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Evolve and gear up your business using our OutSystems rapid application development services

Capture the bright opportunities with Parangat by your side! We provide an impressive and sizable technical stack ranging from tools to pre-designed frameworks. With our OutSystems rapid application development, avail yourself of high-quality low-code platforms to build software with minimal hand-coding and attain innovation accompanied with agility.

  • OutSystems applications development with the latest technology
  • Superb UI/UX
  • Budget-friendly services and timely delivery
  • The iterative and agile management process

Critical Features in Outsystems Apps Development by us

When there is an increase in backlogs, a rarity for tech talent, and constant changes in the economy, how do you plan to meet the ever-growing needs of the market before it is too late? Worry not; we’ve got you! Parangat low-code applications are a gateway to a world full of innovations and ways to deal with these challenges. Our OutSystems development company offers the following features to assist our clients in their work field:

Personalized application development

Personalized application development

Besides developing the OutSystems applications using the “traditional” approach, we offer customized services too. You can list your requirements, and our experts will tailor-make the application per your suitability to tick off all the conditions.

A complete guide on OutSystems application

A complete guide on OutSystems application

Our experts will resolve every doubt and address your concern regarding the OutSystems if you feel unsure about it. You will know why you should opt for a low-code platform, platforms that support the OutSystems rapid application development for enterprises, and the answer to questions like- what is OutSystems, and how is it a beneficial tool for you?

Excellent user-interface

Excellent user-interface

Our web developers design the task of designing the layout for the application. It's crucial to craft an attractive and pleasing interface as it captures the user's attention. Here in Parangat, designers create meticulous designs. We use the layout and design only after the client nods to the idea.

Data integration

Data integration

Data integration is undoubtedly essential for users. Our low-code application will aid you in developing software and apps with a wide range of integration options. Our OutSystems development company extends its services by boosting the integration of IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and machine learning abilities to your applications.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Our OutSystems platform makes it easy to enable applications with AI (Artificial Intelligence). It further helps in cost reduction, increases efficiency, and gives way to new sources of revenue. The three main aspects of AI- Conversational experiences, cognitive services, and custom machine learning, are components of our personalised applications.

Reasonable rates

Reasonable rates

Parangat offers OutSystems application development services at a well-positioned cost. It is flexible and custom-made for enterprises and organisations. Clients receive a pricing quotation and can select any per their preference. You can create flawless applications using our OutSystems services at a budget-friendly price.

Outsystems Application Development Process at Parangat

How do we develop OutSystems applications? Parangat is transparent when working and does not forget to include the client at every step. We confirm the plans, design, and layout with you before implementing them. Our OutSystems application development process is easy and straightforward. The steps are as follows:

Deliberating over various ideas

1. Deliberating over various ideas

  • Our experts enquire the clients to know the requirements and any additional features the clients want by communicating directly. Customers can state any rules and guidelines to be followed in the project to avoid issues later.
  • Getting familiar with the client's needs before beginning the project helps us to frame excellent ideas for their application.
Creating and designing web frames

2. Creating and designing web frames

  • This stage is very crucial. The web developers work on the UI/UX. They design easy-to-use and attractive user interfaces in the applications to uncomplicate and ease the whole interaction process for users.
Developing the application

3. Developing the application

  • Another essential and significant step comes- development. Experts work on developing the application using advanced technology and equip it with various technical stacks to make it ready for boundless use.
Testing the result

4. Testing the result

  • We test the product from every aspect to ensure it is working correctly. Programs to figure out bugs are also run to free it from them before delivering it to the client. Our team checks it to affirm its reliability.
  • Our team delivers the application on time to the client once all the testing procedure finishes with a green sign. You can stimulate your company's performance by expanding its market reach with our advanced application.

5. Deployment

  • We deploy the application on platforms like Playstore to facilitate its use. Moreover, our work does not end here. We keep regular checks on the OutSystems applications to eliminate and prevent monitor crashes, user engagement, Redfin, optimisation, etc. This way, we ensure that you avail the benefits of the application without facing any technical issues.

Why choose Parangat for your Outsystems Application Development?

