. Now, it’s time to sell. Your app launch day should involve proactive efforts that include monitoring performance, following customer reviews, resolving their issues quickly, and creating buzz even post launch. To enjoy the enduring success of your app, always listen to your customers’ feedbacks. As if your app has bugs that cannot be fixed soon, all your hard work and big money can all be in vain.

•    Post launch – Pay Attention to Opportunities

Post launch - Pay Attention to Opportunities

Don’t just think that your first launch is your last big hurrah. Once your app is launched, it’s time to begin exploring ways to expand your segment for app market. Who’s seeing your app? Who bought it? Who didn’t? Why? Once you start asking these questions and getting answers, new opportunities will open up. Check if your application gets used in tandem with another app; reach out to the app owner and see if you both can arrange a bundle sale. There are always options; it’s only a matter of finding them.

Your mobile website can be an effective channel to tap new business opportunities

Your mobile website can be an effective channel to tap new business opportunities

In this ever growing IT world, website has become face of every business and a medium to drive more traffic and potential customers. Nowadays, if your business doesn’t have a website that showcases your service offerings, then definitely it will hamper your sustainability and longevity. With the rapid increase in the usage of smartphones and tablets, customers are now more relying on their smart gadgets for choosing new services and products. Today, people browse the web on their mobile phones rather than on desktops or laptops. No matter what business niche you are in, to earn competitive advantage and get more sales and profit, every business needs a mobile website. Businesses are required to adapt strategies that can help them reach their potential and existing customers, both easily and affordably. And, with the astounding popularity of smartphones and tablets, businesses cannot afford to oversee increasing mobile popularity. However, many businesses still do not have a “mobile-friendly” website. Traditional websites are developed by considering a computer screen instead of a small mobile phone screen. And, viewing a traditional website that has not been “mobilized” on a smartphone may result into disorientation and corrupted view because of the many factors like difference in the screen size and functionality. In fact, many of the websites that are “non-mobilized” don’t even load on smartphones and mobile devices. And, if the potential customers of any business will hit a website that they can’t navigate or use, they will quickly exit the website and move on.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Website

Unlike computers and laptops, smartphones and tablets have a smaller screen, no keyboard, no mouse to operate and also less bandwidth, too. And, that’s why creating a mobile website needs a much more creative prowess and expertise. Let’s take a look on a 3 reasons that makes important to have a mobile website:

With Increasing popularity Of Smartphones and Tablets, a mobile website is more than just an option

With the advancement in technology and IT industry, mobile phones are becoming popular day-by-day. Compared to a desktop or a laptop, mobile phones can be taken anywhere, anytime. Nowadays, people are using it more frequently as compared to websites. And, to gain the proper visibility and maintain the mobile presence, a mobile website is the perfect choice to start.

Smartphones and Tablets are Feature-packed, your mobile website should be leveraging it

Smartphones and Tablets come with a wide range of top-notch features and techniques like localization, easy navigation, alluring designs, detailed analytics and many more. And, the best part is everything can be accessed on-the-go. Gone are the days when people use those traditional methods for searching any new service or product. With the advancement in technology, smartphones and tablets have come up with exceptional features and functionalities that have not only helped businesses gain popularity but value and revenue also. And, that’s why people prefer their mobile phones over desktops and laptops.

Increasing Popularity of Mobile Apps has now mandated to get an app developed for your business

Today, smart phones are equipped with best-in-class applications that are adept in providing the required assistance and easy online search. And, getting an app developed for your business can help you in increasing traction and value of your business. Developing an app is one of the most popular and adopted strategies that businesses are adapting nowadays.

Parangat is one of the leading mobile app & mobile responsive website development companies that has helped many businesses gain visibility and tractions.  Since its inception, Parangat has helped hundreds of brands in getting their unique app developed. Bestowed with highly skilled team of experts, Parangat has delivered mobile solutions that have helped business in earning competitive advantage in their industry.

What Are the Key Challenges in Developing an App?

What Are the Key Challenges in Developing an App?

Key Challenges in Developing an App

A top-notch app design and development team doesn’t assure a user-centric and revenue generating app. With over millions of apps in the App Store, it’s harder for a new app to even stand out from the crowd. What can make your app stand out from the crowd? – Apart from a well- designed and developed app. It should be well-marketed too.

For making an app successful, you need to do in-depth analysis and know the challenges associated before getting your app developed. Let’s take a look on a few challenges that are associated with the app development world:

Wrong infinitesimal twist of a popular app

In recent years, many business and brands are adopting Mobile-first approach to give their businesses a competitive edge. And, for that the most common mistake they do is getting created a similar app on the idea, which is very popular and successful. They think that creating another version of Whatsapp, Snapchat, or Twitter with an infinitesimal twist will be the next best thing for the app market.

Instead of creating app on someone else’s idea, they can do a little research and find what exactly their business needs by understanding their target audiences and more specifically what they are missing.

Facing with tough competition

AppStores are flooded with millions of apps. And, big brands and companies come with bigger budgets, which give them competitive advantage as they dominate the advertising and marketing game by buying up all that valuable ad space. Even, the search criteria and algorithm that Apple utilizes forces the app developers and publishers that are lower ranked to spend more money to attain a higher rank in app store.  Bigger enterprises are also leveraging advertising platform on Facebook and Google ads, which in turn, driving up the price of ads sharply. And, this is creating an alarming situation for starts up apps because to make their app stand out of the crowd they need to think out of the box.

Engaging and Retaining Users 

Whether your app is developed on any unique app idea or it is inspired by someone else’s, finding a pool of users is one of the major challenges for developers and publishers. Now, it has become difficult to find users that not only adopt your app, but also include it in their daily lives. Getting your app downloaded is one of the major challenges, which every app developer and publisher is facing. And, once your app is downloaded, retaining users is another major challenge. And, both the challenges share same solution- Engaging users by explaining what makes your app different and how it serves their purpose. Right marketing strategies before and after the launch can also be a great help.

Improper Testing and Research

Rigorous testing of an app increases the chances of success of an app.  Proper testing involves user acceptance testing through the active participants. In-depth research and proper support from different analytics companies will also help in figuring the exact issues associated with the app, which in turn, will help in improving app performance and chances of success.

Don’t just make assumptions about what potential users want in your app.  Do in-depth research and proper analysis to figure out the challenges associated so that you can know where your beta testers think the app should improve.  By testing the core of your product with beta testers and through proper research, users can conclude what other features should be included in the app before its launch.

Uncertain about – Whether to Rewrite a code or start it from the scratch

Whether you are writing code from scratch or rewriting it, you should know what suits better to your app. For e.g. you’ve already created the app for the Android platform and want to create same app for iOS for the next version of your app. So, will you rewrite the Android code to iOS or start from scratch?

However, most of the developers would say that writing a code from scratch can increase the work than needed. But, as per the developer’s experience in both languages, transforming one language into the other isn’t time efficient.

Pre- Launch Strategies for Your App

The key to a successful app is to always think 7-8 months ahead of where you presently at.  However, hiring a third party team for crafting your app strategies can be helpful at times.  But, not always –Do a lot of in-depth research and analysis before getting your app created. And, wisely choosing a third-party company who is proficient in pre-launch strategies can be one of the ways for making an app successful. Third Party Company will figure out the flexible ways that can help figure out the potential ways of work with the full extent of the apps features.

However, big mobile app development companies have always conquered the app world through its advertising and boosting their app’s presence immensely – but, there is still hope for the small startups.  They can be still in the game by working on unique app idea and creating app on some non-conventional path to success.  However, the framework for mobile app development has already been set, but now it’s up to upcoming apps to pave the new path for what is to come in the app world.