Parangat an Al solutions company
that can multiply your ROI

We help your business get the “intelligent” edge by creating disruptive applications from the obvious to the hidden.

Parangat is an Artificial Intelligence Company with a difference- We are complete AI solution provider company leveraging cutting-edge technology for YOUR growth and success.

It’s time to make a futuristic move and fast-forward into the surreal. Race ahead of competitors by forging a partnership with Parangat, a leading AI consulting company. Our AI-powered applications cater to domains such as training, maintenance and support, application integration, and installation services. Whatever be your niche, scale, or budget, our competent AI experts will create unmatchable solutions that deepen your market penetration and multiply your ROI. Our scope covers the entire range of AI services- ranging from Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, and Knowledge Virtualization.

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Machine Learning

Our applications render machines to be human-like. Data collection, interpretation and pattern recognition is a stronghold of our solutions. Error-free output and user-friendly interfaces are a result of high-end technology that our technical team uses competently.

Digital Virtual Agents

Parangat’s digital agents are deceptively humans-they can fool the wisest. Their comprehensive resources help enrich customer experience and provide robust support services that are efficient, cost-effectives and impressive.

Natural Language Processing

Not just letters and numbers, our intelligent applications are empowered to catch subtle sentiments and nuances in speech, decipher accents and understand connotation and interpretation of language.

Natural Language Generation

Our NLG applications are capable of converting complex data into readable text. Output can be comprehended for Business Intelligence reporting, statistical analysis, market insights and trends presentation and much more.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation helps automate repetitive, high-volume, routine tasks. High efficiency and flawless performance is the hallmark of our applications. Improve the productivity of your workforce and cut costs by investing in one of our robotic automatic solutions.

Knowledge Virtualization

Our knowledge virtualization processes help collate your business data into comprehensible digital assets. Knowledge is power and dour powerful applications make data a super power.

Decision Management

We formulate reliable algorithms and processes that will help you arrive at tough business decisions in seconds. By processing and interpreting collected data, according to standards and protocols, our decision management software is a must for every top entrepreneur.

Image Processing

Creating futuristic visuals with high definition and remarkable resolution is our forte. We use the latest technical stacks to give you multi dimensional visuals for various business needs.

Artificial Intelligence Company
Our Suite of Services

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