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Planning to be an Appreneur? – Tips to Ponder

As we all know the world of computers and mobile apps have dominated everyone’s lives that too in such a way that they have now become a requirement rather than the luxury. Nowadays, we have advanced and interactive apps that can do almost anything and everything...

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Is CoD killing Electronic Payments? – Part2

India is one of the few marketplaces where e-commerce is operated more through CoD as compared to online payments. Today China’s booming e-commerce market is ruled by Alibaba’s payment wallet named Alipay and Tencent’s WeChat Payment. Even Chinese consumers are...

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Is CoD killing Electronic Payments? – Part1

In India, Flipkart started operating in 2007 and till then e-commerce market started expanding. But still it is at its foetal stage. Being an online book seller, the company started offering its customers online transaction through e-payments. But in a bid to reach...

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How to Increase Mobile App Engagement? – Part1

Before digging into one of the most popular concerns and strategies i.e. How to increase mobile app engagement, let’s take a look into a few stats: According to Cezary Pietrzak, director of marketing at Appboy, today retention is one of the biggest challenges in...

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Top 5 Apps for seniors and elders

To ensure that people can age with pride in their own houses, technology has come up with something new and enticing. And, that’s Mobile apps. Being an elder and tech-savvy person, who uses Smartphones, tablets and computers, I’ve always looked for easy and...

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5 Amazing Apps That Make New Moms Life Easier

For everyone their mothers have been their pillars since day one because they’ll always make us believe that they have all the answers to all our challenges, and never hesitate from being the quintessence of strength and pliability. Being a new mother is no child’s...

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