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Parangat’s cross-platform app development strategy is a mix of multiple factors – technological expertise, cost-effective development plans, a smart mix of the right modules, and a clean codebase that escalates well with your business.

Cross-Platform App Development Services We Offer

Our cross-platform mobile app development services comprise AI-integrated development, UI/UX design, web-based app development, and wearable apps. At Parangat, we are with you, every step – from ideation to development, and beyond that, offering testing, support, and maintenance as well.

AI-Powered Cross-Platform Apps

We help you leverage the power of AI in your apps to improve user experience, enhance user engagement and deliver a highly intuitive user experience. We create apps infused with the right and well-tailored AI elements.

Cross-Platform UI and UX Design

Overcome the design, reception, and engagement challenges with our cross-platform apps that have stunning design elements. Our expertise stems from decades of rich and hands-on experience in delivering excellence via phenomenal designs.

Support, Maintenance, and Beyond

We stay true to our promise of delivering the best services via tour impeccable service offerings in the support and maintenance stages. So, even after the project is delivered, we keep valuing the professional partnership and help you overcome any challenges that might arise down the lane.

Cross-Platform for Web Apps

Bypass the needs and constraints of user-dependent downloads by opting for web apps that run on multiple platforms without disrupting the user experience. Light, efficient, engaging, and high-performing – our cross-platform web apps are stellar!

Quality Assurance and Testing

We believe in walking every step of the process along with our clients by ensuring thorough and unrelenting quality checks that leave no room for bugs and dangling references. We implement clean code practices to ensure there is no wiggle room for redundancies and flaws as well.

Technologies We Use for Cross-Platform App Development

At Parangat, we use highly-advanced and innovative technologies for cross-platform app development, the choice of which depends on the functionalities, capabilities, and structural or working complexities of apps. A glimpse of these technologies is shown below.

React Native

An open-source cross-platform from Facebook that lets you create truly native apps without compromising the user experience.


An open-source cross-platform from Google to create natively-compiled apps with aesthetics, efficiency across multiple platforms stemming from a single codebase.


Another powerful app development platform from Adobe Systems is used for building hybrid mobile apps that can be converted to native apps.


An inclusive platform with Angular JS that allows for creating hybrid applications for both iOS and Android systems.

Our Cross-Platform App Development Process

1. Requirement Analysis

Team Parangat brainstorms over your idea and collects your requirements in terms of app capabilities, functionalities, and target audience. Scoping is an active part of this step.

2. Wireframe Creation

We create a highly detailed wireframe to represent the independent activity threads in each functionality and offer a granular view of data and information flow in the app to the client

3. Designing

Based on the requirements gathered, or any suggestions made by the client in the wireframing stage, we design the app to ensure better engagement and delightful UX in mind.

4. Development

The actual coding begins where the client continues to be well-informed and in the loop with the developer team to ensure a mutually supportive work collaboration for better results.

5. Testing and Maintenance

Once the app is developed, aggressive testing is done to ensure error-free and glitch-free operation. Later, the app is handed over to the clients and the project enters the maintenance phase.

Why Choose Parangat for Your Cross-Platform App Development?

Parangat is a powerhouse of talent with professional ethics and unflinching regard towards quality and innovation. We help you create captivating, usable, and high-performing real-world apps that pass through rigorous testing for every platform and device, across hundreds of test cases.
Our success has its roots in flawless communication, swift turnaround times, best-in-class development methodologies, and amazing UI/UX elements that we create without impacting the performance and efficiency of the apps.

Our Latest work that have been proudly developed by us


Latakoo: Optimised Broadcasting Management Service Faster Transfers, Simplified Workflows

Latakoo is an optimised broadcasting management service aimed at ensuring faster video transfers. Latakoo’s one-of-a-kind patented technology combined with automation ensures the fastest video workflow in the industry currently.

Better App

An addiction recovery app to help you build recovery capital and prevent overdose.

Better App by Last Door is an addiction recovery app that aims at merging harm reduction with the recovery community. The app helps connect people seeking to expand their recovery network and become a part of the community.


Chrome OTT is India’s first Digital content measurement tool.

Chrome OTT (COTT) is a digital content measurement product offered by Chrome DM, a leading market research company with a PAN India on-ground reach and presence. COTT was developed to get detailed analytics on digital viewership, genre, and artists.


