Importance of LinkedIn Marketing

Importance of LinkedIn Marketing

In today’s era, everyone is quite aware of the fact that the competition is way beyond limits. And to survive this ever-growing competition, one must consider all the options available to help the business flourish. Marketing is the most crucial factor in the success of a business. In our previous article, Marketing Strategy for Startup, you can find the benefits of a proper marketing strategy and the perks of online marketing. Considering the level of digitalization in today’s world, one must also consider having a digital add or place to increase the reach of business beyond geological boundaries. LinkedIn can help you solve this purpose.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the best professional place to ensure that your business gets in the light of authentic audience that might be your potential clients as well as competitors. It is practically the largest professional network in the world. LinkedIn is not only the best place to promote your business but also to build corporate relations and connections throughout your service domain and target mass.

You can have your company page set up on LinkedIn to ensure that everyone can reach out to you and you can have the digital presence that always benefits the business. Merely having a company page is not what you need, but it is also crucial to keep it updated. This is what your start with a company page would look like.

LinkedIn Homepage Overview - Parangat

Why use LinkedIn Marketing for Business?

LinkedIn is the best place to attract top and considerable talent to your business. You can have a dedicated careers page on your company page and broadcast your job openings to the right talent and identify their skill set as well. As this is not enough, LinkedIn also helps you get the top prospects for your business. You can have professional reviews and recommendations for people in the same business line and those who have sufficient experience in the business.

These delicate features of the LinkedIn platform make it the best choice to use LinkedIn for business. But LinkedIn is not a place you can just advertise or market your business because you have got one. Since it is a highly professional platform, you need to ensure that you have a proper LinkedIn Marketing Strategy in place to have a structured and well-organized marketing plan. In the “Age of Online things” that we are currently living in, you might want to have the best of what you got on the best online marketing platform.

Christina Newberry in his article on ‘LinkedIn for Business’ said, “With 562 million users, LinkedIn is all about building networks and connections. It’s not only about who you know, but about who your connections know. That’s the real power of LinkedIn for business: the ability to tap into existing connections and grow your brand through word-of-mouth. It’s also the top-rated social network for lead generation.

This pretty much explains why one must consider getting LinkedIn involved in the digital promotion of his business.

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing

Considering the above discussion one can easily conclude that LinkedIn has several benefits to your business and relations that will help in the growth of the business. Here are some key points from some of the top global reports about the perks of using LinkedIn marketing for business:

  • The benefits to B2B marketing: According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry report, LinkedIn has now surpassed Facebook as the #1 most important social platform for B2B marketers. While only 21% of B2C marketers cited LinkedIn as their #1 platform, 41% of B2B marketers put it at the of their list (compared to just 30% who said Facebook was the most important).
  • Most effective platform for a product’s launch: According to polling done by Regalix, LinkedIn is now the #1 platform used for product launches among B2B businesses. A whopping 81% of B2B businesses say they use LinkedIn for launches, compared to 71% who use Twitter and just 54% who use Facebook.
  • Effective manpower platform: LinkedIn is the best place these days to recruit highly qualified talent to fulfill your business needs and meet the required manpower in order to have your Business functional with full potential.
  • Personal Branding: Consider the services that you use for yourself. Or consider the Business of famous brands vintage cars. Do they need to put their heart-n-soul in marketing as a startup or less famous brand might require? The answer is quite obvious to us all. For growth of your business, you can use LinkedIn.
  • Reputation building: Having better connections, formal recommendations and properly channelizing, organizing and structuring your company page on LinkedIn can always help the business gain the benefits of word-of-mouth. Once you have a great reputation built up for your Business, then launching products/services or promoting them would be much easier.
  • Sales Networking: For a Business, the key to sustain in the constantly changing market and end-user requirements is through having a sustainable network and world-wide connections. This not only keeps you updated but also helps in reaching the farthest ends of marketing. You can use the best people to market your product and have a wider reach.


