A Complete Guide to STO Marketing Strategies

A Complete Guide to STO Marketing Strategies

STO Marketing Strategies are the key to the future and the present, offering up real value in exchange for raising funds without the need for an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

STOs have the profitably to raise funds with effective strategies. These effective strategies assure that the project has a strong foundation and can withstand various hurdles that come its way.

(STO Marketing Tips)

An effective marketing strategy has the following benefits:

  • Brings clarity, focus and direction to the project
  • Brings together a multi-functional team together to achieve a common goal
  • Develops systems and techniques for resources to deliver the vision

Security token marketing requires smart planning. Investors should be able to discover the company at an initial stage.

Therefore, aim to better the results with accurate planning and schematic execution to gain the investors’ trust and reach the target.

Security Token Marketing Services

STO Marketing Strategies are the key to the future

Manual Audit:

A team of designers, content advisors and technical expert add creatives for a better explanation of the project and make the owner’s manual more attractive for investors.


The company’s brand plays an integral part in gaining investors to fund the project. It is important to prove the value to the investors and maintain brand integrity of the project.

Reputation Management:

Maintaining the reputation in the crypto-communities, telegram and other social media channels, thereby, protecting the brand from negative reviews.

Influencer Marketing:

The relationship with influencers allows the project to have a voice which will, in turn, drive the target audience to the project. The team includes bloggers, social media stars in crypto-community and Youtube Vloggers.

Content Curation:

The content team is a driving force for the project through an engaging and a value-creating content which matches the goals and strategy of the project.

E-Mail Marketing:

The E-mail service is initiated through newsletters, tracking of the performance through monthly reports and analytics.

Social Media Management:

STO Marketing Services

The signals received through social media and communities play an essential role in understanding investor behavior. Therefore, creating positive brand awareness and a digital footprint thereby increasing the conversation rates.

Offline Events:

These include the leadership team attending as delegates, speaking as visionaries, sponsoring as leaders and exhibiting their future in blockchain & investment related events.

Press Release:

Press Release adds a layer of credibility to the security token. It also includes working with PR distribution agencies to create a compelling story that provides the right overview of the project.

Marketing Strategy

  • Evaluating the product value created for the investors as well as the company. The value of the offerings to the fund managers must be more than just discounts, rather an investment with long-term benefits.
  • A right communication strategy is a key to creating and capturing value. It is important that all sources of official communications carry the same message; online & offline.
  • Analyse the offering among competitors and find the unique selling points (USPs) about customer’s product or service. The USPs tend to attract investors who will take a chance in investing in the company.
  • The project will be delivered with the team of blockchain and digital assets enthusiasts who will create security tokens on customer’s blockchain. The fully customized blockchain allows the customer’s to be in forefront of security token industry in a safe and secure way.

Effective STO Marketing Strategies is based on Consultation, Research, and Strategizing. These act as a foundation for any solid marketing plan. It organizes and assures positive results with a skilled team of content writers, SEO experts, and brilliant marketers to help realize the vision.

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Top 10 STO Service Providers in 2019

Top 10 STO Service Providers in 2019

Top 10 STO Service Providers in 2019

For many years, IPOs were the primary way for investors to participate in entrepreneurship value creation. But there was a problem: they were (and still are) exhausting their value to wealthy investors through private funding rounds before average investors have a chance to participate.

Security Token Offering (STO) solves the problems that plagued the old IPO ecosystem: high barriers to entry, limited geographical access and inflated valuations that make wealthy investors richer and leave average investors holding the bag.

Here are some of the top STO service providers:

1. AmaZix

Related image

Founded: 2017

Founder & CEO:Jonas Sevel Karlberg

AmaZix is a Hong Kong-based, group of professional ICO consultants with technical expertise in blockchain technology and business development. Founded by a team of six, the AmaZix family now is closing in on 150 consultants, social media managers and community moderators.

AmaZix has collectively managed various aspects and communities of over 100 blockchain startups, including 24/7 management of some 140 social media and real-time communication channels hosting 470,000 users.