Parangat aims to provide clients with the desired outcome with the help of a dedicated and competent team. They carry out the process carefully and guarantee to incorporate your every requirement.

10+ Years

A decade of experience in OutSystems application development services to meet the client's expectations.

75+ Projects

More than 75 professional experts perform the work skillfully. They draft the plans and strategy to proceed with the project.

120+ Unique projects

We have worked on over 100 successful projects and with more than 100 satisfied clients with the project's excellent results.

7+ Awards

We have awards reflecting our hard work and dedication to leaving every client with a smile on their face.


Hire OutSystems Developers in 5 easy steps

We never fail to make our clients happy. And we will ensure that this stream does not break. Our highly efficient and caring staff caters to every client's needs using minimal code hand-coding. How can you avail these flawless OutSystems applications? By hiring us! Our hiring process is short and easy. Follow the given steps to hire us:

Book a consultation session

1. Book a consultation session

  • The primary step to hiring us begins when you book a consultation session with our professional team using any communication mode per your suitability for personalised OutSystems applications. The consultation session is free with no charges.
Explain your requirements

2. Explain your requirements

  • Our OutSystems development company houses several professionals excelling in their work. They will reach out to you to gather the relevant details and prerequisites you have regarding the project without much delay. You will receive various customized solutions with pricing quotations to choose the one you desire.
Begin the process

3. Begin the process

  • Select and inform us of the tailor-made project you wish to go with for the OutSystems application development. Our efficient developers will instantly start working to search for a suitable, dynamic, and scalable solution.
Iterative management and delivery

4. Iterative management and delivery

  • Quality becomes our priority when it comes to our clients. We test and check the applications repeatedly to ensure they are accurate. Moreover, our OutSystems development company follows the transparency process. You will receive regular updates on every step of the procedure.
Strategic deployment of tools

5. Strategic deployment of tools

  • We ensure that the web application inhabits an adequate and strategic deployment of our low-code development services. Our advanced technical tools promise to cover every nook and corner to meet your expectations and requirements.

Our Awards & Recognitions

Parangat strives for excellence at every stage of the process. We are motivated to tackle every development project methodically, offering consumers on-time delivery and transparency in the process. Our recognition speaks for the same.


Ranked as top mobile App Development company by GoodFirms


Recognized among top 10 mobile app developer by Clutch


Honored as one of the top e-commerce developers in 2019


Listed as best mobile App Development Company to Hire in 2019

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Top Mobile App Development Companies In India | August 2022


Listed as the Best Blockchain Development Company in 2022 by Selected Firms


Featured amongst the Top 30 Mobile App Development Companies in India by Design Rush


Listed in the Top Mobile App Development Companies by Superb Companies


Listed in the Best 10+ blockchain consulting companies in India, USA and UAE

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Top Blockchain Development Companies by iTRate.co


An OutSystems app development proves to be a valuable tool leading to innovations. It provides many benefits. For instance,
  • Enhances speed and scalability
  • Excellent user experience
  • Built-in security
  • Hassle-free integration process
The prices for OutSystems vary from company to company, depending on the Outsystems platform you approach. There are three categories:
  • Free - $0
  • Standard - $1500 (approx)
  • Enterprise - Custom pricing quote
Parangat offers flexible prices to clients at a reasonable and well-positioned rate.
Outsystems code undoubtedly maintains a positive relationship with the following database systems- SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 iSeries, SDK, SQL Azure, and Oracle, for now.
The OutSystems application development aims to accelerate critical application development. Additionally, it opens the door to novel flexibility levels and efficient ways for your company.
You can use either with the OutSystems platforms. It facilitates working in both the front end and back end.
It requires minimal coding making the OutSystems code easy to learn. Although hand-coding is less in these applications, you must familiarize yourself with some coding skills. You can opt for classroom training to learn about the fundamentals of querying and data modelling basic concepts. Later, the actual training for OutSystems will begin.
OutSystems has become popular in the market thanks to the benefits it possesses. It uses a futuristic and agile strategy approach to help companies contemplate their applications keeping in view today's digital time. Besides that, they enhance the integration of IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and machine learning capabilities into their applications.
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