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Latakoo: Optimised Broadcasting Management Service Faster Transfers, Simplified Workflows


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Latakoo is an optimised broadcasting management service aimed at ensuring faster video transfers. Latakoo’s one-of-a-kind patented technology combined with automation ensures the fastest video workflow in the industry currently. With clients spread across the globe, latakoo is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to exchange video content from any location. The files can be accessed from anywhere with no restrictions on the file size or internet bandwidth. It enables the users to send high-quality videos to multiple locations at once with just one click. Latakoo is a fantastic tool especially for broadcast media channels with a presence around the world.

Hassle-free solution for Broadcasters

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Full control of the settings

With Latakoo, the users have full control over the settings of the application and liberty to change and adjust them as per their convenience. Settings like capture preference, upload quality, distribution settings etc, of the uploads can be changed with ease at a single click.

Pilot & Manifest

Collaborate | Share | Access the files from anywhere

Latakoo Pilot is a secure cloud feature accessible from anywhere with no restrictions on the browser type. This enables easy sharing, collaboration, downloading and transcoding of files. Files uploaded to Pilot trigger intelligent notifications which can be customised to alert individuals or groups they are shared with. Every file in Pilot can be transcribed either automatically as well as individually.

As far as privacy is concerned, each user has custom access controls, driven by their role and needs of the organisation. Pilot connects to a user management system that allows administrators to set permissions and give access quickly and easily.

The Manifest feature helps large, diverse organisations collaborate more efficiently right from birth to broadcast. Latakoo Manifest helps teams to discover, follow and request stories from any given location. To avoid shooting the same stories and clips in different marketers a single story can be used by the entire organisation. With the Manifest tool, the same files can be delivered to multiple locations at once.

Ease of recording and editing audio-visual content

With no restriction on the quality and size of the files, users can record and edit audio and video files at ease. Heavy audio-visual data can be transferred from any location and be accessed at any time without worrying about the connectivity or bandwidth issues and compromising on the quality of the files transferred.

Technologies we use

We have integrated collaboration tools in the app, including intelligent notifications, integrated transcription with time-stamps, metadata forms and download options to transcode files to a variety of formats.

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