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In recent years, Social Media is creating a lot of buzz in the digital marketing space because of its huge audience base and widespread reach, which is growing at an incredible pace. Nowadays people are spending a lot of their time online on various Social Media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest, Google+ and others. So it has become a platform that couldn’t be ignored. Let’s see how Social Media Marketing is allowing its customers to gain reach

Social Media Marketing: Steps to follow

So if you are looking to craft a well-versed social media strategy, you need to create a client-centric social media marketing campaign. As starting a social media marketing campaign without having a well-versed social strategy is like travelling without a GPS installed. So before creating a social media strategy, you need to ask a few questions and then define your social media marketing goals. Let’s take a look at those questions

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    What are you exactly hoping to achieve through your social media marketing strategies?
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    Who all are your target audiences?
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    Which all platforms your target audiences hang out the most and how frequently they use social media?
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    What message do you really want to send to your target audiences with your social media marketing effort?
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    What exactly is your business type and how you are driving your social media marketing strategy.
  • All the above questions must be answered before moving towards your marketing goals. Let’s see how social media marketing and branding can exactly help you meet your business goals. SMM can help you with a number of goals, including
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    Reaching more customers
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    Increasing website’s traffic
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    Meeting business goals
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    Building conversions
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    Branding and raising brand awareness
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    Engaging with customers
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    Creating a sound brand identity, thus creating a positive brand awareness and association
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    Enhancing brand communication and having a sound interaction with the target and key audiences
  • The more engaged and the more number of your audience is on social media channels, the easier it will be for any brand and business to achieve their marketing goals. So let’s begin with how to choose the right social media channels for your brand or business:

    Different social media channels require different approaches, so before choosing the right platform for your business, develop a unique strategy, which is tailored for each and every platform.

    Use Facebook for Social Media Marketing

    Facebook’s casual and friendly environment actually requires an engaging and active strategy. You could start with creating a Facebook’s Business Page. And for that you need to carefully create a layout because the content and visual component, both are equally important for creating an engaging post.

    Google+ for marketing

    Google+ entered the space as the competitor of Facebook, but now it serves to a more niche and target audiences of every business. Google+ communities are very active and effective for customer engagement and making your content viral.

    Now user could upload posts links, photos, videos, and content on Google+ pages. Also Google+ circles are also allowing users to segment their followers into smaller yet effective groups, thus enabling you to wisely share your information with target audiences.

    Using Pinterest for Social Media Marketing

    In short span of time, Pinterest has become one of the fastest and popular growing social media marketing trends. Being an image-centered platform, it has become an ideal platform for retail, fashion, food, and style industry. Now anyone could be benefited from using Pinterest for social media purposes or driving sales ads.

    Pinterest allows brands and businesses to independently showcase their product while also developing brand’s images with eye-catching and unique Pinboards. While developing a Pinterest strategy, you need to consider that the social network’s primary audience is female. And if that’s your target audience and demographic, then your business definitely needs a presence on Pinterest!

    Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

    Twitter is one of the potential social media marketing tools that let you independently broadcast your business updates. It allows you to follow tweeters associated with your industry and zone, and you could gain a steady stream of followers apart from initiating an engaging discussion.

    Using LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing

    LinkedIn is one of the key social media marketing sites. Its groups have become a great venue for entering into a professional ecosystem where you could find people of your similar industry and interest. It provides a place to share the content with like-minded individuals. And it’s an amazing platform for sharing job posts and creating a general employee networking.

    Using YouTube for Social Media Marketing

    YouTube is among the top social media channels. It builds an amazing platform for successfully creating and sharing video content. And in short span of time it has become an incredibly ground-breaking social media marketing tool. However, a lot of other video-centric platforms came in limelight with the aim of creating a similar platform. But they failed.

    Location-Based Social Media Tools

    Social media channels like Yelp, FourSquare, and Level Up are an amazing platform for brick and mortar businesses, which are looking to successfully implement well-versed marketing strategies on social media. All you need to know is register on these top sites in order to claim your exact location spot, and then consider extra incentives including check-in rewards or special discounts. Just remember, these visitors carry their phones, so they could write and post reviews. All you need to have is to earn good reviews as they could significantly help you in bending towards the prospective visitors who have the capability to build your business.

    Using Reddit for Social Media Marketing

    Reddit, or similar social media channels including Stumble Upon or Digg, are one of the ideal channels for sharing engaging and compelling content. With having over 1.5-2 billion page views/month, Reddit is among the incredible social media marketing channel, and marketers should be warned about the truly unique, and engaging content is only welcomed.

    So social media marketing has the capability to improve website’s traffic and help brands and businesses reach more target audiences and customers. It provides a valuable and engaging venue for getting better understanding and learning from your huge audiences.

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