40 Benefits of Mobile App Redesign

40 Benefits of Mobile App Redesign

It’s either in your hands or is right next to you. Isn’t it? Most probably you are currently holding it. Of course, I am talking about mobile devices. So whatever device you are reading this on, you cannot deny that right before reading this and after reading this, you will definitely go with mobile app redesign. And you will use one of its many apps. Juvenile thought yet right to all its extents!

Ever since the technology has developed from a computer as big as a room to microchips and mobile devices. The sole goal of human has been to reduce the efforts and make life easier. Such a benefit was introduced by the invention of mobile and androids. Rather than using it just for calls (as was told to be its basic purpose) we use it for a lot many things using the apps on it.

The modern world and the business in this new era, have been revolutionized by the introduction of such apps. Don’t you agree? Think of “Facebook”, “Twitter” or a pure food business company like “Dominos”. The first two are giants in today’s time only because of their apps and the look-n-feel they offer. Dominos, however, is famous for its Pizza, which is not the app. But it is quite clear to all of us the growth in their business since the launch of their app. Maybe 10 years ago, any business could grow and survive with standalone physical offices only. But in the present scenario, they all need an app.

Getting an app for business is not enough. But keeping it working and meeting the dynamically changing desires and demands of the end line customers is the key requirement these days. That’s what redesigning or restructuring an app exactly is all about. Mobile app redesign seems to be a very simple concept involving a few UI developers making some changes to the app. But that is not how it works. The App redesign process is rather a complex and tricky process involving a series of analyses and checks.

The best app redesign process would not be the one changing the entire look of an app, but the one that with all the changes implemented can still convey all the info and text clearly. This brings us to a very important ques – “How to redesign an app?” The best answer to this quest cannot be any set of steps. However, for a better understanding of the same one can go through this article.

After going through all this, this image would provide you a clear picture of what are the best benefits of having a mobile app for once business.

Benefits of Spending on Mobile Apps - Parangat

Benefits of Spending on Mobile Apps

If we try and define the best mobile app redesign process we can sit it can be a flow of steps as follow:

    • Eating your own cat food: It includes having a proper understanding of why and when is the correct time to redesign your app. Once you have the understanding of the rationale behind the redesign of an app, keep referring to it throughout the process to trace the best approach and real-time progress in the redesign process.
    • Proper communication with the user: It is of utmost importance having a clear perspective of how the redesign of an app would affect the end-user experience. Back in time, once the travel giant UBER, in one of their redesigns made few chances that complicated the interface. As the head of design wrote in Uber’s announcement about the redesign: “As we added more features and our products became more complex…People were selecting the wrong product when they had to catch a movie.” It’s after having their ‘cat food’ that they redesigned the app again to create a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
      • Evaluating and understanding user feedback: Just imagine if an 8-year-old is using Netflix, would he consider it a good app, if he cannot go through what he wants to see. So every design that is implemented should be based on user feedback on the previous one.
    • Implementing the design change plan: When all the planning has been done, al the design changes should be efficiently implemented. The end product at this step should display all the app redesigns. An example can be taken from the Instagram’s look change.

 App Redesign - Parangat

When describing the effort, the head of design at Instagram wrote: “We stripped the color and noise from surfaces where people’s content should take the centre stage, and boosted color on other surfaces like sign up flows and home screens.” Of course the app redesign process is user-centric, so in the end, all that matters is how the user feels about the changes. This brings us to the next step of the mobile app redesign process.

Communicating and testing the redesign: Now that the design is implemented it is important to give the user can access and take the feedback on the new changes and adapt as per the reviews. This part requires taking a research step towards realizing if the changes have a positive effect on the user. If not, they must be updated accordingly.

Monitoring the usage after launch: Once the redesign is implemented and properly tested, the user interaction and any changes in the number of online persons on the app must be kept in check.

Once the process is completed, to find the outcome of your design process, one needs to go back to the ‘why?’ and the initial goal set up in the first step. The answers to questions like:

  • Has the initial goal been justified and finally met?
  • Did usage increase?
  • Did the engagement increased?
  • Have the positive reviews of users increased after the redesign?
  • Is business expecting and rowing the fruits of the seed is planted in the redesign process?
  • Have the negative reviews been cleared and the fixes have been implemented or not?

This will help in understanding if the entire mobile app redesign process benefited the business or is it going the other way round. The best mobile app redesign process will be the one in which the answers to the above questions will be in the best interest of the business.
The process of redesigning a mobile app can be considered overwhelming at first, but following these steps, one can be sure that the work is well worth it and the business witnesses a growth using the awesome features that an app can offer.