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We bridge the physical and digital worlds to create top-notch innovations which provide value at every step. Parangat is your ultimate partner all through the journey of the IoT ecosystem, from consultation to design, and from manufacturing to analytics.

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We Think, Create and Analyse the Endless Possibilities of IoT Innovations for Your Business

Considering business results for the organisation, we provide significant value through IoT technologies. We generate digital transformation in a hyper-connected world through cutting-edge innovations with blockchain technology, gateways, sensors, connectivity platforms and machine learning.

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Why choose IoT for your business

The Internet of Things makes devices cognitive and capable of delivering vital data by linking them to a computer network. Businesses will be able to collect data, produce fresh perspectives, and make better decisions with the help of IoT.

Enhancing the customer experience

Enhancing the customer experience

Companies can use IoT development to create new data streams and improve their analytics capabilities to better understand how consumers use their goods or services. This is essential to minimise customer friction.

Reduced Overhead and downtime

Reduced Overhead and downtime

IoT-enabled businesses realize considerable reductions in operational costs and downtime. In industrial IoT applications, digital twin technology became a competitive edge.

Productivity Gains

Productivity Gains

Leaders can uncover methods to improve their performance and effectiveness by integrating critical business processes, owing to increased possibilities for process monitoring. Increases in productivity and revenue result from these advantages.

Waste reduction and asset tracking

Waste reduction and asset tracking

Companies with complicated supply chain operations expect to make a lot from the Internet of Things. Businesses can use asset monitoring and tracking to improve supply chain efficiency and create digitally enhanced products that boost consumer satisfaction using such solutions.

IoT Services we offer at Parangat

Parangat's end-to-end IoT technology services assist you in gaining a long-term competitive edge by tackling the problems of interconnecting wearables, sensors, systems, cloud, and apps while ensuring the security.

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

We provide smart IoT solutions for manufacturing companies to help them increase productivity and automate processes that require little to no manual intervention.

Smart Warehourse Management

Smart Warehourse Management

Our IoT development solutions also include the creation of smart solutions for storage containers and warehouses that require IoT devices such as temperature monitoring and power supply monitors, among other things.

Smart Homes

Smart Homes

The biggest appliance manufacturers are concentrating their efforts on developing Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets that can assist in making homes smarter. Smart lighting, smart cooling, and smart security, as well as connected technologies, alarm applications, and more, are all available. We assist businesses in developing IoT devices that have a positive influence on people's lives.

Smart Enterprise Operations

Smart Enterprise Operations

Offices are becoming smarter, and we're happy to be a part of it. Our IoT services include assisting businesses in developing smart IoT applications such as smart login/logouts, endpoint security apps, and more.

Mobile and Web API Development

Mobile and Web API Development

The possibilities include voice control and picture recognition, as well as a well-designed UX/UI for all screens. If you'd like to use a third-party API, simply choose one and we'll ensure it's available.

Blockchain and Machine Learning

Blockchain and Machine Learning

If we didn't keep up with the latest technology, we wouldn't be able to call ourselves an IoT application development company. We're focused on developing a tamper-proof and easy to train Internet of Things system using blockchain and machine learning.

IoT solution process followed at Parangat

At Parangat, we follow a curated process for providing IoT solutions that cater to multiple problem statements across the industry and offer a precise solution. Right from Probing to project handover, Parangat offers reliable and exhaustive consulting services.


1. Probing

  • We want to know what you expect from the product, so we ask you all relevant questions to capture all of your requirements in writing.
Areas of Responsibility

2. Areas of Responsibility

  • Our team drafts an SOW and communicates it with you once the probing is completed. Changes can be requested, and then a final SOW is shared.
Proof of Concept

3. Proof of Concept

  • We can begin working together at various stages, depending on your business goals and the level of your IoT project. You may rest assured that all of our efforts will be customized to your project's needs. If you're still figuring out how your IoT solution will operate, we'll begin by identifying and prioritising the use cases that will provide the greatest value to your business.
Architecture design

4. Architecture design

  • Complex IoT initiatives necessitate thorough documentation. This is how you may not only speed up your IoT development, but also save money and avoid misunderstandings. We learn further about your company and the devices which will be used with the targeted solution at this stage. This gives us the ability to create suitable server-side architecture and API requirements.

5. Development

  • Once the SOW has been agreed upon by both parties. We begin creating the IoT Solution and provide regular updates to you.

6. Testing

  • You test the product, and we put it through multiple rounds of testing to make sure it's free of flaws.
Maintainance and Advancement

7. Maintainance and Advancement

  • We assist businesses in launching innovative IoT products. We frequently advise clients to start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It enables them to put their concept to the test and collect important data from a variety of consumers and devices. This information is really useful for future growth.
Project Handover

8. Project Handover

  • The final step is, of course, handing off the keys. We'll provide you the finished product, which will be free of errors and faults.

Why Choose Parangat for your IoT services

Our IoT experts at Parangat use their extensive technical expertise and industry knowledge to provide bespoke, cutting-edge IoT solutions that add value to your company. We safeguard the authenticity of all your data on the IoT, which has its own list of security challenges. We're always looking for new and creative ways to do things because we're a group of dedicated IT nerds. Join us in evolving your workplace by utilizing the power of technology.

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We have an extensive experience of over 9 years

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We have completed 150+ projects

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We have a dedicated team of over 75+ professionals

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The Internet of Things, or IOT, is a word that refers to the process of connecting it all to the internet. The "linked" things will either receive, send, or both receive and send information. For example, Sensors are connected to the internet and collect data from the environment to assist us in making the best judgments possible.
The cost of putting together an IoT platform is determined by the specifications and technologies you want to use. However, at Parangat, India's top IoT solutions business, we examine the costs of developing an IoT platform. We will provide you with the most cost-effective pricing for any IoT platform. Before offering you a specific charge, we evaluate a number of things.
The length of time it takes to construct an IoT platform is determined by the requirements and technologies used. At Parangat, we'll tell you everything you need to know regarding the project's cost and timeline. We set a timeline for your project and keep you informed about the progress of your IoT platform.
We recognize the value of a well-functioning IoT platform. The end product must work well, and you won't have to worry about maintenance. We'll give you two months of free maintenance. We will take care of all maintenance fees and fix all of your IoT platform issues over the next two months.
Basic components of IoT solutions include sensors, data processing and analytics, gateway for cloud integrations, user interface, cloud server, protocols and automation services.
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