React Native

React Native is an awesome platform to develop a user-centric mobile app by using JavaScript. It uses the same design as React with a functionality to compose a feature-packed and rich mobile UI (User Interface) from annotative components. With React Native, we not only build a mobile & web app, an HTML5 or a hybrid app, but also build a real-time mobile app that’s compatible with Objective-C or Java, too. Our ReactJs developers are highly proficient, skilled and work diligently to meet client’s business expectations. Till date, we have successfully delivered top-notch React Native solutions that have helped clients in staying ahead of the competition. So let’s see why you should have a ReactJS app developed

Why Get ReactJS Applications Developed?

Reloads app instantly

Develops apps faster instead of just recompiling

Supports hot reloading, runs new code while retaining the application state.

React Native uses the same fundamental and basic UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps.

It's too easy to build part of app in React Native, and part of app by using native code directly

Why choose Parangat?

Handpicked, proficient and highly experienced team

100% Transparency

Apparent methodology and process

No outsourcing and expert team of developers make us the best ReactJs development company

Exceptional coding standards with React Native testing scenarios

It not only offers kin-free coding but also provides best-in-class UX architecture, too

Technical Expertise
React Web Development

Web Development

React UI Development

UI Development

React Plugin Development

Plugin Development

Migrating jQuery to ReactJS

jQuery to ReactJS



Swift & Java

Swift & Java

Why Choose Us For React Native Development Services?

We offer app solution on-time and within budget. We have top mobile app developers, who can easily and cost-effectively develop an app that could flawlessly adapt to your business goals. Let’s take a look at a few factors that make us eligible for providing top-notch ReactJs development services

Assistance, Support and Maintenance

Our advanced Mobile App monitoring system ensures that your app stays healthy and fit constantly. We follow system uptime, crash analytics, and response times so that your app compliments your real objective.

Top-notch creative UI/UX Designers

Our creative UI/UX designers never settles for less and work diligently for target audiences; our processes could be flawlessly integrated with the market research, cultural trends, and case-studies in order to explore more about the user-base and target audiences.

Quality Assurance

Our written every line of code is highly quality-focused and our structured design and stringent coding practices are as per the requirement. We ensure our each line of code turns into cost-effective solutions, which are tailored to your business, objectives, goals & ambitions.

We are highly focused on delivering client-centric solutions

What makes us unique is our ability to create creative, innovative, elegant and user-friendly solutions that meet client’s business expectations. And due to our standardized communication methodologies, processes and result-oriented approach, we are helping businesses and brands in meeting their goals and objectives.

Highly Experienced and Expert technology partner

We have a team of expert mobile app developers who are proficient and experienced in specialized areas of structural domain. Our experience and expertise ranges from building unique and user-centric mobile apps for various operating systems like iOS, Android & Wearable gear. By leveraging React Native, we develop highly exceptional web and mobile app, which offers ample opportunities to explore several ways Parangat could develop apps. So don’t miss and get benefitted from the Parangat’s React Native consulting and development services, which are exclusively delivered for all businesses and brands, be it start-ups, SMEs, and brands.

Let’s take a look at our top-notch React Native Services

Hire Dedicated React Native App Developers

We have a pool of smart React Native App Developers who are highly proficient and have amazing understanding of user experiences. Some products are crucial as well as complex and require a lot of domain knowledge and understanding. Dedicated teams are experienced and technically well-versed Mobile Product Teams, which work closely with their Product Managers. They are proficiently trained in specific domains, verticals and technologies, which are highly critical for your product.

Server Side APIs for Mobile

Mobile apps are getting complex day by day, their processing is becoming intricate and real-time data, requiring solid back-end support to deliver the desired customer experience. Our Server teams are adept in building secure, scalable, highly adaptable and user-friendly Server Side APIs, which in turn, helps in bringing real power of Mobile Apps. Be it a smart bot or e-commerce app, we have expertise in everything.

Mobile App Support & Maintenance

Mobile Apps require constant updates, new enticing features, and bug resolutions to ensure a positive and enticing user adoption. To ensure that your mobile app succeeds in the longer run, hire our expert team of React Native developers.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

It's all about ideating and experimenting with your nascent startup ideas in the real world. And MVP is a complete and fully functional product full of minimal set of features, which are needed to learn from early adopters.

Agile Development Methodology

Since inception, we follow agile development by using scrum. And this ensures that development is highly interactive, engaging, iterative and incremental. Since inception, we have continuous deliveries and faster release cycles, which in turn, helps in getting flawless and quicker output at a higher efficiency. Scrum methodology allows you to clearly specify, monitor and get exactly what all is required.

Being the well-known and reputed React Native App Development Company in India, we at Parangat has been making exceptional React Native Apps, which are designed as per the market needs. And the best part about using the technology over the years is it’s neither a mobile, web app nor a hybrid app. So hire the best ReactJs development company today to get a complete and optimally functional app that could save a lot of time and money without even compromising the quality.

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