I hope that all the points discussed above have convinced you that investing in LinkedIn Marketing is worthwhile. Using it as discussed in the points above and having a proper strategy can help you address users in a more professional way. If you are not having a LinkedIn Business page or profile, it’s better now than never. With your competitors out there growing every minute and things changing, enhancing as we speak, every minute counts. So if you are planning to have a business and make it successful, now may be your turn to start with using LinkedIn for marketing.

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Marketing Strategy for Startups

Marketing Strategy for Startups

Every business, either a well-established or a startup requires proper marketing strategies to ensure continuous growth and not having a downfall. For a startup, having a proper marketing strategy often becomes very crucial to set-up their feet on the stage of the product they are running into. The success of any startup will often depend on what marketing strategy they use. Unfortunately, the majority of startup founders have absolutely zero or little to no experience of marketing. This gives birth to a question, “How to make a proper choice from the pool of available startup marketing strategies?” Well, it’s in the planning of how to market a startup business! Make sure that you’ve got your marketing strategy in line with your product.

Successful startup marketing demands that you should not only have a great product but also a great marketing strategy. In our previous article  Business and Technology, we explained how a business can have adverse effects if they do not use a proper marketing strategy or a strategy that ends up hurting their end users sentiments in any aspect. So if marketing works that way, what is the best marketing strategy for a startup business or new product launch?

How to Market a Startup Business

In today’s world of Social Media and Virtual presence, it is of utmost importance for a startup to market their product properly. This does not only includes digital marketing, but also a proper sales and social media marketing. This can be properly planned and implemented in the following phases:

1: Proper Positioning and Presence: – This is the very initial phase of a proper product launch. One can start by defining the ‘category’ that your product/service or startup business exists within. Once done with the defining, then map the product to its key product benefits, the core value proposition and establishing a competitor benchmark – right down to its core messages, values, launch strategies, plans, perceptions and objectives – at least for the first 12-24 months.

Also for the very initial phase, for any startup or new product, focusing on user needs is not as much important as taking the reviews and resolving them. In the time of growth, it is very crucial for any startup that they must resolve all the issues reported to them through reviews or implement most of the changes that come to them from reviews.

Sales and marketing strategy for a startup must also revolve somewhere around the mentioned keywords from this image. The digital marketing aspects are well explained in the next step.

Marketing Strategy Keywords - Parangat

2: PR, Video, Blogging and Piggybacking Competitors: These days Blogging and Video ads are quite a thing for the digital promotion for any startup. Blog is considered to be the marketing front foot among all the marketing strategies for startup. One must ensure that the blog supports and fulfils this purpose. Proper editors, blog writers must be hired for this purpose and handed the job of continual maintenance and updating the blog.

To support the social presence and digital marketing of the startup, Word Of Mouth very popular by the name WOM must be considered. This can be maintained by having a proper Digital PR set and not just driving communication through various platforms but also monitoring conversations using handles like Twitter.

Advanced digital PR marketing techniques such as viral, crowdsourcing, community reviews and WOM should be mastered in order to enhance day-to-day digital PR and partnering mechanisms.

Digital Marketing Strategy - Parangat

‘Now that you know a great deal more about your brand, product/service, market, prospects, users, clients and partners post launch, you are in a better position to develop an effective advertising program.’ (Source)

3: Advertising:  Phase 1 and Phase 2 put in place, highly firm and cost-effective launch program for a startup with basic viral ingredients. Once these phases are adopted and effectively running, the process of marketing for the startup or newly launch product/service should be further extended and enhanced. This is what Phase 3 is about – kicking off with online and strategic online advertising program.

A Google AdWords program is the best place to start with the online marketing as it is cost effective, flexible, completely results oriented and highly scalable to any limit that the business desires. Following this Yahoo/Bing, Facebook ads and banner campaigns can be taken into consideration and developed. Also, PR initiatives to strategically drive concerts or events, or research is driven, high profile wide range awareness campaigns with big media and socially high impact events can be initiated once your startup brand and business/product are established. This way any startup is most likely to get the response and recognition necessary for the establishment of their business channel.

