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Zeffo streamlines gifting and investing in mutual funds through an intuitive mobile app. Users can purchase personalized digital gift cards for mutual funds to give loved ones. Recipients redeem Zeffo gift cards by selecting their preferred mutual funds to invest in from Zeffo’s curated selection.

The app provides a seamless end-to-end experience for gift givers and recipients. For purchasers, it’s a meaningful way to share smart investments for occasions instead of material gifts. Recipients can redeem their cards by allocating the gift value to a customized portfolio aligned to their interests. Zeffo opens up investing in mutual funds to a new generation of users through its easy-to-use mobile gifting experience.

Smart Charging Solution on the go

A3Charge provides a smart charging solution on the go. With strategically located power bank stations across Delhi NCR, the power banks can be rented hassle free. To curb the problem of devices running out of battery and encourage light travel, A3Charge provides portable charging solutions. The power bank comes with three cables – iOS, Micro and Type C – compatible with the majority of devices. One just has to download the application, locate the nearest A3Charge station, Scan the QR code.

Locate nearby stations easily

Keeping the user convenience into consideration, A3Charge stations are strategically located across Delhi NCR. With 450+ machines already installed, the company aims to place a machine every 3 kms. Users can easily locate their nearest station using the A3Charge application available on google play store and apple store and rent the power bank.

Developing an Intuitive Mobile App for Zeffo

The end product provides an excellent user experience with intuitive navigation, visually appealing screens, and smooth performance. Since launching, the app has received outstanding user reviews and achieved the core goals set by Zefoo

For this project, our team partnered with Zeffo to build a mobile app tand web app hat allows customers to purchase digital gift cards for mutual funds and easily redeem them. I served as the lead frontend developer responsible for bringing the app vision to life through implementing the UI/UX.

An Impactful Opportunity
to Innovate

This project presented an exciting opportunity for our team to make a real impact through technology innovation. Zeffo was looking to modernize and digitize their customer experience through a new mobile app.

For us , it was a chance to showcase our expertise in frontend development and IOS development by building an app from the ground up. The project let Us apply React Native skills to construct easy-to-use interfaces that delight customers.


What we did

Our company worked closely with the client to bring their app vision to life through collaborative execution:

  • The client provided design specifications and assets to guide the desired user experience.
  • Our development team handled the technical build of the iOS and Android apps along with integrating the required backend services.
  • Our design team ensured the visual polish and smooth UX of the app UI.
  • Our quality assurance team conducted comprehensive testing to catch bugs and identify usability issues.
  • Our product team facilitated workstreams and scheduling to keep the build on track.

With aligned skills and constant communication, our company delivered a high-quality, user-friendly app that exceeded the client’s expectations. Weekly sprints enabled seamless handoffs between various workstreams of the project.

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