mCommerce – Reformulating Shopping Experiences and Global Businesses

mCommerce – Reformulating Shopping Experiences and Global Businesses

Age of mere e-Commerce is over, and now is the time for m-Commerce. mCommerce or mobile commerce is – basically the searching, buying and selling of products and services on smartphones or tablets or/I.E we can say that it provides a complete online shopping experience by using smart devices like smartphones and tablets. Despite of being fragmented, complex and full of challenges, mCommerce is growing rapidly, globally. And due to its increasing popularity and adoption rate, which in turn, has a crucial impact on some businesses, including Amazon, eBay and flash sales sites like Gilt.  According to a recent report published by the International Business Times, annual mobile commerce has increased by more than 80 percent between 2011 and 2012 and surged 56% in 2013, reaching an estimated turnover of $38 billion. A recent report forecasted that Global mobile transactions are averaging 42% annual growth in volume and value between 2011 and 2016, and a market worth of $617 billion with 448 million users by 2016. Infact, by 2017, worldwide mobile payments are predicted to reach $1 trillion. The increase of mobile devices and the rise of mCommerce is inspiring many organizations to outsource the development of new apps so as to capture the major chunk of the market in terms of share.

mCommerce to surpass eCommerce Market

mCommerce is booming and is expected to surpass e-commerce by 2015. Why? – Because online store, when integrated to smartphone gives an amazing experience and rapid growth in business. Easy to access, rapid connectivity, convenient to operate, expansive target customers, personalization, time saving and increasing productivity are some of the benefits of Mobile Commerce and are the key reasons to enjoy a competitive edge over e-commerce. Increased popularity of m-Commerce has led business entities to get a mobile app developed which considerably optimizes their business on various platforms that includes Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows. This ever growing m-Commerce technology has given a platform to the service providers to grab the opportunity to the extent that customers look for a customized mobile apps for every need they come across. Let’s take a look on some features that need to be considered while developing for mCommerce Platform:

•   Responsive Design, as it enhances the look and increases productivity no matter which device your shoppers are using.
•   Should load quickly because shoppers are usually in hurry when they’re on the go.
•   Best-in class user experience or UX, as it has the ability to convert visitors to customers.
•   User-friendly and customized User Interface (UI) increase customer retention and help in marketing of the app
•   Quick and serving customer support helps in improving the retention and fixing the bugs in your app.
•   Consider native app programming for maximum ease at use.
•   One-click checkout to let shoppers make fast and easy purchases.

As of now, apps that offer mobile banking, news, location maps, mobile shopping, deals, ticketing and mobile file sharing are highly demanded. Whether to DEVELOPE/get developed an app to capture bigger markets of smart phone users or develop a user-friendly, kink-free and attention grabbing app, the development team at Parangat is here to assist you with all your mCommerce requirements. To view our mCommerce case studies and clients, visit here