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Blockchain Consulting Services

Leverage the true potential of Blockchain technology with the industry-best Blockchain consulting services from Parangat’s leading Blockchain experts and developers. At Parangat , we believe whether big or Small; Blockchain is for all!

Blockchain Development With the Industry-Best Practices

Enriched with decades of experience, and experiential learning stemming from catering to a wide range of businesses and industries, we, at Parangat, excel at Blockchain consulting. From ideation to fruition, in the form of an efficient and business-relevant Blockchain product – we excel!

Why Choose Blockchain Services for Your Business?

Blockchain is a key enabler of more secure, more transparent, and incorruptible business processes and services, and at Parangat, we aim at helping businesses adopt the technology in the best way possible.

Blockchain offers a single source of truth to all the network members, offering a reliable and non-corruptible view of data, information, and assets.

Improved Transparency

Blockchain is inherently immutable and extremely resistant to data breaches and security attacks because of its decentralized architecture.

Enhanced Security

With lesser things and resources to worry about and manage, your teams can focus on activities that matter, and workplace efficiency is boosted.

Less Confusion, More Efficiency

Blockchain Technologies & Frameworks We Prefer

To cater to the diverse market demands and client requirements, we use multiple technologies and frameworks for Blockchain development. Team Parangat excels in all the latest and innovative technologies that enable us to stay ahead of the learning curve.


It is an open-source blockchain platform for enterprises.


EOS stands for Electro-Optical System, which is a decentralized blockchain for processing fast and free transactions.


Tron is a decentralized platform for blockchain development that is used to develop high-performance blockchain apps.


It is an umbrella project of open-source blockchains for enterprise-grade blockchain apps


Hashgraph is used for fair, fast, and most secured acrylic graph DLT apps.


Tezos is an Open-Source blockchain development platform for decentralized apps and assets.


A decentralized public platform that runs dApps


Stellar is an open platform for building financial products connecting people everywhere.

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Blockchain Consulting Process

At Parangat, we have a stepwise blockchain consulting process that allows us to cater to multiple problem statements across the industry and offer highly precise solutions. Right from ideation to testing and integration to reviews – team Parangat offers reliable and exhaustive consulting.

1. Ideation

At Parangat, blockchain consulting begins with a thorough feasibility analysis and the establishment of reasonable and profitable business goals..

2. Business Assessment

Next, we assess the current business processes, blockchain use cases, and future goals while keeping a track of the current technology state.

3. Defining Business Goals

Once we have a crystal clear understanding of your business, our team brainstorms to establish precise business deliverables in relation to the blockchain.

4. Wireframe

Next, we develop a wireframe to give an overall idea of various major modules and business use cases.

5. Volume Testing

Once the prototype is approved, the next step is to develop the final product and test the same in live conditions.

6. Integration

Next, we help you to integrate the final product into your business model and existing software suite and monitor it closely to ensure flawless integration.

7. Maintenance and Review

Finally, we help you to manage the upgrades, security patches, and any other changes arising in the future to ensure an effortless run of blockchain processes.

Our Services

We offer highly versatile and dynamic Blockchain technology consulting that evolves with the diverse requirements of our clients. Right from the conception stage to product delivery and maintenance, and getting KYC or other certificates – Parangat offers reliable services at every stage.

Data and Analytics

Blockchain is an evolving concept with numerous applications in multiple sectors. Our team experts will help you understand and explore the market with research-backed data analysis to understand the business case better.

Holistic Consulting

From ideas to business tangibles – Parangat offers holistic consulting for its clients, spanning over the allied or small umbrella activities, such as KYC etc. Evolving with our customers’ needs is something we excel at.

Feasibility Check

While every business plan is great from a client’s perspective, its success, conversion and expansion stem from a number of parameters. We do a thorough analysis of every business idea, to ensure a product feasibility check.

Blockchain Development

Our Blockchain development services are an effortless and hassle-free extension of our Blockchain consulting services. From basic wireframes to actual products.

Why Choose Parangat for Your Blockchain Consulting Services?

Parangat Technologies is a leading app developer and Blockchain consultancy company that is a powerhouse of talent, expertise, and brilliant technocrats with experience spanning over decades.

One of our key offerings is trust. We are committed to delivering the successful implementation of blockchain projects with no compromise with quality.


We have an exceptional team of brilliant tech experts and professionals with a thorough grasp of innovative technology and emerging business trends.


At Parangat, consulting is not just a one-time process. It is an end-to-end activity that starts with ideation and continues as maintenance and reviews even after delivery.

Holistic Consulting

Value Addition All our blockchain projects add value to your business operations and introduce fluency in your business organization.

Value Addition

Expert Blockchain Consulting Services

Unlock the potential of blockchain technology with our expert consulting services. Gain tailored insights, innovative solutions, and strategic guidance to transform your business. Explore our blockchain expertise today!

Find Answer You Needs

As a leading blockchain consulting firm, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive educational resources and answering frequently asked questions to help our clients.

It is a process whereby a consultant helps businesses and new blockchain firms to develop growth strategies and implement key blockchain techniques. Blockchain consulting also encompasses various steps to optimize business efficiency and refine business models in light of blockchain adoption.

Blockchain is an extremely reliable and secure technology that obliterates the need to have third-party intermediaries as trust keepers. It can reduce overhead costs incurred due to third-party trust providers and also makes asset trading hassle-free.

There are various factors that you must consider while choosing a blockchain platform for your business, such as:

  • The adoption rate of the technology
  • Business information structure
  • Scalability and platform throughput

Parangat has a highly integrated and granular approach towards blockchain consulting. Right from ideation to devising a set of business goals, and creating wireframes to functional prototypes, we ensure to cover even granular activities to deliver extremely thorough consulting services.

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