UX Design & Its Importance

UX Design & Its Importance

It’s the UX design of your app or website that decide the success of your app & also the UI. The design converts the visitors into buyers. The design is the first thing that the visitors’ notices and that makes an image in his/her mind about the business. Let me take your back in the olden days when the first computer was invented. Was the invention available for everyone? No, not everyone could work on that. Only the one who had prior knowledge of coding was able to work with the computer and create commands. Now, the developer had a task to find a way to make the computer more attractive for common users. So, as soon as the idea about GUI (Graphical User Interface) has arisen – various folders, navigation menus, windows, and other features were created. It was then the invention of the era was made available and easy to use for a common and ordinary user.  This clearly states the importance of UX and UI.

In today’s rapidly growing interfaces industry, UX design has become an important aspect. The UX team at Parangat Technologies is here to explain what “User Experience” is all about.

What is UX?

UX: User experience is the primary selling factor of any online or offline business.  It is the way your end your end-user feels about you and is the deciding factor of your business.  Let’s understand this by an example. Nokia, the Finnish Information Technology company lost its business because it was stuck to the old user experience rather focusing on the new one. Even the Windows UI failed and the company lost many of its followers.


You can’t miss prioritizing user experience (UX), as ignoring it will lead to customer dissatisfaction in the long run which will result in losing your valuable customer. There are a majority of businesses which was a minor start-up, in the beginning, a few years back they have gained their peak of success because of the unique user experience. Whether it’s Facebook, Apple, Google or any other top brand they had always prioritize their user experience. User experience is how a person feels when interacting with the system. It can be any experience related to website desktop app, mobile app, human/device interaction.

Keeping apart the bookish definition in simple words it is what a what a person feels about the product. UX is basically the feeling and view of a man, how he feels when using an item, framework or administration outline.

{…If you don’t know why you chose the colours on your website, the font in your emails, or the packaging of your product, it’s time to start asking why..?

Why is UX Important?

UX is basically related to customer satisfaction. The more he satisfied using the service application website or any other thing will make him decide whether to use the product again or discard it.

Let’s have a clear view of its importance from an example. You need to search for a particular thing on the web. Now, you will search and open the related thing in tabs. What happens if the site is not smooth and takes a time of more than 20 sec for loading? It’s definite that you will switch to the next tab and search your relevant detail on another site which is comparatively faster. You are off with the site before analyzing the content on the site.


Let’s have a glimpse of the other side of it. You visit a site with good speed, you were able to navigate through the content easily. Now, you will visit the site again as you had a satisfactory experience.

It’s very clear from the above example what the UX means and how much importance it has in the business growth. On the off chance that the item can summon positive feelings from the client, the client will continue utilizing the item.

In the present era quickly developing organization those web and portable applications that react rapidly and effectively are turning into the best.

In the event that your subpage with a particular item is stacking 15 seconds longer than a contender’s subpage, it will make your customer dissatisfied. End-users often go on website knowing what they want and they want to find it as fast as possible. The designer should aim at designing the UX as such as the user visits and gets the required relevant information as soon as possible within a short span of time.  

Client encounter is similarly as vital as visual personality. Truly. It doesn’t make a difference what your site or application looks like if individuals don’t know how to collaborate with it. And moreover, they also have to appreciate that association.

While UX is vital for any digital product, it is much more imperative for specific kinds of advanced digital products: complex apps or websites, retail or online deals, start-up sites, and organizations, or small business are expected to long last.

End Note:
So, in the entire development cycle of the mobile app website or any other platform for user interaction one need to focus entirely on the UX design. You need to concentrate on the end-user that they must be satisfied with their experience using the product. As a good experience will make them come back while they are hunting for the similar product.