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How to reduce resistance on your eCommerce website?

Within 2-3 seconds, a visitor decides whether he wants to stay on the page or bounce off to a website that is offering something better. There could be many reasons that makes visitor to leave website. But one of the common reasons is facing specific challenges while...

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How to Choose the Right App Monetization Model?

Developers and publishers are so caught up in their idea that they hardly think about the app monetization model. And, it is especially true for start-ups and small brands that imbibe app as a key part of their business model. So, if you are a start-up owner or your...

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Big Data Analytics – The Future Is Here

Earlier marketers used to gather data to create enticing ads. And, that were targeted to wide range of demographics. But nowadays, personalization has become a core strategy for marketers and publishers. And, Big Data platforms are flawlessly helping companies figure...

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What Are The Benefits Of Mobile App Prototyping?

Mobile app prototyping is a critical part of mobile app development phase. Today a mobile app prototype has become a working and interactive model of the end product. As it communicates and smoothens the design and navigation of a mobile app to stakeholders, thus...

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