Chrome OTT is India’s first Digital content measurement tool.

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Chrome OTT (COTT) is a digital content measurement product offered by Chrome DM, a leading market research company with a PAN India on-ground reach and presence. COTT was developed to get detailed analytics on digital viewership, consumer behaviour by demographics, genre, duration and content, viewer’s digital journey, platform viewership trending platforms, and artists.

How COTT Helps

The growing demand for digital content at convenience platforms has given a significant boost to OTT platforms. Millions of people across the globe are embracing the convenience of digital streaming. As a business in the digital space, it is important to have a measurement to determine consumer behaviour and plan future content and strategies. While you are at it, how can a tool like COTT help?

  • Analysing viewership
  • Content consumption pattern
  • How to boost stickiness on your OTT platform
  • Content acquisition planning
  • Advertising strategy development

A quick glimpse into the COTT dashboard


The dashboard offers a bunch of stats right from trending shows, top platforms, top shows, most binged shows, top genres, platform trends, genre trends, artist trends, and artiste kundli amongst others.

Artiste Kundli

The Artiste Kundli feature gives a detailed insight into the digital journey of an artist. All the information about the artist’s work journey in the OTT space, details about the characters played by them, shows done, user preferences, etc. can be found in this tab.

Top Artists

Top Artists tab gives statistical data of top performing artists in the given duration based on various criteria and filters. Artists who are popular amongst the masses in the OTT space make their way to this list. The most preferred artists by the audience are likely to have an upper ranking. The tool also offers a feature to adjust the timeline to obtain the most relevant data.


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