Once your image/reputation and awareness has been developed in your consumer market a highly targeted and well-planned speaking and analyst/media briefing program should be brought in place to ensure that your brand remains top of mind and get as much WOM as possible.

4. Find a Proper Influencer: Once the startup is done with establishing the brand and gaining significant Word Of Mouth (WOM), it should then find an appropriate influencer or become one itself. Many online places can help to escalate the marketing strategy by channelling dedicated ads and access to hundreds among the target user. This can, in turn, increase the reach of business. Also having proper public Influencer’s can also be of utmost importance.

For instance, consider the promotion of Byjus, the eLearning app. They brought into picture, one of the most famous public figure in India, Mr Shahrukh Khan. His face on the advertisements and Byjus sponsoring the cricket matches in different series. These had quite a huge impact on the business they witnessed after the implementation of these strategies.

Having an influencer that suits well the idea of the startup or is highly acceptable to the target audience has a direct impact on the business.

Once done with these phases of digital marketing for your startup, you are ready to have a wide-scale launch of your business. When all the marketing is done, the product or startup must have a huge launch to ensure it gets all the attention and success. There’s no shortage of marketing strategies and techniques to try here. But the most important thing to be pondered is that you figure out how to help your potential partners first. This will give the startup a huge increase in the consumers of the product.
With all these things discussed, one can choose which strategy he wants to incorporate in the marketing of their startup and how they want it to go through. But one must always remember, the only way to stay in the market is “ADAPTATION”.

Building an Effective App Marketing Strategy

Building an Effective App Marketing Strategy


Since the time mobile devices were introduced, they have witnessed continuous growth and innovation. There have been several developments, enhancements and new technologies and apps released. But have all of them made through the journey? Have all the devices and apps survived in the market? Consider Nokia? Blackberry? Do all of them have an effective App Marketing Strategy? Have all those apps which were launched at some time witnessed the same success as their competitors?

The key point here is, not all the apps that are thought to work or have worked at a time, are guaranteed to have a secure future. Be it an app or a mobile technology, only the most effective survives the change. So how can one ensure that their app survives for long? How to have a proper impact on the market? How to ensure that you get a proper audience on the launch of your app and after?

The answer to all these questions is APP MARKETING. Once you have got your app idea incorporated and developed, you need to have a proper marketing strategy to ensure a full proof launch of your app. This can ensure to have the best payoff for all your hard work. And any mistake at this step will result in wastage of all your efforts.

How to Market an App Successfully

Mobile app marketing is quite a tedious and complex procedure that demands a tremendous amount of time and effort from the marketer involved. However, having a proper app marketing strategy can also yield immense benefits and ensure success. So, how to approach the planning of a mobile app marketing strategy that can have a huge impact on the target audience and guarantee success to quiet a large extent?

To ensure full success, you have to first understand a basic fact that your primary focus has to be the end-users and the target audience of your app. You are to serve the people with a huge variety in their choices and expectations from an app so, you will have to properly study their mobile behaviour and understand it, before embarking on and continuing with a particular marketing strategy.

Let’s consider FACEBOOK app marketing strategy. Considering the point from where it started, Facebook has come a long distance. Mark Zuckerberg, when launched it for the first time, it is a quiet well known fact that Facebook was only in blue and white colour due to colour blindness that Mark suffers from. But did he stick to it? Imagine what would have happened if he had a fixed mind-set? It is his acceptance of change and continuous marketing till date that has made Facebook the best social app these days. Key points of their mobile app marketing strategies include campaigning from time to time, having a proper marketing plan and volunteering at every event they consider they can market their app from.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

The best way to market an iOS/Android mobile app is to have a proper plan and dedicate resource to your marketing strategy. For a flow, one can consider these key points:

