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With our user-centric and brand-centered approach equipped alongside exceptional capabilities, we are successful in getting thoughtful user experience. Thus we are successfully upgrading our client’s product from easy-to-use to delighted-to-use. Our designing team’s end goal is to deliver an incomparable and thoughtful end user experience. That’s why; we adopt a user-centric design approach and corresponding methodologies to every product we design. Be it web, mobile apps or games.

eing the best UI/UX consulting company, we have not only adopted the structured and well-versed process right from analysis, blueprints, prototype, wireframes, to mockups. And that’s why we are able to successfully infuse life into our app designs. While working on the designs, we focus on the key needs of end users which is a vital part of the entire app designing process for getting an ideal customer experience. We can take your customers on an incredible journey from the very first moment of viewing your product. Our bespoke and custom designs are highly efficient, thus offering a fascinating and easy way to learn more about your product. We know that a captivating and efficient user interface could fill the gap between the human brain and digital product. Our designs are completely based on the end user’s behavioral patterns and are completely in compliance with the Human Interface Guidelines. That’s why we are able to create enchanting user experience – flawless, simple, efficient, intuitive and highly engaging.

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We are experts in providing simple, yet advanced and awe-inspiring designs, thus providing best-in-class customer experiences. Our creative and passionate UI/UX designers, analysts, and usability specialists imbibe the balanced human-centric approach to deliver best-in-class design solutions. Our key focus is not just enhancing the usability but also to make the designs delicate, elegant and user-centric. The success of our flawless User Experience Design is strongly backed with the process we adopt. Pioneering UI and UX is the key to getting more business, high engagement, higher adoption rates and flawless on-boarding. And by considering the following key elements, we conduct the initial research and then craft the corresponding user-friendly designs in order to deliver the ROI your brand and business needs.

ui ux Recruitment


Discovering the goal and purpose of the product

Discovering the target audiences

Discovering our audience’s expectations

UI UX Storyboard


Defining the use cases

Building Storyboards for each and every use case

UI UX Storyboardpan.png


Creating pencil sketches and drawings of various screen defaults

Making pencil sketches of various screens under numerous cases and scenarios

UI UX Woreplan


Designing without colors, fonts, images, and Infographics

Right CTA placement strategy

Call outs and menus

UI UX Study

Visual Design

Final Design Research: One of the secret recipes of truly designing an efficient and flawless user-centric design is meeting your user’s needs and his/her business objectives. Here at Parangat, we start with defining our client’s key business goals. And that helps us in layering basics for end-to-end product design, content, information architecture (IA), and crafting interactions' strategy. This step is crucial in our app designing process because it helps in rightly mapping out the users personas, understanding our client’s business needs better and rightly aligning their business goals with the actual user expectations. Our team is highly experienced and expert in imbibing the best research methods and leveraging the ground-breaking tools, which are specifically designed for your niche audiences based on their budgets and time availability.

This step includes:

  • Competitors' research, analysis & benchmarking
  • App Workflows, and
  • Design Personas
Search Product Strategy

Prototyping and Wireframes

The best products should be user-friendly and market-centric. By having a well-versed prototyping and wire framing, you could ensure that the flow, app structure and its presentation is intuitive, engaging and alignments to the existing user models and interface expectations. Right prototyping and wire-framing will help in the finding the best flaws and saves the time and cost. Being the leading design service provider, we leverage our prototyping and wire-framing skill to craft the data structure and design key UI functionalities. Our QA and testing team ensures that all our workflows and navigation options are backed up to the maximum usability in order to reach potential audiences.

This step includes:

  • Clickable and Intuitive Prototypes
  • Designing Mockups and Layouts
  • Crafting Information Architecture
UI UX User Testing

User Testing

Based on the end user’s objectives, goals and the initial research, which we do during the initial stage, we create customized and specific case studies to validate client’s assumptions. We set up user-testing interaction sessions to properly analyze the received data and completely transform into design enhancements. Depending on our client’s business needs, we select the finest method to assemble user feedback and suggestion on our designs via UAT

  • Storyboards & Wireframes
  • On-site testing, and
  • Remote User testing
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Why choose Parangat as your UI/UX solutions partner?

We are expert in creating engaging designs and increasing the duration of user engagement. Our designs stop people at your app. And that’s why we are among the best solution providers, who could provide a brand-driven and exceptional user experience. Our UI/UX solution expert team has the capability to deliver the exceptional design solutions which are not only contemporary, engaging, and business-centric but also future-proof.

Be it experience design, navigation model or information architecture, we have expertise in everything. Our final project is always visually spectacular, user-centric and highly functional. We are expert in developing highly flexible, responsive, scalable, and cost-effective applications for every platform. All our UI/UX design solutions help our clients and partners to develop a robust, effective and scalable customer experience, which in turn, lets them maximize the ROI, hence meeting our client’s business end goals. In the modern world, where you are given just a few seconds to impress your potential customer, app designs play a crucial role.
So why wait just wow them with an impeccable, enticing, and responsive design. Being the leaders in the industry our UI design services are completely based on the proven methodologies, practices and patterns, thus creating a strong bond, and anticipated effect on your target customers. We prompt the next best step for your users and gently assist them towards their ultimate business objectives – sale, subscription or any other preferable action. So always ensure what your product is about and see if it stands ahead of the competition. And that could be achieved by offering a user-friendly, simple, yet highly delightful journey to your target audiences. Together, we could shape your unique idea into a physical engaging design, which is aimed to captivate users.

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