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With the explosion of mobile platforms, the costs involved in maintaining and building, native and unique solutions and products for each and every platform have increased to a huge extent. Hence, as per the latest trend for mobile apps for various market and businesses, cross platform applications have become need of an hour, which are required for considerable reduction in the effort and cost. Parangat has the top-notch cross platform mobile app development team, which excels in providing best-in-class cross platform apps, and which works on all the leading operating systems including iOS, Android. Nowadays, Cross platform apps are not recommended for every type of mobile applications, because they are designed for high-end games and visually rich customer-centric apps. And being the best-in-class mobility solutions and services provider, we at Parangat understand all our client’s business needs and suggest as per their requirements. With all the inherent benefits and challenges associated with the cross platform app development, now it has become imperative to wisely invest in the right app development partner who could unlock all the benefits and advantages. And Parangat is the best technology partner for cross platform mobile app development.

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By having an exceptional team of cross platform developers and proficient HTML5 experts with the sales presence all across the world, Parangat can flawlessly build cross platform apps for any brand or business. Since inception, we clearly know and understand that each and every platform is unique, and have diverse attributes and capabilities, thus we could wisely create a top-notch app that ensures it reaches to its full potential for any specific platform. Since inception, we have the proven track record for building exceptional cross platform apps, which are built by leveraging various ground-breaking tools and employing diverse frameworks including Appcelerator Titanium, Rhomobile, WidgetsPad, MoSync, PhoneGap, HTML5, and Whoop, etc. The robust features of these ground-breaking technologies provide a high-end and highly advance features and functionalities to the app while enhancing the business value. We also excel in providing a mechanism in order to make the website highly responsive, hence rendering them flawlessly for every screen size, be it mobile, tablet or laptops. Our developed mobile apps have the following benefits:

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Our developed mobile apps have the following benefits:

Being the industry leaders, we have build a lot of innovative and cost-effective cross platform apps for various categories and industries including

retail, travel, music & video, entertainment, news, e-commerce, and photography, etc.

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Latest Cross-platform App Development Tools and Frameworks

Being an exceptional framework, Xamarin comes with C# codebase. Nowadays developers are developing high-end and cost-effective android and iOS apps by leveraging the ground-breaking cross-platform development tool Xamarin. One of the key features of Xamarin is it allows code sharing opportunities on multiple platforms. It has a cloud service, which allows the testing on a lot of devices.

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Nowadays Cross-platform apps have become the need of an hour. Our built solutions reach users irrespective of the location, income and type of device. And best of all, we imbibe ground-breaking tools, which let users to focus on what matters the most - delighting them and keeping them engaged. We at, Parangat understand our client’s business and market requirements and that help us in designing the customized and right mobile strategy for our client’s businesses. Our knowledge, expertise and proficiency in cross-platform app development combine in-depth research and leverage ground-breaking tools, thus ensuring correct implementation of our well-versed market strategy. We handle end-to-end cross platform app development (by using Sencha, PhoneGap, Titanium, and Appcelerator, etc). Our team is proficient in requirement gathering, architecture, design, development, testing, and deployment and even in go-to market strategy. So, if your requirement is to hire a remarkable HTML5 and cross platform app developers who can work remotely or from your location, we can help you. Our proficient app developers are ready to kick start your project immediately.

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