Blockchain for Supply Chain

Blockchain development company promising a reliable and efficient Blockchain implementation in Supply Chain Management.

Blockchain for Supply Chain

The supply chain is becoming highly complex and cumbersome. A significant number of days and resources are consumed in a transaction in the supply chain.And the long chain through which the products pass make it tedious to track back to the source if any defect is encountered. These concerns and their vitality considering the globalizing market makes supply chain a perfect market for Blockchain to expand in. The implementation of Blockchain in the supply chain can revolutionize the current process. It promises a more secure, fast and trackable method of getting the transactions done in the supply chain.

Power of Blockchain

Power of blockchain

Blockchain in the simplest terms is the distributed digital ledger that records the transactions in a series of blocks. These records exist in multiple copies at multiple nodes. These nodes are then interconnected in such a way that tempering them becomes practically impossible.

Since Blockchain is always decentralized and does not have a complete dependency of transaction record at any one node, consider a bank. This feature means that if someone wants to tamper with the records, he will have to falsify every copy at exactly the same moment in time which is practically impossible. This makes Blockchain a highly secure and dependable technology to store and keep track of records.

Blockchain meets Supply Chain

When a lot of elements are involved in the supply chain management, it becomes quite hard to track back any record and to keep the transparency of the process. But the implementation of Blockchain brings in some key features like:

Cost Reduction
Cost reduction

When Blockchain is implemented in Supply chain at an administrative level, researches have proved that it results in significant cost reduction by eliminating middlemen and cost overheads incurred due to the inefficient transmission of products. While with the implementation of Blockchain in the transmission process, overheads are differentiated considerably increasing the overall efficiency and security of the Supply Chain.


The real-time tracking and high order of scalability that Blockchain offers make it very easy to keep the Supply Chain transparent. This allows the manufacturer or provider to offer their services to users across the globe allowing them to access the large database from multiple locations. The multiple copies kept of record ensure the availability of information to every user.

Why Parangat for Blockchain in Supply Chain?
Why Parangat for Blockchain in Supply Chain

Parangat Technologies is one of the leading Blockchain development company. Providing highly experienced and talented developers who love to play with the latest technology trends and offer quality driven solutions Parangat ensures you live your dream project. Our out of the box thinking helps us in keeping up our delivery standards and expertise mixed with experience enables us to handle urgent deliverables with ease.

With the ideology of diving deep in every field of constantly evolving technology, we try smart to keep up in the game. And Blockchain is one of the many fields we are spreading our wings in.

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