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With the rapidly increasing demand for interactive mobile and web apps, HTML5 has entered in an IT world as a prolific solution. HTML5 App development has been a revolutionary innovation in the web and mobile world since they provided an option to the native apps. One of the key reasons because of which websites are being developed by HTML5 is it allows easy access on desktop as well as on the mobile platforms. Here at Parangat Technologies, we believe in delivering astonishing products that top the charts and gain user attention. Bestowed with the credible industry exposure and expertise in HTML5 development since inception, we are known as one of the best industry experts in IT world. Our HTML5 App Development Services offer performance-centric products that meet and exceed our client’s requirement. We follow necessary guidelines advised by W3C along with the best practices for the protection of intellectual property. Our HTML5 application development service not only reduces expenditure but also helps in generating value and revenue to our clients.
Nowadays, most of the users use hand-held devices for browsing and surfing purpose and HTML5 has emerged as the new face of mobile internet in IT world. HTML5 as a leading platform exhibits a lot of outstanding features and functionalities, which gives it a lot of flexibility like interactivity, graphics, audio, multimedia. It’s accessible and flexible offerings make it as a divergent tool and easily adaptable to multiple smartphones and mobile devices with a minimal changes. The user-friendly websites that we use merrily on our smartphones and mobile devices is an outcome of HTML5. Along with the innovation in JavaScript and CSS, integration with HTML5 has given rise to advance web and mobile applications. Like Native apps, HTML5 is gaining access to device capabilities due to its increased popularity and reduced risks. Its adaptability and flexibility has made it a preferred app and game development tool for all major smart phones including Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and other handheld devices. Being a leading HTML5 Web Application Development Company, based in India, Parangat has a team of proficient developers and designers who have enormous experience and expertise in HTML5 and related programming tools like CSS, Javascript etc. And, our capability enables us to deliver exceptional products to clients across the world.

Let’s take a look on a few benefits of using HTML5:

  • Offers are liable cross platform compatibility
  • Provides enhanced accessibility to mobile apps built with HTML5
  • Offers offline support, via the AppCache and database APIs for saving data locally on the device
  • Provides Canvas and video to make adding graphics and videos to any page simpler.
  • Provides advance forms which allows easy task management like field validation on the mobile browser and the GeoLocation API.
  • A focussed and structured code and with the enhanced semantics, HTML5 supports other features like web storage, cross-document messaging, document editing, browser history, web SQL database and indexed database API – that makes HTML5 a ground-breaking development tool for developers and designers.

Why hire Parangat for your HTML5 development

With the rapidly increasing adoption of smartphones, tablets and handheld devices, people want to get develop their customized mobile and web applications that can perform exceptionally well on iPads and other smartphone devices. Parangat’s well-versed team of HTML5 developers and designers are adept in building engaging and user friendly apps and websites that can help business and brands in gaining competitive advantage. Our highly-skilled team of HTML5 application developers use pioneering technologies such as SenchaTouch, CSS, JQuery Mobile and JavaScript MVC to develop best-in-class products. To know more, visit our portfolio

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