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Effective mobile strategy

We all agree that mobiles are a game changer but have you chalked out an effective mobile strategy to promote your business? Or are you struggling to strike a balance between budget, resources and aspirations? Or worse still, are you planning to randomly try a hit-and-try approach to see what works? Strategy planning is a precise art that requires careful research, goal defining, and accurate implementation. Only then, will your mobile strategy roll out as expected and be effective in the long term.

Parangat Technology is a leader in the field of strategy planning. Using scientifically proven processes and tools, we create mobile plans that make best use of your platforms, people and devices. Macro level planning to grass-root level implementation, we hand hold each client through the entire process. Entrust your strategy planning to us- we will ensure you meet your business objectives surely and smartly.

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How Strategy planning helps

To proceed without a strategy is a blunder.
For those of you who are deliberating whether or not to invest in strategy planning, we have compiled a few key statistics to pinpoint the measurable benefits of strategy planning for your business.

 Benefits of strategy planning
Mobile strategy Planning
How we do Strategy planning

Mobile strategy planning is all about thinking of ways to incorporate mobile into your overall business ecosystem. It isn’t online planning or product strategizing. It’s an entirely different ball game…and we have mastered it over the years!

Identify company's overall business strategy
  • icon What is your mission/vision?
  • icon What are your goals/targets?
Zero down on your target user
  • icon Create user personas
  • icon Categorize them based on demographics
SWOT Analysis
  • icon Strengths
  • icon Weaknesses
  • icon Opportunities
  • icon Threats
Competitor Analysis
  • icon What are your competitors doing well?
  • icon What are their shortcomings?
Decide App Types
  • icon Enterprise apps or customer-facing apps?
  • icon Native or hybrid?
  • icon App pitch
Identify product strategy
  • icon Development methodology
  • icon Timelines and requirements
Role allocation
  • icon In-house or outsourced development team?
  • icon Collaboration and reporting protocols
Devise Maintenance System
  • icon How to scale up/down?
  • icon Features enhancement
  • icon Analytics and debugging
Why Parangat Strategy planning
Why Parangat for Strategy planning

Often, mobile devices are misconstrued as channels. Rather, they are vital touch points through which customers, stakeholders and employees can interact with your business quickly and effectively. Keeping this in mind, Parangat creates mobile plans that are high on security and seamlessness. Unglamorous but essential elements such as data integration, backend collaboration, offline storage, security and compliance regulations are factored in diligently in planning stage itself.

We collaborate-We get business and IT leaders under the same umbrella We identify key drivers-We capitalize mobile moments We observe due diligence-We conduct an information audit We prioritize mobile devices-We study users' behavior patterns We think about integration-We plan integration with enterprise systems and information flow We plan for security-Our systems provide end-to-end security of enterprise information We pinpoint your approach-We select a multi-channel development approach for you We build a roadmap-We create an implementation blueprint basis information audit

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