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Are you behind the curve on Blockchain App Development?

Blockchain technology has more than 200 use cases and applications, encompassing all major industries and domains, including yours. Adopting this disruptive technology in your next app will take you miles ahead of peers and strides ahead in terms of revenue and customer loyalty. To leverage the blockchain potential, you need a blockchain app development company that has the requisite techno savvy, expertise, and market knowledge to convert your app idea into revenue-generating product in other words, trust no one but the best blockchain developer with your valuable project. Decades of experience and exposure of servicing diverse clients have lent the Parangat team such insight and intuition that it can uncover hidden opportunities in blockchain app development where others see none. Let us explore the scope of blockchain for your business and discover innovative App ideas that delight your customers and stake holders. Our suite of blockchain app development services caters to all needs and budgets-from ideation to launch to maintenance. From auditing and QA of your existing Apps, blockchain consultation, smart contract development, creation of E-wallet, exchange and ICO, enterprise apps, IoT and Cloud integration, App development we offer everything under the Sun. Our rigorous processes and technical competency have secured us a place among the best blockchain app developer in town. Parangat not just a vendor; a partner in your journey to success.

Our Suite of Services

  • Blockchain Consultation and PoC
    Blockchain Consultation
    and PoC

    Our consultants illustrate research-backed app ideas and avenues that can help leverage your business objectives and multiply your revenue. Then we create a Proof of Concept to illustrate how your app will function. Throughout the process we keep your budget, aspirations and differentiators at the forefront.

  • An Illustration depicting ICO Creation
    ICO Creation

    We ideate the ideal ICO for your business. Then we create whitepapers, tokens and even KYC for your ICO. We launch your ICO and manage your crowdsale. In short, we make sure your ICO gets the best possible launch pad in the saturated blockchain market.

  • Crypto Wallet, Exchange, and Platform Development
    Crypto Wallet, Exchange, and Platform Development

    Open-source blockchain platforms enable us to develop secure protocols and programs for your crypto wallets and exchanges. Our crypto wallets can suit your diverse requirements- paper, hard, or hybrid. Our smart exchanges and platforms have impenetrable layers of security and intuitive layouts a delight for users and vendors alike.

  • Auditing, Testing and QA Services
    Auditing, Testing and QA Services

    Our Continuous Testing and Delivery approach enables us to develop bug-free products that work well across devices, platforms and users. We validate the distributed ledgers in your existing Apps and offer concrete recommendations for improvising them. Detailed reports and analytics are deliverables at every step, to keep you and us on the same page.

  • Smart Contracts Development
    Smart Contracts Development

    We develop robust smart contracts that execute accurately in real time and help protect the sanctity of your system. Superior to traditional contracts with regard to cost, efficiency, and security, smart contracts form the back bone of every blockchain app. Our technology stack is cutting edge and equips us with unbeatable competencies.

  • IoT and Cloud Integration
    IoT and Cloud Integration

    Combining disruptive technologies- IoT, Cloud, and Blockchain- results in delightful distributed apps that wow users with their superpowers. Our technical team has done the feat time and again- developed more than 20 IoT-based blockchain apps, all of which offer topnotch performance and data security.

Apps that are a cut above the rest

Our aim is not only to feature our Apps in Play Stores favorites and featured categories. It is to create completely unique products that remain in users memory for time immemorial. Parangat's consistent delivery of world-class Apps has been responsible for its reputation as the best blockchain developer, domestically and internationally.

  • Distributed but secure
  • Architecturally robust
  • Revenue generating
  • Technologically Superior
  • User-friendly interface
  • Backend Collaboration
Blockchain Project Ecosystem
Parangat develops Top Performing Apps

Why Parangat is the best Blockchain App Development company?

Developing top-performing Apps has become our habit. App development is what we breathe and live. We are obsessed with quality and stringent about competence. Our thoroughly-vetted technical team is adept at yielding the latest tools and approaches. Processes are Parangat are client-centric and systems are completely transparent. Collaboration with Parangat is for the lifetime You Grow, We Grow!

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