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Are you a business who provides on-demand services? Do you have an idea for an on-demand app? We create native on-demand apps for Android and iOS, such as Uber, and Zomato. Contact us today and hire the on-demand developers.

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Parangat is a well-renowned on-demand app development services provider that introduces your company and aspirations to the endless possibilities of mobile solutions. You prepare your customers with proven on-demand apps, while we work to improve your business through optimization.

  • A High-End Veteran team of On-demand app developers
  • Captivating Design Strategies
  • Flexible Hiring and Collaborating Models
  • Continuous Support

Key features of on-demand app solution

Below are the most frequently used and highly desired On-Demand App features we provide

Order Management Apps

Compelling and Easy-to-Use Interface

Our designers will create a well-strategized UI and UX design which will not just foster easy interaction of your customers with your app, but also urges them to explore more.



Our app will verify both users and On-Demand Service Partners at the onset. When the register, an SMS with an OTP will be issued to their phone number, effectively eliminating false requests and users.

In-App Payments

In-App Payments

Through multiple payment alternatives, such as net banking, UPIs, and credit/debit cards, we enable customers to pay for their orders in a safe, quick, and secure manner.

Order Tracking

Order Tracking

Allow users to track the status of the order with real-time updates once they make an order for the service/product. In fact, users can monitor the service provider's estimated arrival time.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer Support will be available in our on-demand services app to address all types of service requests and answer any issues that customers may have.

Real-time Calling and Messaging

Real-time Calling and Messaging

Users and vendors can communicate in real time using the in-app messaging and calling features to resolve their queries.

Cloud-Based Fleet Management

Scheduling, Booking, and Cancelling the Orders

Customers will have the privilege to schedule the order beforehand, make the order and also cancel the order in case of concerns.

End-to-End Security

End-to-End Security

A layer of SSL certificate will be applied to your on-demand software, as well as additional security optimizations in the focused manner. This gives your clients a vote of trust when they use your app to conduct financial transactions.

Industries That We Have Transformed Through Our On Demand Services

Parangat confidently boasts for having revolutionized multiple industries, providing highly customized, dynamic, and engaging applications through its constant efforts to strive for excellence. And here, we stand ahead of our competitors in delivering the client-centric services integrating them with the future centric solutions.



IoT Based Apps

IoT Based Apps



Education & Learning

Education & Learning

Social Media

Social Media



On Demand App Development Process at Parangat

Our On-demand services cater to the diverse and specific needs of our clients. We offer custom on-demand app development in a robust, scalable, and secure manner with future-centric solutions.

Brainstorms on Idea

1. Understanding the Business requirements

  • An efficient collaboration with the client for clearly getting all the requirements ready and document everything transparently.
Designing Wireframes

2. Developing Customized Strategies

  • Identifying the market statistics and the competitors and establish a development strategy that is compatible with all the client’s needs alongside creating a dent in the market.

3. Designing Elegant UI/UX

  • Creating a user flow and wireframing the compelling UI and UX designs with all the modern design standards.

4. Implement On-Demand App Features

  • Developing the app modules, functionalities, on-demand APIs and layouts with the standard security features using future-proof technologies.

5. Testing and Deploying

  • Testing the app with a dedicated team of testers and make it 100% bug free along with the app store optimization.

Why Choose Parangat?

Parangat has a well-established team of veteran app developers with the high industry level expertise in the app development process. Our consistent culture of innovation and the dedicated client-centric nature has immensely satisfied a wide range of businesses and their customers.

10+ Years

We have extensive hands-on experience in logistic app development

75+ Experts

Team Parangat has more than 75 brilliant professionals

120+ Unique Projects

We have helped hundreds of businesses with our powerful apps

7+ Awards

We have numerous awards and accolades to our credit.


The stories that brief our successful projects

These projects will give you a complete idea about the expertise and proficiency of our team.


An on-demand service acts as an intermediatory between an user and a business. Users of an on-demand application can request any service and have it delivered in a timely manner. For Example, ordering food from Zomato, booking ride from Uber, getting clothes & other accessories from Amazon, etc.
If you want to know the price of an on-demand app, like a groceries delivery service, or a food delivery app, it's practically impossible to determine the exact cost of either without first defining the project scope you're working on. So, contact one of our industry experts right away and tell them about your business idea to get clear estimate about how much an on-demand app may cost you.

However, we provide the most reasonable pricing throughout development while taking into consideration the budget limits of small and medium sized businesses, without compromising product quality. Pricing is tailored to your specific business needs.
The duration of time it takes to develop an app varies depending on the size of the project, the number of components it contains, and the scope of functionalities it provides. When compared to simple apps for small businesses, complex apps for large businesses take longer to develop.
Absolutely YES, our on-demand app will be purely customized to suit your On-Demand services business strategy to every level. We can customize the design and backend to meet your specific needs.
You can either send a quotation or call our team through our contact information to engage with our On-demand app developers. To get started, write us an email or contact us through our social media accounts.
We are compliant with the various regulations and data protection guidelines that means your data is safe with us, no matter what. Further, we utilize the insights from our customer data only to create highly tailored business solutions and hand over the files as soon as the project is complete.
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