Logistic App Development

Logistics app development…. improves employee productivity, supply chain management, process efficiency and revenue generation.

Logistics industry was among the first to adapt mobile apps. The reasons are not hard to understand. Prone to rapid change and evolution, logistics industry requires the seamlessness and sophistication that a mobile app can offer.

Parangat technology is a leading logistic app development company. We build native and hybrid apps with custom features tailored to the logistics industry. Our able enable you to monitor employee productive, track vehicle and cargo movement, provide seamless connectivity between touch points, and facilitate smooth task management. We are full-service development company adept at all stages of mobile app development-product design, development, implementation, analytics, marketing and maintenance. Go paperless, productive and powerful by partnering with a competent logistic app development company like us.

How Logistic App Development helps

Compelling reasons why Logistics and Transportation Industry need mobile apps

  • Processes become sophisticated, smooth and seamless
  • Warehouse management is error-free and efficient
  • Post-delivery confirmation system becomes simplified
  • Real-time tracking of consignments and shipments is possible
  • Client-facing shipment booking is convenient
  • Operational cost is reduced significantly
  • Facilitates accurate decision making at critical touch points
  • Allows monitoring employee movement, performance, duty allocation, and scheduling
  • Paperless ecosystem is promoted
  • Better data accuracy
  • Change management of routes and schedules becomes easy and flexible

Logistics App Development- Our Solutions

We tailor logistics and transportation solutions to cater to industry demands and business objectives

    Batch and stock management apps

  • Manage your online and offline orders from a single app
  • End-to-end tracking of all orders and shipments
  • Get dynamic pricing charts of multiple shipping carriers for comparison
  • Seamless integration with accounting and CRM system
  • Check stock level, inter-warehouse transfers and generate stock reports

    Order processing and fulfillment apps

  • Common dashboard for pending orders, invoices and completed deliveries
  • Generate automated packing slips
  • Integration with multiple shipping carriers
  • Find real-time shipping cost and generate shipping labels
  • Keep customers updated with post-shipment updates
  • Easy drop shipping facility

    Asset tracking apps

  • Track unlimited assets and locations simultaneously
  • Capture GPS location, timestamp, device ID
  • Asset tracking online in real time and offline with background synchronization
  • Data collection onsite- text/voice, scans, images

    Warehouse management apps

  • Allows addition of multiple warehouses and stock management between them
  • Automatic selection of warehouse nearest to customer location
  • Track your transfer orders efficiently
  • Generate accurate purchase and sales reports

    Supplier and Procurement management solutions

  • Create accurate supplier profiles and rating system
  • Avoid duplication of data
  • Generate smart reports for evaluating suppliers and benchmarking performance
  • Self-service supplier portal for new suppliers

    Cloud-enabled Fleet management apps

  • Get real-time fleet details about their status, movement, health and location
  • Improve customer experience by accurate ETA prediction
  • Integration with supply chain and warehouse software

Why Parangat?

  • Rich experience in logistics, transportation, and supply chain domains
  • Continuous innovation helmed by a certified team of app developers
  • Impeccable track record of delivering exemplary mobile apps
  • State-of-art development and testing infrastructure
  • Flexible, client-centric engagement models
  • Free project quote bound by stringent NDA
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