One Stop Shop for Ayurvedic, Herbal and Unani Medicines

HealthyBazar is an online pharmacy and consultancy service offering a range of Ayurvedic, Herbal and Unani medicines and concoctions from leading brands like Patanjali, Dabur, Hamdard, Himalaya, Zandu among many others.


India's Leading Fully Automated Power Bank Rental Service Platform

Industry Services Technology Mobile/Website Development AJ Software Development Mobility Marketing Automation Advertising, Campaign, Digital Design Overview A3Charge is India's 1st smart and fully automated power bank rental service.


World’s first 3D scanning application for iPad Pro

My Orthotic App is the world's first of its kind 3D scanning application. It is an innovative and technologically advanced tool for taking foot and ankle scans and preparing custom foot orthotics. The application provides structure as well as true depth and lidar scans on iPads.


App for India’s first AI-based app

MyRevolt is an app to enhance motorcycle functionality. It allows the user to control various features of the bike from the mobile itself including turning the bike on and off via the app. Users can also change the bike sound from the presets available. It has a geo-fence feature too that allows users to set the radius and send a warning to the app.


FinTech app connecting loan seekers and providers

The app allows the users to lend and borrow money easily for home improvement sales in easy steps. Once a quote is created on the app, the lender can choose from the quotes and spread the cost. After completing the job, the payment is released and updated on the platform.

Job n Found

A one-stop destination for job seekers and providers

Job n Found is a no-cost job search platform that gives job seekers the freedom to apply for preferred jobs at no cost. The admin dashboard developed by Parangat gives the employer complete access and control of industries the number of employees, total jobs, completed jobs, and inactive jobs.

Structural repairs expert for homes

A construction app offering affordable and permanent repair solutions such as House Subsidence, Wall Cracks, Sunken Concrete Slabs, Sinking Piers & Sloping Floors, Leaning House Walls, etc. in less than a day’s time. Multiple licensed builders, engineers, and technicians are available on-demand to bring the structural integrity of the seeker’s home on the tap of the screen.

Our Awards and Recognition

The awards and recognition we earned are sterling reminders of what we have achieved and where we look down the future lane. We have catered to various industries, namely – logistics, IT, manufacturing, retail, etc, to name a few.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies
Ranked as top mobile App Development company by GoodFirms
Recognized among top 10 mobile app developer by Clutch
Honored as one of the top e-commerce developers in 2019
Best App developers in the Software Industry


Why develop a cross-platform mobile app?
Cross-platform mobile app development allows you to run your app across a large number of devices and platforms, thereby increasing your reach and amplifying your customer base. These apps are easy to upgrade, update, maintain and deploy as they can be synced across all the devices and platforms with ease, saving time and effort in the process.
What is the process of cross-platform app development?
The process varies across the cross-platform app development companies and from one app to another. However, a basic overview of the process involves the following steps:

  • Choosing a development approach for the app
  • Choosing the right platforms for the development
  • Coming up with the cross-platform mobile app development
  • Finalizing the app development methodology
  • Design and Development
  • Testing and Delivery of the app
  • Support and Maintenance
How much does cross-platform app development cost?
The price of app development varies from one cross-platform app development company to another and basically depends on the functionalities, complexity, and size of the app. The choice of the underlying technology, design elements, and innovation also has a large say in the final cost.
How you should choose the best cross-platform app development?
As a beginner, it might be daunting to figure out your cross-platform app development needs right from the start. Even if you have prior experience, your understanding might be insufficient when it comes to new apps or new technologies.
Hence, we recommend consulting leading cross-platform apps development companies, such as Parangat, that bring years of experience and hundreds of happy testimonials to their credit. Expert consultation helps you make all the right choices – platform, tools, design, tech, etc.
How do you keep my app data secure?
Data breaches can happen many times and in many ways – during development, and even after that. Hence, we recommend opting for a GDPR compliant cross-platform app development company that follows the latest data and information security standards and also helps you choose the most robust security for your apps.
How do you provide cost-effective cross-platform app development services?
YOur cost-effectiveness has its roots in various industry-best practices, such as clean coding, and well-designated roles and responsibilities in all stages. We ensure that the development process stays on track and adheres to timelines no matter which stages they are in and this makes our development flawless and cost-effective.

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