Our relentless pursuit and commitment have been recognized and gains traction in the development world

Ranked as top mobile App Development company by GoodFirms

Parangat got recognized and ranked as the Top Mobile App Development Company by GoodFirms.

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Recognized among top 10 mobile app developer by Clutch

Clutch officially featured Parangat among the top 10 mobile app developers in 2019.

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Honored as one of the top e-commerce developers in 2019

Recognised and Honored as one of the Top e-commerce developers in 2019.

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Listed as best mobile App Development Company to Hire in 2019

Parangat technologies got listed as the Best Mobile App Development Company to Hire in 2019 on Upwork for its services.

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Top Mobile App Development Companies In India | August 2022

Parangat technologies recognised and listed amongst the top app development companies in India in August 2022

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Listed as the Top Web Design company by Selected Firms

Parangat Technologies got acknowledged and listed as the Top Web Design Company in 2022 by Selected Firms.

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