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A3Charge is India’s 1st smart and fully automated power bank rental service. A3Charge aims to make hassle-free and affordable charging solutions available to everyone. It is extremely easy to use, reliable, convenient and timesaving. With the network of internet-connected vending machines, users can pick and drop the power bank anywhere on the move and stay connected without worrying about their devices running out of battery. The power bank comes with three different types of cables compatible with all devices.

Smart Charging Solution on the go

A3Charge provides a smart charging solution on the go. With strategically located power bank stations across Delhi NCR, the power banks can be rented hassle free. To curb the problem of devices running out of battery and encourage light travel, A3Charge provides portable charging solutions. The power bank comes with three cables – iOS, Micro and Type C – compatible with the majority of devices. One just has to download the application, locate the nearest A3Charge station, Scan the QR code.

Locate nearby stations easily

Keeping the user convenience into consideration, A3Charge stations are strategically located across Delhi NCR. With 450+ machines already installed, the company aims to place a machine every 3 kms. Users can easily locate their nearest station using the A3Charge application available on google play store and apple store and rent the power bank.

How A3Charge power bank Can Solve Battery Problem?

How It Works?

Download the app
Scan the QR code
Take the power bank
Easy Return

User Flow

The user flow of the application is a combination of client research as well as inhouse research to create a visually appealing representation and give the users a seamless experience of the application. Extensive research helped the team to understand the moments within the user journey to create a user-friendly product.

Smart charging solutions for your device on the go.

Away from home? And your cell phone is going to be dead in minutes, well not to worry, A3Charge has a solution for your problem.

Rent a power bank, charge on the go and then return it back to your nearest A3Charge station.


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