  • Know your Customer/User: The primary and most essential point that you should consider is to have full focus on your target user and find all possible ways to keep them engaged. Your goals and top priority should be user specific, predictable, realistic, and thoroughly considerate. What you can definitely do different, however, is the means, plans, strategies and tactics along with the app-specific nuances to reach those goals.
  • Dedicate full mind and resources to your marketing campaign: Quite often, marketers undervalue the process of mobile advertising. They dedicate only a small portion of their entire marketing budget (sometimes even less than one percent) to their mobile app marketing campaign. Considering the era we are in, the ‘Age of Mobile,’ having proper marketing for the apps itself is indeed an essential requirement, and therefore they require a greater allocation of all available marketing resources. Studies show that 80% of consumers wish to receive location-based alerts on their mobile phones
It simply makes sense to invest in a geo-fencing and push notification marketing strategies because it’s what consumers want. (Source).
  • Channelize and refine your marketing strategy: Once you have an App Marketing Strategy in place and resources dedicated to it. Ensure that every single thing is working as per plan. Keep checking that all the resources are being used to full potential, and through routine meetings with the involved team members, you will always have a better chance at hitting all your objectives and minimizing overall cost and overheads. This is a lengthy and tedious process of efficient planning, publicizing, marking your presence and advertising your app; gathering and processing feedback from above steps; choosing the best mobile platforms with the widest range of target audience for marketing your app and so on.
  • Partner with a mobile app marketing agency:  It is always wise to have a professional for every aspect of the business. Despite all the wealth of knowledge, connections and expertise your marketing department may have, mobile app marketing, as mentioned above, is completely a different battleground all together completely different and a vast range of expertise and technology. Even the digital marketers that you can find these days aren’t always well versed in the hardships that any mobile app marketing plan may face. So a proper marketing agency optimizing your marketing efforts to reach optimal ranks, app usage analytics, targeted media buying, and more (these are discussed below in more detail below).
Mobile App Marketing Strategy - Parangat
  • Test for tactfulness: Measuring the success of your app marketing strategies is entirely different than measuring perks of a traditional marketing strategy. Mobile app market is developing tremendously. That means whatever might work today may or may not work tomorrow. Always keep a check on your process and follow this cycle:
Closed Loop Marketing Cycle - Parangat


It is crystal clear now, that mobile app marketing needs proper planning and is a critical component to the marketing mix and success of your App. Thus, we need to have a proper mobile app marketing plan or hire the best professional mobile app marketing agency. And one must also keep track of the work and progress of the resources.

The top and significant app marketers are going to be only those ones willing to go all in and dedicate the necessary and sufficient zeal of time, effort, and costs towards understanding, breaking down and developing this wildly uncharted world of app marketing to the furthest extent.

All you need is, to collaborate with a reliable Mobile App Development company. Parangat Technologies is amongst the leading Mobile Solutions’ provider in the industry.

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Ways to Boost your Business with Mobile Marketing

Ways to Boost your Business with Mobile Marketing

In today’s market, we know that day trading attention has not become a mammoth of a task, but rather a hustler’s way. Mobile marketing, in its ways, has skyrocketed to levels where it literally, to the meaning of the word, influences people in daily life choices they make. It gave a faster and smoother face to the business. The explosion of time also comes into play as the most significant factor when you think of mobile marketing not just as a strategy, but a dedicated tool for your business. What does your business need to flourish? ATTENTION. You need latest and quantifiable techniques to catch the eye of the consumer. Let’s jump to ten types of mobile marketing which will boost your business to higher pedestals.

Mobile-friendly Website
Your business has a website. It’s classy and immersive. But the moment your site fails to deliver the same immersive experience on mobile devices, boom! Your business will witness the sunset. Exactly why you need a mobile-friendly website that is responsive and designed efficiently with a creative pinch. You can also have a lite version of your high-end content and functioning website. Building a mobile-friendly website is a critical part of your mobile marketing tactic. If you want knowledge on whether or not your site is mobile-friendly, you can use Google’s service of a Mobile-Friendly test.

