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Parangat Technologies is a fast growing mobile app development company at the helm of latest technology breakthroughs and led by a competent technical team. We haven’t earned our reputation overnight as a leading blockchain app development company, IoT solutions company and Artificial Intelligence Service company.

It has been a result of consistent efforts to remain ahead of the technology curve and adapt to evolving app development strategies and services. We are a complete service provider offering flexible engagement models that suit every business need and budget. Consultation, designing, development, implementation, support, and marketing- we provide superior services to suit your business objective.

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About Working Here

Big Office

More than a big office, we’d say we have a big heart which makes working in Parangat even more amazing!

Great Co-Workers

At Parangat, the work environment is such where people legitimately enjoy spending time socializing with their colleagues.

Learning Opportunities

Parangat offers numerous different programs for team members who want to soak up more knowledge and enhance their skills.


At Parangat, you will be donning many hats at a time. Thus, here you can find new ways to find fulfillment and contentment.

Life at Parangat

Here in Parangat, you’ll find people pushing their limits to surpass the expectations, challenging themselves on a daily basis in pursuit of excellence.

Work & Relax

Striking a perfect balance between work and life is what we firmly believe in. Keeping that in mind, we made Parangat 5 days working in a week, which motivates you to work hard on weekdays and relax on weekends.

Leadership Team

Meet the ones who put life into your project.

Prerna Kochhar

Sr. Communication Manager

Garima Kalra

Client Servicing Manager

Janvi Verma

Client Relations Manager

Akriti Sharma

HR Executive

When life gives us moments we capture them!

At Parangat, we extend our support those who dare to question the status quo and act as a change driving leader to help us strengthen our leadership position. Parangat, an abode for those who dare.
Working at Parangat Technologies is an enthralling experience that fulfills you beyond your professional career. All Parangat-ians are free to live, breathe, create – and daydream about wizards from time to time.
At Parangat,
professionalism is more than just a desired a skill, it’s a way of life. Everyone- from the CEO to the Ground level employees, strive for excellence in all their tasks, and even if it’s about having fun and celebrating the success as a team.
At Parangat Technologies, versatility is the key element that drives our work culture. We practice open-endedness, allow our employees to pursue in-demand courses as part of learning and development. We allow you to set your own targets and share them with your leaders who are always there to help achieve your goals.
Parangat Technologies is its people. And the people who work here are truly fervent about the company, the brand and their jobs. The company’s continual drive for excellence, novelty and sustainability, with a focus on pushing the boundaries is what motivates our people the most.
We understand the importance of physical as well as mental well-being of the people who comprise our team. This Yoga Day we decided to go an extra mile for our employees and conducted a relaxing and refreshing yoga session. Especially after the covid-19 outbreak, it’s a huge responsibility of the employers to create and uphold a motivational environment where the team can thrive. Our yoga day session was one such attempt at it.

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