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World’s first 3D scanning application for iPad Pro

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My Orthotic App is the world's first of its kind 3D scanning application. It is an innovative and technologically advanced tool for taking foot and ankle scans and preparing custom foot orthotics.

The application provides structure as well as true depth and lidar scans on iPads. With accuracy up to 0.5mm, it is one of the most accurate and in-depth 3D scanners available in the market currently.


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3D models feature provides precise 3D scans within seconds. The patient is just required to move around the whole foot on the scanner. Multiple types of scans can be obtained depending on the requirement. Structure scanners can be used to obtain 3D scans. Photos can also be added for marking the areas one needs to offload. All the photos, scans and prescriptions are then bundled into a single folder for ease of use and accessibility.


Start taking in-depth, accurate and custom scans and orthotics with these four easy steps -

  1. Attach the scanner to your iPad - Connect the structure scanner with your iPad using the easy attachment bracket.
  2. Download the application - The application can be downloaded from the Apple store
  3. Register - Register on the application to see all the features it has to offer
  4. Enter data - Feed patient’s data including name, age, date of birth etc.

Voila! You can start capturing 3D scans, take pictures and fill prescriptions accordingly.

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3D Detect

The app allows you to save 3D scans in a designated, sharable folder



All the images are automatically stored in zip folders

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Store and access videos at your convenience

Orthotic 3D Printing Lab

The Orthotic Laboratory is a premium laboratory that offers the latest orthotic CAD/CAM and 3D printing technology. It provides an extensive range of custom orthotics designs and covering materials.

Orthotic labs are the first full colours 3D printing custom orthotics lab in the world and offer endless options for customisation.

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