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In recent years, a tremendous transformation for businesses is witnessed because of Smartphones and Tablets. Due to increased usage of Smartphone and Tablets across the globe, world is shifting from web to mobile. Advantages of investing in mobile solutions for brands and businesses are numerous. But you need to be selective while choosing a mobile app development partner for your Start-up. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered. And among them business requirement is the one key. Thus, it is important to look for a mobile app development company that could better serve custom apps on-demand. Let’s try to understand the significance of having such mobility solutions for your start-up business.

Industry-Specific mobile solutions for clients from diverse verticals

The app marketplace is flooded with apps which are built by using numerous innovative technologies. Be it Cloud technology, Big Data, Beacon, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or any other technology, there are a lot of futuristic technologies that mobile app developers should embrace. Businesses that are looking to imbibe mobility in their business strategy should properly analyze their requirements and wisely hand-pick the ones they need to be included in their apps. Here are a few industry-specific technologies that are suitable for various verticals and domains.

  • E-Commerce

    Mobile apps provide boundless opportunities for e-commerce business owners. And that’s why they would leave no stone unturned when it really comes to delivering benefits of these m-commerce solutions.

  • Retail

    One of the most widely popular mobile technologies for retail and M Commerce enterprises is beacons. Nowadays beacon-based applications are small yet powerful and could be used to serve customers as per their shopping and retail needs. Other technologies that are gaining popularity are: AR and VR. They could be integrated successfully into retail apps to provide users a personalized and customized shopping experience.

  • Banking

    In short span of time, mobile banking apps have become need of an hour for bank employees and customers, both. These apps are highly focused on providing flawless and services, thus ensuring the security and reliability of customers. And few of the most popular technologies for developing banking apps include Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Healthcare & Fitness:

    Few of the mobile technologies that healthcare and fitness segment could be benefited from are wearable technology, beacons, AI, AR, and VR. Additionally, the industry has a huge scope for Cloud technology, too because the technology offers a reliable path to store and access patient’s data in the most secure and confidential manner.

  • Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality

    The AI-powered mobile solutions ease up tourism, travel, and accommodation of travelers. When amalgamated with location-based technologies, these mobile solutions could help tourists easily navigate and explore new places and locations to get the best hospitality and customer experience.

  • Navigation and GPS-based Mobile Apps

    Navigation apps are among the most popular on demand apps. They act as a personal navigator, which is basically designed for users on the go. They are majorly combined with other verticals like food, travel and retail to get the optimum and best results. Be it you're roaming around the town, looking for some specific surroundings, navigations apps are the best medium to help in finding the one. It gives you highly personalized and all the required information that could make your trip effective, easier, and less worrying. Apart from outdoor navigation, they help a lot in indoor navigation, too. A lot of retail stores are optimizing the shopping experience at their fullest by using these GPS enabled and navigation apps. They provide a top-notch and exceptional user experience by allowing users to easily navigate and find relevant products and services by using indoor navigation and searchable store maps.

  • Manufacturing:

    Cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions provide a seamless connectivity between employers, employees, customers, and business partners. When combined with AR, AI, Big Data and VR, they could provide exceptional mobile solutions.

    However, only a few industries have been discussed here. But the scope of mobile technology is much wider. There are various sectors like logistics, education, gaming, retail, entertainment, real estate, travel, and automotive, which can be benefitted from these pioneering and high-tech solutions. Hence, each and every industry vertical has a specific set of business requirements and tailor-made mobile apps, which could provide best solution to handle these client’s business requirements.

  • On-Demand App Development has become the need of the hour

    Nowadays entrepreneurs and brand owners are technically well-versed, and smart. They know where to invest and where not to. They know their target audiences and understand their behavior. And that’s why they can decide on their own that whether to invest in iOS, Android, Cross orHybrid app development. They itself freeze the features and functionalities of the mobile apps they are looking to get developed. Being the leading mobile app development company, we at Parangat understand the requirements of every on-demand business.

    We are among the trusted IT-partners that could help businesses to make flawless, smooth and successful mobile transitions. We have a team of proficient mobile app developers, who are expert in various technologies and who come with versatile and impressive portfolios. We have an exceptional team and an impressive track-record of serving global clients from diverse domains and industry verticals. We create custom apps, which are feature-packed and market- centric. On-demand app development services are one of our core expertise. As we understand our client’s business requirements in order to create customized and tailor-made solutions for them. Be it AR, VR, AI, beacon or wearable technology, our development team has an unparalleled skill-set especially when it comes to work on emerging and innovative technologies. Our excellence in harnessing the emerging and latest technologies enable us to create custom mobile applications and upgrading the existing solutions as well. So if are a brand owner and looking for an app development partner, who could help you build your next on demand mobile app, you’re at a right place. Just share your idea with us at [email protected] and we will get back to you with best quote.

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