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Online advertising is one of the most effective ways to connect and reach any business’s potential customers. In recent years, communications and marketing strategies are shifting more towards being web-based, which in turn, are helping businesses in expanding the reach. Thus if you are looking to maintain your business’s relevance in this fast changing world, then your business must have a website, which should be well-marketed, too. Being the leading online marketing agency, we at Parangat offer comprehensive online marketing services and solutions for businesses across the world. Our marketing services have always helped our clients in staying ahead of the competition and earn value and revenue, both. Our exceptional advertising software platform offers comprehensive 3rd party data integration and that helps in targeting users strategically, specifically and efficiently.

Search Advertising

We at Parangat, take pride in working with brands and businesses in order to find an award-winning formula that meets our client’s business goals and needs, which in turn, help us in delivering transparent, and measurable results. Being a client-centric and reliable online advertising company, we ensure that we are delivering high-end and positive ROI for our client’s business. Let’s take a look at key online advertising services

Google Search Ads

Search ads which are displayed across a lot of search engine marketing platforms including Google and Bing allow customers to easily find you whenever they search for the services or products that you are offering. Our PPC campaigns and advertisements help you maximize customer exposure through the well-researched keywords and laser-targeted demographics. Our skilled team of Google certified specialists is highly proficient and could manage your account efficiently with the huge success rate that is demonstrated in substantial results. Since inception, we are integrating proprietary software and solutions into our well-versed management strategy, thus ensuring that our client’s business gets frequent and constant updates. Our proactive approach to digital marketing is highly efficient and maximizes every penny you spend. If you are looking to hire a digital advertising company, which has the skills you think need for increasing sales and market share of your business. It could a time consuming process.

But here at Parangat, we make the process flawless, with decades of combined advertising experience. We specialize in the exciting world of online advertising and digital ad management. Our employees work really hard and closely with the client to outline their each and every business requirements and goals, thus ensuring on-time and within budget deliverables.


Fine-tuned, and proficient online marketing services like dynamic remarketing and retargeting boost your brand’s global presence, thus allowing you to significantly reconnect with the past visitors to your website. Be it an organic visit, a PPC visit or any other visit. We leverage ground-breaking tools, which are easily applicable with the expertise of the proficient Parangat’s digital marketing team, thus, maximizing the return on your PPC investment and online advertising investment. Our certified mobility experts understand that there are various factors that contribute to a successful digital campaign, and being digital experts we know how to leverage the opportunities that already exist.

Display Advertising

For creating an effective digital marketing strategy, you should know that it’s more than just the pay-per-click branding, marketing and advertising. It needs a proper expansion of your reach, flawless incorporation of image-based display advertising, including video ads on websites like LiveRail, YouTube, and BrightRoll. Our high-end Display advertising networks give clients access to 95- 98% of online ad inventory, thus targeting your customers with the image ads for your brand or business across a display network of millions of websites. Our Display ads include a detailed introduction of the brand are highly engaging and include remarketing material for our client’s business. Our ads are designed to properly capture customers attention and traffic with the relevant and dynamic ads, thus encouraging customers to engage.

Video Ads

Video ads on platforms including YouTube, Vimeo and other video channels make productive use of your Internet marketing budget. And when you choose to work with a proficient online ad agency like Parangat, you’ll be working with a proficient and experienced Google certified video marketing expert, who is adeptly managing your ad campaigns. Video marketing targets a huge section of audience that has common and illustrated interest in your key services and products. Through our commercial videos, which are highly engaging and user-centric, we are helping brands and businesses in getting ahead of the competition. We have always targeted relevant customers, thus ensuring cost-efficient and incredibly effective services along with boosting sales. So if you are looking to develop a captivating and commercial material, we at Parangat, can help you develop a high quality and market-centric video ads, which are aligned perfectly with your business goals and are streamlined with the pay-per-click, ad channels and display advertising campaigns. Since inception, the videos that we create are highly commercial, so if you are looking to transit them to on-air, our experienced and expert can definitely help you out.

Social Media and Shopping Ads

Social Media marketing is a complete and fully integrated online advertising services and solutions, which also harness the power of social media marketing and advertising. In this rapidly changing technological world, marketing through social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has become a necessity for any business especially for eCommerce business where shopping ads have become a necessity. So businesses which are looking to leverage digital marketing for increasing sales and branding, we can help them. Our targeted ads for individuals and business owners help us reach their potential customers. We target users with a lot of relevant data including age, location, income, gender, and previous actions. Active marketing to the targeted audience is the need of an hour. And selecting a digital marketing company, which is well-versed and highly equipped with all the intricate and competitive tools, is important in order to achieve success. Being the Digital Media experts, we at Parangat, are highly creative, and can create a well-versed strategy and creative solutions which are essential for your business. For us, Client’s business success is a top priority. Since inception, we have been in digital media marketing. Our highly experienced and certified PPC experts, who are experienced in display and video advertising experts and are passionate about branding and advertising, are enthusiastic about our client’s business success. To know more about Parangat’s Advertising and branding, contact us today and we will get back to you with a free consultation. So let’s get started!

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