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Partner with Parangat and establish feature-rich and user-friendly Android and iOS travel apps that will foster a great travel experience for the tourists and travellers.

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Our feature-rich and powerful Mobile and Web apps help digital travel brands in optimising operations, automating personalisation, and increasing conversion for the travel industry. From planning to launching, we understand the difference between fundamental and attractive features in mobile travel apps.

  • A veteran Team of Developers
  • Trusted by Global Brands
  • Compelling UI/UX Design
  • Flexible and Continuous Support

Our travel app development solutions for your business

Our travel app development services are tailored to your specific business needs, allowing you to achieve new levels of success and growth. We understand the potential of internet services and have effectively implemented them in the travel and hospitality industries. We handle everything from Inventory management to marketing and support.

Trip Planning

Trip Planning

We design your travel planning software so that your customers always know where they need to be when they need to be, and how to get there. We are the travel app development business that has your users covered, from delivering flight alerts to sending location-based dine-in ideas.

Ticketing and hotel reservation services

Ticketing and hotel reservation services

Our group of travel app developers excel in creating sturdy, hack-proof platforms for quick ticket and hotel booking services on both mobile and web platforms.

Alternative to Cancellation

Alternative to Cancellation/ Online Bills

Any travel app should provide a cancellation method and reimbursement policy in the event that travel plans are cancelled. It is crucial for your customers' trust. Travel apps contain online records of purchased packages and plans to ensure secure and safe conduct. Transparency necessitates the use of online billing.

CRM software

CRM software

We provide a CRM system to our affiliated hotels and travel agents to assist them to manage client data and utilising it to provide customised services focused at increasing engagement.

Ad-hoc services

Ad-hoc services

Additional travel mobile app development services we provide include currency conversion, translation applications, and facility discovery apps, among others.

Vehicle Booking

Vehicle Booking

We are a travel app development firm with the expertise to create inter-city and inter-country interconnecting vehicle chains that are powered by the convenience of on-demand transportation.

Key features in Our Travel Apps

To create flexible, and simple feature-rich travel apps, we maintain an incredible equilibrium across human-centric UI/UX, with a powerful and compatible tech stack. Here are a few eye-catching features we include in your travel app.

In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases

Allow travellers to make in-app, payment systems for improved convenience and ease of use while travelling.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

To gain greater traction, educate and inform your users about fresh deals, new holiday destinations, and interesting excursions.

In-App Concierge Services

In-App Concierge Services

With our high-end in-app concierge services, you can provide real-time and prompt assistance to your consumers.

Location-Based Services

Location-Based Services

With our innovative location-based services, you may customize and optimize all travel-related service offerings.

Travel Chatbot

Travel Chatbot

This function will improve the user experience by using a travel chatbot to respond to questions, assist them in choosing the proper package, book by email, convert better, and escort them through the payment process.

Real-Time Bookings

Real-Time Bookings

The convenience of booking flights, hotels, and packages in real-time will encourage your clients to travel more.

Travel app development process at Parangat

Brainstorms on Idea

1. Understanding the Business requirements

  • Efficient collaboration with the client for clearly getting all the requirements ready and documenting everything transparently.
Designing Wireframes

2. Developing Customized Strategies

  • Identifying the market statistics and the competitors and establishing a development strategy that is compatible with all the client’s needs alongside creating a dent in the market.

3. Designing Elegant UI/UX

  • Creating a user flow and wireframing the compelling UI and UX designs with all the modern design standards.

4. Implement TravelApp Features

  • Developing the app modules, functionalities, Travel APIs and layouts with the standard security features using future-proof technologies.

5. Testing and Deploying

  • Testing the app with a dedicated team of testers and making it 100% bug-free along with the app store optimization.

Why choose Parangat for your travel application development

We take pride in developing travel apps at Parangat, but we also have a wide spectrum of experience and our skills aren't limited to travel and hospitality apps.
Our diverse background enables us to apply knowledge from a variety of industries to the travel and hospitality sector. We believe this offers us an advantage over our competitors.
We'll walk you through the entire app development process. From ideation to wireframing and from designing to launching your services, we've got you beat. We'll be there with you throughout the journey.

10+ Years

We have extensive hands-on experience in logistic app development

75+ Experts

Team Parangat has more than 75 brilliant professionals

120+ Unique Projects

We have helped hundreds of businesses with our powerful apps

7+ Awards

We have numerous awards and accolades to our credit.



Apps are transforming the travel domain in a variety of ways. These travel applications provide a number of genuine reasons for the increase in demand, ranging from assisting cashless travel to rapid booking and 24*7 customer support, independent of geographical differences.
If you want to create a custom travel app, the following functionalities should be included as must-haves:
  • Reservations for flights and hotels
  • Currency conversion options
  • In-App calls, Notifications, and Payments
Other features will be explained to you by your partner travel app development company.
It is largely dependent on your requirements and desired outcome. If your user base is global, Android is the way to go; if your user community is confined to a few western countries, iOS is the way to go. Also, if you do have in-app payment possibilities, iOS is the right choice, else Android.
The estimate of total travel app development time is influenced by a number of things. Basically, app evaluation, use case frameworks, prototypes, models, UI/UX design phases, launch, and integration are all part of the process. So get in touch with us to learn further about your application development timetable.
Parangat is a leading logistic app development company in India that caters to the app development needs of its clients from all over the globe. Our services extend beyond the delivery and integration phase, and we also offer maintenance and upgrades as per the wishes of our clients.
The cost of developing a travel app varies depending on the number of development hours, technological stack, and project size. However, we at parangat have cleverly designed a pricing structure that is reasonable and the best in the market price.
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