2. IBC Group

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Founded: 2017

Founder & CEO: Mario Nawfal

IBC offers turn-key solutions for startups looking to use ICOs and STOs for fundraising and/or incentive models. It also facilitates the tokenization of a variety of asset types.

IBC also offers the most up-to-date legal services for startups looking to use either the ICO or STO fundraising model.

IBC is best known for the ability to ensure legal compliance at every step of the ICO/STO fundraising process.

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3. ICOBox

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Founded: 2017

Founder & Managing Partner: Daria Generalova and Anar Babaev

ICOBox is the world’s leading ICO solutions provider, offering a wide range of technical, legal and marketing services to projects selling their products and services via Initial Coin Offerings.

As a global blockchain startup accelerator, ICOBox has helped organize dozens of ICOs, including such prominent projects as INS, Universa, Play2Live, Crypterium, Celsius, Patron, Storiqa, Paragon, CrowdGenie, SM.M, NVB, etc.

To date, with the help of ICOBox’s 150-person international team, its clients collected over $400 million.

4. Token Asia

Image result for TOKENASIA logo

Founded: 2012

Chief Operations Officer: Utsav Jaiswal

TokenAsia Platform is distinguishable for their client-first ethics. It enable the clients to conduct successful token offerings by devising unique Blockchain offerings that separates them from the other ICOs.

TokenAsia develops turnkey solutions for Technology Development, Fullstack Marketing, Investor Outreach, Content Development, and most importantly, narrative building to provide end-to-end services for all things Blockchain.

5. Priority Token

Image result for PRIORITY TOKEN logo

Founded: 2017

CEO: Victor Larionov

Priority Token is an ICO advisory agency that has the goal of helping customer’s ICO be as successful as possible. It offers a number of different services to give your ICO a great chance to be successful, including investment consulting, marketing and technical support.

It also offers access to a large pool of crypto and blockchain experts who are fully capable and willing to review your project, join advisory teams and potentially even promote your project towards their own individual networks.

6. X10 agency

Image result for X10 AGENCY logo

Founded: 2018

Co-Founder: Sergey Baloyan

X10 Agency is a full-service marketing and PR agency delivering turnkey solutions for successful STO, ICO and IEO promotion.

Provides STO essentials for a successful STO launch like STO investment audit and smart contract creation, 24/7 community management for every project and offer its continuous placement on trending crypto and fintech media outlets.

7. Argon Group

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Founded: 2016

Chief Technology Officer: Bill Weir

Argon Group is a leading boutique investment bank focused exclusively on the digital finance and token-based capital markets. Argon Group has developed an end-to-end offering, supporting the full process of raising capital in digital capital markets as well as aftermarket trading and support.  Key clients include Blockchain Capital, Civic, Storj, Science Blockchain, Protos, TheKey and others.

8. GuerrillaBuzz

Image result for Guerilla Buzz logo + STO

Founded: 2018

GuerrillaBuzz takes STO marketing to the next level and createsdistributable values, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Specializes in the next generation of content marketing we’ve helped our clients raise more than $100 million.

9. TSM Global


TSM Global

Founded: 2010

CEO:Alek V. Ribak

TSM Global is a company known for its fundraising prowess using blockchain-backed solutions to raise money from the public.

In 2018, Securix partnered with TSM is providing community empowerment services, data mining and AI-powered research.

TSM has helped several companies across the globe to raise over $290 million for different innovative projects.

10. DLT Capital

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Founded: 2017

Founder:Sergej Stein and Nico Konrad

DLT Capital supports startups throughout the whole process of raising capital and consults them on how to use Security Token Offerings as a means to raise funds.

It also includes traditional seed rounds for equity to ICOs, ETOs, crowd investing, or other alternative financial methods.

They provide an individual estimation sheet with time and cost estimations (including savings from our exclusive partner deals), so the companies get a quick overview of the effort of their STO / Fundraising.

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