Interactive Mobile Ads
It flies down to the valleys of creativity. Being creative to promote your business is rule number one, and ever! In today’s market, primarily when there exists a tsunami of mobile marketing tactics, creativity is not an option. You can have the most general business in the world, but it does not stop you from making your creative mobile advertisement which leaves the consumer with a fun experience, all at a low cost. You have to hit your future consumers with the right punch of your ad, within a fraction of seconds; else another brand is ready to step in!

Check-in Programmes & Location-based Marketing
It is not spying. It is realtime tracking of potential customer choices from their search and location data. There is Beacon technology equipped with consumer smartphones which follows a protocol to give you information about the consumer journey. You can now know which store a customer walks into or what he/she buys. If a consumer has downloaded your app and checks into a favorable location, you can instantly push offers and discounts available for your product. Treat it as personalized marketing with a personal touch.

In-app Purchases & Ads
In-app purchases or advertisements are one of the best mobile marketing strategies. It’s another brilliant way to slide your business in between customer activity. You can push your advertisements between events in the app, provided you give value to the customer. It works best with mobile games. You are offered to see an ad in return for a profit (coin or energy points- depending on the game). It is a brilliant technique to get the maximum amount of attention because a customer is highly attentive and functional while using the app.

Set Context with Keywords
Setting the context of your content for mobile platforms is quintessential. There is a difference between searches and keywords of mobile users and desktop users. Desktop users lean more into vague searches. Mobile users, as it’s more a personal device than other devices, tend to have specific searches. If a desktop user searches for the best mileage bikes, then a mobile user might search for a particular motorcycle which he/she knows gives the best mileage. Optimizing your content in line with your mobile strategy is fundamental to the whole process, may it be your website or app.

SMS marketing
Seen as a dying process with the growth of Apps development, SMS marketing is a path to walk in for several benefits. You can have a personal touch with your customers. You can have your content or offers divided and flowing in segments. It can carry your most urgent and booming information that customers need to know in a snap. They can directly lead your customers to your app or website via tiny URLs. In 2018, SMS marketing carries straight 45% conversion rates.

Mobile Friendly Content
Well, this is a no-brainer. As discussed above, there is a difference between content regulated for desktops and mobiles. The nature of ads in the mobile dimension is fast and eye catchy. To win your business goals, you should have recognizable content that sells information faster than a desktop experience. It is the most fundamental factor of mobile phone marketing strategy. And mobile platforms give you the headway for faster and catchy experiments.

Create Mobile Apps
Mobile app development are as critical as your E-Commerce website creation. The rising age of Mobile apps is undeniable. It provides a customer with faster response, less hassle, personalized content, offline and online access, in-depth information on the service or product, quick access to offers and discounts. The mobile app ecosystem has been flourishing for a decade, and it continues to grow.

Quick & Short Video Ads
Video-ads will always be one of the most significant tools for advertising. It not only deals with customer emotions but is a dynamic tool for persuasion. The mobile gives us the same inducements, but with an excellent customer-end touch. The better part about regulating short videos as your mobile strategy is you can gain instant attention and track the success rate of your ad.

Go Mobile
Make mobile-marketing, the center of your business. It outdoes traditional email and PPC advertising wherein you have to invest twice the amount, always! Mobile marketing is faster, cost-effective and personal. Making it the spearhead strategy can give you higher and speedier success rates.

Building mobile marketing strategies is the pinnacle way in which you can accelerate your business profits by spending less. If you don’t find a way to provide value and push business in the ting-ping-bling of consumers, then you have lost the battle already!

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Guide to Product Launch Strategy

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Guide to Product Launch Strategy

When it comes to the life of an entrepreneur or startup founder their life is pretty glamorous – everything is up to you as you are your own boss, you start from scratch and create something from nothing, you get to realize your dreams, and you often have a bunch of disposable income that allows you to facilitate your startup with machines in your office for your employees. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is your basic idea that is wrapped up in the number of beneficial features.

