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Parangat- a leading Bot Development Company. Our interactive chatbots help you engage customers and improve client interaction multiple times over. A complete bot development services company that provides solutions to all industries, domains, scales and sizes.

Why your business needs a Bot

Every enterprise needs a chatbot. Hiring a competent Bot development company is the first step towards meeting rising customer demands and enhancing your business revenue. Now make your website and applications really work and convert for you by using chatbots that meet visitors’ queries and demands in seconds. Parangat’s rich portfolio of bots and wide exposure to varied industry verticals make it a leading Bot development company. We provide dedicated consultation, development, implementation and support services to each client. Our core values of collaboration, competence, client-centeredness, and professionalism sets us apart from peers and wins us repeat clients and industry recognition.
Building a chatbot for your business is the need of the hour. Here are the top benefits that can be derived from bot development:

Scales up your operations

Live agents can handle a query at a time, chatbots can manage multiple conversations with equal ease….scaling up your customer service effortlessly!

Enhances customer service

Chatbots are not prone to tantrums or prejudices. They serve customers as per their programming algorithm. Must add, they don’t need tea breaks or pay hikes!

Helps satisfy customer queries and demands

Automated digital agents can identify the exact product or service a website visitor is looking for…customer gratification instantly!

Appeals to millennial audiences

Millennials are notorious for their lack of patience and high standards. Chatbots with their superior efficiency and quick responses meet millennial expectations.

Is an interactive marketing platform

For social media and messaging platforms, chatbots are of great use. They help in large-scale marketing and simplification of repetitive tasks.

Reduces hiring and training costs

With chatbots at your beck and call, you won’t need to invest heavily in hiring and training customer service agents. Productivity at no cost…a dream for every entrepreneur!

Works round the clock

No dependency on geographical location, time zone or working hours, bots work tirelessly for you.

Utilizes resources well

If you are spending disproportionately on backend support services, chabots are a great and cost-effective replacement option.

Facebook Bot Development

Facebook is a platform with a wide reach and penetration. Bots for Facebook help reach Android, iOS and Web users in a single masterstroke. We follow industry best practices and regulations to give you a bot that is scalable and compliant.

Microsoft Bot Development

We also develop amazing AI-based and Skype bots that can exchange rich media as well as text. These bots are humanlike and can look up information from depths of the earth.

Telegram Bot Development

Telegram platform can also be leveraged using our matchless bot development services. We have the technology and tools to create great chatbots for Telegram and the likes of it.

Slack Bot Development

Team management becomes easy with our slack bots. We create efficient slack chat bots that can help coordinate team efforts and maximize productivity such that projects and tasks are completed within stipulated timelines.

Why Parangat is the right Bot Development company for you

  • Customer centric approach
  • Flexible business models
  • Deep technical expertise
  • Free bot consultation service
  • Watertight NDA
  • Cost-effective pricing models

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