Enterprise App Development

Why Enterprise app development in Parangat?

In recent years, technology is constantly evolving and with the rapid transition in the industry, companies are focusing more on staying connected rather than sitting together at one place. And to stay connected, Smartphones and Tablets are playing a crucial role. Being the leaders in IT industry, our Enterprise App Development team is highly committed to design highly creative, innovative, and easy to use Enterprise Apps that are helping companies in minimizing their work processes and load. We are highly skilled and have the efficiency to develop highly adaptive business solutions for start-ups, SMEs and big brands. Here at Parangat, we believe in leading the market by developing highly scalable, robust and secure Enterprise Apps that are build by a proficient Enterprise App Development team. Our commitment to design business specific enterprise solutions enables us to deliver client-centric solutions.

Why we are known as the best Enterprise App Development Company in the market?

Being the leading App Marketing Services providers, we at Parangat are not only adept in developing a market-centric mobile app for our clients but also ensure that they get right ROI on their apps. We offer exceptional mobile marketing services for numerous sectors including mobile games, retail, ticketing, banking, location based, education, GPS, services, health & fitness, tracking services, and enterprise automation etc. Being a leader in marketing space, we are adept in:

How Enterprise Apps allows you to secure your confidential data?

As more and more companies and brands are opting for bring your own device (BYOD) strategy, it’s getting complicated for them to make confidential information easily available to employees without hampering security. That’s where Enterprise App comes in. It aims to meet the challenges. Our developed Enterprise Apps are not only robust, scalable and highly adaptive to various Smartphone and devices, but they also adhere to the highest levels of data security in the market. Since inception, we have been developing cutting-edge Enterprise Mobility solutions to serve clients across the world. From the Enterprise App Development perspective, our key goal is to not only create a flawless and seamless business application, but to ensure that all our data exchange and information transfer is highly secured and protected. Being leaders in the industry, we are a team of proficient Enterprise App Developers who are constantly evolving with the business needs and experimenting with new technology, thus finding new and better ways to work on making a huge and strong business impact. And that’s what our core strength is.

Why you should choose Parangat for your next Enterprise App Development?

Being a leading company that is not only committed to design quality products but is also deeply engrossed in the philosophy of exceptional design thinking, we are amongst the most creative and forward thinking Enterprise App Developers in the industry. Let’s take a look at a few reasons that make Parangat as the best Enterprise App Development Company:

We are highly committed towards our business-centric Enterprise App Developers Our product help companies and brands in increasing productivity and saving time Solutions are highly user-friendly and could be easily maintained Our developed solutions help in connecting employees and end-users flawlessly

Reduced cost

Get secured data and easily handle information management and distribution

Technology keeps changing constantly and it’s important to keep up with the time. The Parangat team keeps on top of technological trends to ensure that users are provided with the best experience possible. It is important to work with a team that can help your target market with a unique approach to meet their business needs. Parangat’s team will help you do just that. The team will provide you with the innovative solutions for everyday tasks. We have the proficiency to properly analyze the best practices, methodologies, architectures and technologies, which could be easily adopted by the most successful cloud services providers, thus leveraging to support our business objectives. We have expertise in:


Application Development and Migration

When developing a solution, it’s crucial to consider the future of the company. Thus, it has become important to cater for changes including growth. The Parangat team takes all these key factors into consideration. A well-versed and exceptional good user experience (UX) is a key component of any successful web app. And we are highly professional and specialists when it comes to migrating legacy web application into an emerging and new brand.

Web and Mobile based Enterprise applications

A proficient and technically well-versed enterprise app development company should be able to meet our client’s business needs as well as meet target audience’s needs. Being a recognized and reputed Enterprise App development company, we at Parangat have helped clients from across the world in meeting their business expectations.

We provide best enterprise mobility solutions

Since inception, we have been in the business of providing the best enterprise mobile solutions through our developed enterprise mobile applications. And here at Parangat, we at every step aim to deliver and deploy exceptional business solutions. We don’t build the app alone; rather, we include our clients in the feedback and decision making process so that we could implement the ideas in the best possible manner. Our Enterprise mobility solutions include:

  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Security Management
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Customized and bespoke mobility enterprise solutions
  • Mobile Policy Management
  • Mobile Lifecycle Management
  • BYOD Management

For adopting industry-specific mobility solutions, you need to drive

the business in a right direction. And there are multiple factors, which will contribute to the success of your business. One of them is delivering customized business solutions. Our business offerings in customized business mobility solutions completely lie in building highly customized and tailored mobile solutions for your business, which in turn, enable you to drive the market leadership. Our customized mobility enterprise solutions include:

  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Security Management
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Customized and bespoke mobility enterprise solutions
  • Mobile Policy Management
  • Mobile Lifecycle Management
  • BYOD Management
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