While some of the entrepreneurs succeed the same does not go with all others. The chances of succeeding in a startup game are not as great as some lead us to believe. There are a large number of reports which analyzed and poured the success rate, and most cite percentages that range from 50% to a worrying 10%.

Although the failure rate is high as compared to the success rate still we can attempt to increase the rate of success by figuring out various ways and strategies.

Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is one of the most efficient, valuable, and time-saving ways of tasting the sweet, collective tangible feed from a wide range of users and validating the idea will add to the count of increasing the success rate.

{.. An Entrepreneur’s Approach to the pre-Launch period is a thin line between his failure & success…}

MVP in the Nutshell

It does not matter how great your idea is, it must find its embodiment sooner or later. At this stage, you should remember that even great entrepreneur started with a scratch. They had nothing except the idea they believed, it was their high thought that craved the road to success. Starting with a small footstep will make you reach your destination miles apart. We recommend you gather your first steps in an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

As it is important for the startup strategy it allows learning more about the product with less effort.

Some of the main parts to be included in your MVP plan are:

{…Minimum Effort, Maximum Learning…}

You need to identify the target audience for your business:

The success of the business depends on the customers. You need to understand your customers as it is one of the basic principles for your business growth.

You need to have the answer to these questions as:

Which age group do they fall into This info will help you to shape your content, design, and user experience in order to suit them.

Which social media and website do they use: This information will help you at the time of launching of your application and gain feedback.  You will have a clear idea of their insight behavior. Let me highlight the great example of how this information is so effective. Are you aware of the Dropbox story? Before the launching of the Dropbox product, the founder, Drew Houston, released a 30-second video on Hacker News, which contained a large amount of his target audience. As a result, he captured over 70,000 email addresses of highly interested future customers for them to be launched the product. This clearly indicated the insight knowledge is beneficial to any business to a great extent.

You need to analyze the market:

After identifying the target audience, you need to analyze the market to spot out new business opportunities and identify the business risk. The areas to be analyzed are:

Size of the market: – You need to know whether or not the market is flooded with apps like yours? If so you need to rethink and replant your strategy and you need to figure out nice alternative and the undeveloped areas for a great outcome for your business.

Rivals or Competitors: You need to know the rivals better and a clear idea of your product will help you figure out their marketing strategy and their mistakes so that you can build up a better business plan and improvise the actual growth of your business plan.

You need to validate your riskiest assumption

The riskiest assumption is usually your unique selling proposition which is validated with the help of a minimum viable product before investing everything in a business model that is rotating around it.

You need to select the right feature:

The features you select for your MVP will require to be the ones that are closely related to your MVP’s main goals – to test assumptions, validating ideas, user feedback, and your application’s potential.

You need to find the right technology partner

In order to successfully take your MVP from the planning stage to creation, to post-launch development through to application support, you will need to contact a full-service team that will act as a Technology Partner and adds will work with you boosting your business process.

Tips to be noted: If the chances of success for your startup are against you, then to an effective plan, your MVP and making the right decisions based on detailed research and fact will ultimately buy you winner’s seat on the table of the competitive market and will add to the long-term business success.

Why You Need to Rethink on Your Strategy?

Why You Need to Rethink on Your Strategy?

Strategic planning has been under assault for years. But a good strategy is more important than ever.  As an entrepreneur, you need to rethink strategy to enhance the growth of your business. It’s an era of evolution and things are changing at a heavy speed. To compete in this current market, you need to stand out and do something extraordinarily to have the desired growth graph of your business.

A decade back, people use to spend their weekend going to shopping malls, grocery shops, bringing household essentials, standing in a queue for movie tickets and many more. If you compare this with the current trends things have rather changed. Companies have started focusing much on mobile apps. Mobile apps have occupied a huge section of the market.  

A well thought business Strategy has now become more important than ever

Mobile app design and development has certainly reached its peak. It has become a problem solver, where it is able to resolve the number of business-related issues. Nowadays, mobile apps act as a platform for your business and help in expanding the business reach to global avenues, because of this reason, entrepreneur needs to think and focus on their mobile app.  

