Search Engine Marketing

The internet has become the largest and popular hub of marketing and advertising. There are a lot of search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo, which are used extensively by users to search for their products and services online. Now when the Internet has become so popular among its users, it has become absolutely important for brands and businesses across the world to properly utilize the Internet wisely and ensure that they get immense visibility on popular search engines. Parangat provides exceptional Internet marketing solutions to serve clients across the world. We ensure that your brand or business could be benefitted from all the search engines and the Internet. We have a lot of happy and satisfied customers.
And they are a testimony to our success.

Search Engine Optimization

According to reports, there are around 400 million searches were made on various search engines every day. And a website can only expect user’s visit if it could be found on the first page for all the top keywords. SEO helps brands and businesses in getting ample traffic to your website. And over the years, we have successfully implemented a lot of SEO strategies for a range of clients across the globe, thus providing higher traffic value and an enhanced ROI.

Parangat imbibes over 150+ proficient and skilled SEO professionals, who have tremendous experience and expertise in Internet Marketing. Our team of expert SEO professionals helps our client’s business website rank higher on Google and other search engines, thus driving targeted traffic to your website. Being a leading Search Engine Optimization company, we at Parangat have served clients across the world. We know and understand that targeted traffic helps brands and businesses in achieving higher sales. And all our efforts for our client’s business website are targeted towards earning targeted traffic for every relevant keyword, thus maximizing possible ROI for your brand or business.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

For advertising your website on various search engines including Google and Bing, we at Parangat can help our clients in achieving instant results through our paid campaigns. Our crafted PPC campaigns help you see the effective and quicker results, thus giving you deep insight on how you can leverage various factors of your business.

Since inception, we are providing best-in-class Pay per Click Advertising services. We have over 25 certified Microsoft adcenter experts and Google Adwords Professionals. And they are proficient in managing an ad of over $1 million every month. We have a clientele presence all across the world including Australia, North America, Europe, and Asia, thus achieving maximum value and ROI through our flawless and cost effective Paid Search Marketing strategies and campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows that Social media is ruling the world, thus it has become important for all businesses and brands to have a sound Social Media presence. It has become so popular and viral that nowadays it has become a potential medium to interact with your customers. Social media has become so popular and immense that it helps brands and businesses to create a personal connection with their target audiences. Being a leading digital media agency, we at Parangat, are helping businesses and brands to become a strong and reputable brand online, thus getting a special place among its audiences.

Social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Blogs have the capability to take your brand to next level of popularity. But Social Media Marketing is not just about frequently running ads on various social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. It’s about understanding your clients business and crafting a customized content as per the target audience needs. For us, Social Media Marketing is vital medium for reaching our client’s businesses’ potential users. And our philosophy resonates with our clients businesses every aspect of social media management.

Online Reputation Management

You must be wondering what people think and say about your brand online. What do they see when they search you on search engines? So what you do to protect your brand’s value or image on the internet? With the emergence and advent of consumer sites, forums and social media, it has become important for your brand to closely monitor the popularity and buzz about your business or brand online. For that you need to create a positive awareness about your brand online.

So if you want to know how people perceive your business or brand, you need to maintain its reputation. Be it a new business or an established company, your online brand reputation will define its success. And Parangat has a highly skilled and dedicated team of reputation management experts, who are adept in helping your business to be professed as the potential business firm.


Nowadays, it has become very important for every website to grab the attention of their targeted audiences and let them know what they are looking for. And usability helps you properly identify all the roadblocks and challenges a visitor might face. An engaging and user-friendly website has the capability to go a long way, thus retaining customer and increasing new customer base.

Usability has become an important factor and being a business owner, you need to have a usable website. As having a usable website means you are having happy clients who don’t get aggravated while completing a conversion.

Web Analytics

There are a lot of ground-breaking analytic tools, which give you immense data about your website. And these help in properly understanding the potential information of your website, thus helping you in understanding your target audience. We have a team of adept analytics experts, who thoroughly dig out, thus giving you the crucial information, which in turn, help you in taking the informed decisions.

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