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A successful mobile app starts with a well-thought out product strategy. A brilliant app idea backed by a clear app strategy is bound to make a mark. A good product strategy includes a comprehensive product profile, development tools, marketing strategy, analytics methods and maintenance protocols. It’s a complete roadmap for app development-from start to finish. Removing ambiguity from app development process by outlining a precise product roadmap is almost a guarantee against failure and setbacks.
Parangat technology possesses decades of app

development experience. Our product strategy services are designed to help you craft brilliant apps. We identify discrepancies in your app idea, bridge gaps between voids, balance out technical feasibility and business objectives, and create an actionable roadmap to set rolling your app development project. With more than 500 successful mobile apps under the belt, Parangat is the perfect strategic partner for your next app solution. Partnering with a leading app development company like Parangat is a highway to digital glory!

Product Strategy Services

Market Analysis

Mobile apps are flooding the market. You don’t want your app to be lost in the crowd. We help you stand out by analyzing market insights, user trends, competitor products and future trends. By this, we are able to feel the pulse of the market and make an intelligent prediction about the type of app that has tangible potential to succeed.
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  • iconCompetitor analysis
  • iconBaseline data analysis
  • iconOpportunity analysis
  • iconChallenge identification

Concept Validation

Though a great app concept is paramount to its success, we need to stike balance between business goals and your aspirations. We also need to understand technical feasibility of the envisioned product. Only when all vital parameters are satisfactory, can an app meet business, user and financial goals.
  • icon Technical feasibility test
  • iconBusiness objective identification
  • iconFinancial model determination
  • iconFeatures prioritization

User Persona Study

Analysis of your target market is one of the most essential steps in product road mapping. User behavior and trends are constantly evolving and your app needs to cater to this variable. We present your app concept to real users for a rudimentary usability testing. By carefully observing each user interaction, we are able to make intelligent guess about what will work for your app and what won’t. We determine key user personas, their pain points and needs.

KPI Identification

For our accountability and client satisfaction, we determine Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for assessing your app. Using these indices we identify analytics metrics and tools that will help us and you to measure your app’s performance. We set benchmarks for each factor keeping in mind a client’s business goals and expectations from the app. Our vision is to put end users first, client interest next and then align the two.

Product Profiling

A comprehensive product portfolio is prepared. We define the product and outline development, testing and analytics strategies to be used in each stage of a project. We determine the tools, protocols and resource requirements for each step.
  • iconApp categorization
  • iconCross-device compatibility
  • iconDevelopment tools
  • iconPlatform identification
  • iconRole allocation

Engagement Strategizing

We outline a step-by-step process for engaging and retaining users. We identify mobile moments in your project, think of strategies to capitalize each interaction, and leverage technology to enhance user experience. Our clever engagement models convert your app visitors to regular users and loyal promoters of your app.

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