So, you need to think of your strategy, plan your things for a smooth flow of your business in future. There are many other strategies related to blockchain development, customer acquisition and many more. Companies need to focus on these areas to get the expected outcome of their business.

There are various benefits of having a mobile app. A report states that about four billion people are using mobile and over 600 million add to this list every year in the world. Over the end of this year, 60% of the world population will be using the mobile phone. People are moving towards the easy go for their life accessing all their need in a single tap.

Entrepreneurs need to rethink over their mobile app strategy which is a must have for any business to boost its growth.

{“Need to get customers interaction for your mobile app? Then you need to invest in the overall mobile strategy.“}

To effectively engage customers via mobile devices, these 3 steps you should never miss out:

    • You have to outline an entire commitment procedure and collaborate with your business partners to plan a total versatile client commitment methodology, which may cover utilizes running from portable showcasing to charging and client benefit.
    • You have to watch clients, contenders, and different industries. Begin with a nutty gritty investigation of what’s viewed as best-in-class versatile client involvement in your topography and industry. Additionally, realize what adjoining enterprises consider to be cutting edge and tweak your strategy.
  • You need to include in-app analytics to measure user engagement across social media channels, mobile websites and applications.

Apart from having a must-have mobile application, there are some other strategies too which needs a rethinking such as marketing strategies, content strategy, acquisition strategy and product strategy.

Blockchain development can be other lead you need to rethink for your business growth. In the words of Don Tapscott provides a nice concise description “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” It is transparent and cannot be corrupted.

There are a wide variety of applications possible on the Blockchain, which ranges from shopping, voting or renting out your house/boat/car/office to reputation systems. The blockchain continues developing, so you would require a huge measure of processing capacity to accomplish that, which is greatly costly. So, it is essentially not justified, despite any potential benefits to change any information. Therefore, it is about difficult to change information that has been recorded on the Blockchain. It can be best suited for your business growth.

In this competitive market, you need to be aware of the lasts methodologies and technologies to survive and flourish in this competitive market. Apart from that, you need to rethink your marketing and content strategies to promote your business to get maximum user interaction.

As the selection of internet-based life, versatile processing, and newly advanced practices keeps on extending, organizations today are looked at with the test of re-evaluating a large number of their fundamental key ideal models. Nowadays, there is a business shifting from the paradigm of individual customers to one of the customer networks.  Marketing strategy and model need to be updated in other to pace up with the market change.

Businesses are facing a shift from a paradigm of individual customers to one of customer networks.
-David Rogers

Earlier it was days when advertising through a TV adds was enough for the promotion now things have changed. For promoting a brand, you need to promote on the various social media platform. The diversity of the social media has transformed into a huge never-ending tunnel. You need to hire digital marketing experts for your business growth. You need to build up loyalty for your brand in the customers’ mind. Customer advocacy is the most important aspect of marketing. A satisfied customer will spread awareness of your brand and a positive online review from customers engage a lot of customers and have a positive impact on the marketing of your business. Hence these marketing strategies need to be rethought and planned for future business growth.

No matter, what role other plays in the online market but Content remains the king. You need to have a glimpse on your strategies related to content for your brand promotion. You need to plan, produce, promote with a perfect strategy. A short descriptive video release before the launching of your brand will count a lot just as the case which happened with Dropbox. About 2 million views before launching which means dropbox had data of 2 million interested customers before launching just by few sec videos. This itself is a live example stating the power of content.

There has been a great change in the world as compared to the previous decade and this change has paced up in the last few years. An entrepreneur needs to rethink their strategies about their business to make the graph of the business growth rising upwards. This blog prioritizes the importance of the changes which is taking place in the current era and what things one must be aware in order to rise up high and fly in the could of success in their business. You can hire a well-trained specialist in any field you require ranging from strategy planning to app development and marketing. These professionals will add wings of success to your business within no time. So, rise up match the pace of this fast-moving world and give your dream a new path to success matching the requirement of the era.