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As one of the leading chatbot development service providers, we want to transform the way enterprises interact with clients and expedite interactions. We offer our customers a complete chatbot development cycle that leads to the bot’s success.

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Why Choose Chatbot Development Services for your Business

Chatbots assist businesses to modernize the way they connect with clients by utilizing machine learning, natural language processing, voice recognition, sentiment analysis, and automation to achieve a particular degree of intelligence in communication. Here are a few curated examples of how Chatbots can reinvent your business operations.

Scales up your operations

Live workers can handle one query at a time, but Chatbots can handle several interactions with equal ease, allowing you to scale up your customer support with ease!

Helps satisfy customer queries and demands

Customer gratification is instant with automated digital agents that can identify the specific product or service a website visitor is seeking for

Creates an interactive marketing platform

Chatbots are extremely useful for social networking and messaging services. They assist with large-scale marketing and repetitive work simplification.

Works 24/7

Chatbots work for you regardless of their geographical location, time zone, or working hours.

Enhances customer service

Chatbots aren’t prone to temper tantrums or bias. Customers are served according to their programming algorithm. They don’t require tea breaks or pay raises, to be sure!

Attracts the attention of millennials

Millennials are known for their impatience and high expectations. Chatbots, with their improved efficiency and rapid responses, satisfy the expectations of millennials.


Reduces hiring and training costs

With Chatbots at your disposal, you won’t have to spend as much money on employing and training customer care representatives. Free productivity…every entrepreneur’s dream!


Makes good use of resources

Chatbots are an excellent and cost-effective replacement choice if you’re paying a lot of money on backend support services.

Chatbot Service offered at Parangat

We create highly scalable and concurrent load-handling chatbots to meet the needs of both startups and large corporations. We assist customers throughout the project life cycle, from dialogue design to after-live supervised and unsupervised bot learning.

Compelling UI/UX

We delve into the most important parts of UI/UX design and define the most important elements of conversational UI/UX

ChatBot Architecture Design

Our business architects will assist you in determining the best combination of predefined library models and machine learning model architects.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine Integration

Our professional NLP integration enables the chatbot to comprehend and extract relevant data for a personalized user experience.

Connectivity to an Existing System

We’ll assist you in realizing the full potential of your chatbot by integrating it with enterprise applications that can pull data and more.

UAT & Deployment

Our team of professionals will ensure that machine learning is promoted through user acceptability testing and implementation.

Feature & Growth Consultation

Chatbot integration is fueled by growth consultancy and machine learning applications that improve customer experience.

Key features in Chatbots development offered by Parangat

We assist clients in adopting this technology and developing a chatbot strategy for a variety of industries, all with the goal of achieving the first-mover advantage.

Banking Chatbots

Chatbots that conduct banking-related tasks such as customer service, complaints, personal assistant, ATM assistant, and stock trading in a secure and scalable manner.

Insurance Chatbots

Insurance processes will be handled by advanced AI Chatbots that will advise and resolve claims, as well as offer and sell insurance products.

Travel & Hospitality Chatbots

Chatbots can improve the trip experience by managing itineraries, sightseeing, and recommending local sites.

E-commerce Chatbots

Chatbots for eCommerce issues like payment-related complaints or questions, tailored product search, and order monitoring.

Healthcare Chatbots

Chatbots for applications in the healthcare field, such as health help, hospital navigation, and emergency online management.

Marketing Chatbots

Marketers can use our sophisticated bot not only for communication but also to operationalize their workforce and advertise a product or service.

Chatbot development process followed at Parangat

Based on our expertise in rolling-out multiple Chatbots for a wide range of industries, we have a curated strategy in place to provide you with highly-sophisticated flawless chatbots for your business.


Our discovery team meets with your project team to work toward a single goal: creating a requirement and specification document. We talk about your top features, intended company goals, and how we’ll measure success.

Business strategy

We devised a strategic plan for the project, complete with dates and a roadmap. Our team of specialists will also set aside time to discuss and assist you in planning the broader impact that a chatbot can have on your company.

Proof of concept

As a proof of concept, we usually start with a simple version of the project. A few essential elements that will assist you prove the business case in a short amount of time. It’s a practical and cost-effective strategy.


We evaluate performance against key metrics after a proof of concept. We establish a list of topics for improvement, analyze statistics, and dig into qualitative user feedback. The blueprint and subsequent phases of development are based on this information.


A chatbot isn’t a one-time development project. Every iteration improves, speeds up, and strengthens your solution, and every dialogue teaches it something new. Several training facilities have been established to ensure that your chatbot’s knowledge continues to grow.

Maintenance and Reiteration

We continue to iterate and improve after proving the business case. The following stages of development are solely focused on the user and their return on investment. With input from users, administrators, and the project team, we create a roadmap for your chatbot.

Why choose Parangat for your chatbot app solution

Our skilled bot developers create AI Chatbots with the goal of transforming how businesses communicate with customers, delivering automated customer service, and giving interactive experiences via the chatbot platform.
We offer revolutionary chatbot creation solutions for Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Microsoft, and Slack, driven by Artificial Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Machine Learning technologies. We provide distinct chatbot creation services specifically suited to match your business objectives, whether you’re wanting to construct smart Chatbots, conversation Chatbots, IVR Chatbots, web Chatbots, text Chatbots, or messaging Chatbots.

13+ Years

We have an extensive experience of over 13+ years

250+ Expert

We have a dedicated team of over 250+ professionals

500+ Projects

We have completed 500+ projects

75+ Awards

We have received more than 75+ awards for top performance

Our Awards and Recognition

With the support of our esteemed client, we have been honoured for our outstanding achievements in mobile and web app development. Check out our list of accolades that we received!

Ranked as top mobile App Development company by GoodFirms

Recognized among top 10 mobile app developer by Clutch

Honored as one of the top e-commerce developers in 2019

Listed as best mobile App Development Company to Hire in 2019

Top Mobile App Development Companies In India | August 2022


To help you understand our Bot development services in a better manner, we are sharing some FAQs. Take a quick look through them to learn more about our services.

Do Chatbots increase sales?

Chatbots do, in fact, boost sales. Chatbot for marketing bridges the gap between communication and service by providing rapid responses to enquiries, hence improving the quality of client service. Customer support interactions with chatbots are precise and individualized. A lead generation chatbot increased sales by 67%

What is the pricing of AI chatbots?

The cost of an AI-advanced chatbot is determined by the company, business requirements, and technical components that support the chatbot’s operation.

How long will it take to develop a corporate chatbot?

The time it takes to build a chatbot is entirely dependent on the resources available and the modules that will be used to build the bot. A chatbot can be created in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

How do chatbots learn things?

There are two ways for chatbots to learn. Humans can adjust the system by evaluating previous data to make predictions based on past experiences.

How do I incorporate a chatbot into my website?

There are a variety of ways to do this, but let us walk you through the steps we take to integrate a chatbot into your website. The first step is for you to tell us exactly what you need and for us to look at your customer profiles and data through customer interactions. Then, using our specialized tools, we develop a bot. We install the bot on your platforms once it is ready and ready to work.

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