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In recent years, Social Media is creating a lot of buzz in the digital marketing space because of its huge audience base and widespread reach, which is growing at an incredible pace. Nowadays people are spending a lot of their time online on various Social Media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest, Google+ and others. So it has become a platform that couldn’t be ignored. Let’s see how Social Media Marketing is allowing its customers to gain reach

  • Strengthening your brand and business
  • Generating more leads
  • Getting more visibility online
  • Getting more visibility online
  • And Social Media Marketing
  • Let’s take a look at them in detail

Strengthen Your Brand

If you are among the social media users, you must know that how crucial it has become and is helping brands in building a strong market presence. Today more and more brands are looking forward to invest in social media marketing in order to earn recognition and build their online reputation. It is helping brands to reach new followers. The popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are helping them in reaching the huge audience base and promoting their brand.

Generating Leads

Social media has become a crucial platform for building your brand. And one of the key advantages of social media is it helps in lead generation, too. By leveraging these popular and emerging platforms, you can increase brand awareness. Features like run contests, create custom tabs, use Twitter cards, create custom events will help you in social media marketing. And by using your popular social media page you could generate leads.

Increasing Online Visibility and Enhance Brand Awareness

Social media has pervaded every aspect of user’s lives. People are using it to connect with their friends and colleagues over it. Be at work, or chatting with their friends or staying updated with the latest news, people are using it in their daily lives. Even if they are not happy with the services or product they could share their reviews, complaints and experiences over it. Hence, Social media marketing allows you to connect, engage and retain your audiences. You could run numerous contests and ensure that a steady and updated stream of information keeps flowing out, thus enhancing brand awareness and increasing visibility.

Connecting with your target audiences

By increasing social media adoption, you can get more opportunities to connect and engage with your targeted audience. That’s why you should choose your marketing partner wisely, who must be proficient in making well-versed social media strategy. Your marketing partner should be adept in doing a survey of your prospects and fans, knowing better about your audience, finding who and where they are, and properly customizing your social media content.

Improves Conversion rate

Effective social media marketing by using various ground-breaking tools and technologies helps not only in gaining new customers and retaining new users but also makes the conversion better.

So if you are imbibing social media marketing in your current marketing strategy then, you should expect an enhanced brand loyalty, improved inbound traffic, higher conversion rates, and rich customer experience. It not also allows you to earn insights on the customer’s needs and expectations but also adds value to your business. Being the digital media experts, we at Parangat are helping brand and businesses in staying ahead of the competition through our top-notch social media advertising services. Let’s take a look at our key social media services:

Facebook Advertising

To entice Facebook audience and increase the number rapidly, we at Parangat, provide an exceptional and exclusive Facebook advertising and marketing service.

Twitter Advertising

Through our Twitter marketing, we are earning Twitter users’ attention, which are actively using the platform and are available over them.

Linkedin Advertising

Our experts not only help businesses in creating a captivating LinkedIn page but also maintain the page and keep users engaged through the page.

Why Parangat?

Our team or experienced and expert Social media experts are our assets, which have the capability to turn your campaign into a remarkable one. By having worked across the various sectors and geographies, we have proficient marketing consultants and professionals, which are adept in gaining valuable insights on the potential of the future extension of your business for earning sustainable growth.
Right from the conception of a business to converting its layout of business model, to calculating its risk factors, and designing the business’s web page and marketing it viral and effective; our team of technically well-versed technical professionals do it all for all our clients. Our clientele are present in various sectors including E-commerce, Healthcare, IT sector, Consultancy, Tourism, Hospitality, Media, Education, and Manufacturing. Let’s take a look at a few pointers that will help you understand why you should hire us:

  • Our social media marketing services have helped business in saving their time and generating more visibility.
  • We a pool of experienced & certified professionals, who are capable of converting all
  • the social media advertising investments into valuable, leads, thus generating more sales.
  • We can help you build up your brand’s reputation.
  • By using the insights from our data analytic reports, we ensure that all your updates could reach maximum audiences and could fit all across your marketing networks.
  • We increase brand awareness and grab target audience’s attention to our client’s business or product.
  • Our teams of expert marketing professionals are proficient in crafting market-centric strategies with full dedication, passion and loyalty.
  • And our social media pricing models are completely customized and completely based on the current scenario and companies goals.

For creating a well-versed Social Media Marketing strategy you require sharp thinkers and a proficient team of that could constantly adapt to new language, technology and paradigms. Since inception, we know how to successfully integrate technology and creativity together. And that’s why we have been able to deliver desired results for all our client’s projects. So if you are looking for customer-centric social media advertising company which can help you stay ahead of the competition, send us a message now.

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