Tips on Mobile UX Design to Create User-centric  Apps

Tips on Mobile UX Design to Create User-centric Apps

According to Statista, for the year 2016, the number of smartphone users in the U.S. is expected to reach 207.2 million. Today everyone knows that mobile app revolution is playing a crucial role in our everyone’s lives. And, there is no denying of the fact that the mobile craze is not going to hault anytime soon. In recent years, the number of mobile users has already overpassed the number of conventional desktop users. If we talk in simple words, then the number of people accessing the Internet on desktop or laptop has already outpaced people accessing the Internet from various mobile devices. Undoubtedly, this has huge implications for mobile UX design, too. As people are shopping new products, comparing various services, reading news & alerts on their mobile phones while on the go. Let’s take a look at a few tips Tips on Mobile UX Design that will help you deliver best user experience:

1. Keep your Design Minimalist

Mobile screen is too small as compared to desktop and laptop. And, as you are designing for a much smaller screen, you need to adopt easy and simple approach. By knocking out the superficial design elements that only add little value, you can go for easy, practical and purpose-centric approach. As this approach will help you take the user experience to the
next level. Just think about the users, who are looking for an simple, clean and uncluttered interface in their iPhones or Android devices. As this will help you is getting the user-centric design implemented, which in turn, will improve the user experience.

2. Know your Audience

It’s always important to know your target audience. As the way your audience interacts with the technology makes it crucial to design the app, its interactions and navigations accordingly. Another major factor that have an impact is – the type of device you are using. For example, if your target audience mainly uses Android then, developing an app for iOS
platform will not work. Every mobile operating platform has its own unique set of convention.

3. Don’t bombard users with Too Many Features

A recent report published by statistics states that nearly 80-90% of downloaded apps get used once and then gets deleted. That’s an extremely alarming number. Mobile app designers, developers, startegists and quality analysts focus a lot of their efforts and budgets to capture users so that their app can be downloaded. Well, getting your app downloaded is just half the battle. In a world where,  millions of apps are competing out there, keeping the users engaged is the next crucial step. So, it’s never right to bombard users with too many features.

4. Never ever reinvent the wheel just for the sake of Uniqness

In recent years, browsing the Internet over a mobile rather than a desktop is increasing at a rapid rate. And, that’s why mobile users started with browsing on their mobile devices. There are numerous standard and conventional patterns that are related to the site navigation, so don’t just reinvent the wheel for the sake of uniquness. If you are following a set pattern, there has to be a valid reason behind every change.

Hope, the above-mentioned tips will help you in understanding the key features for designing an app that users will love.

How to Work for Great UI/UX Designs? – Think First. Design Next – Part2

How to Work for Great UI/UX Designs? – Think First. Design Next – Part2

So, we are here to move on from the Tips on How to Work for Great UI/UX Designs? – Think First. Design Next Part2 that we have discussed as in our earlier post. The previous posts highlighted the importance of great UI/UX design and how to improve more. Let’s discuss some more points:

Going with the current UI trends and Flat designs:

Current UI trends and flat designs have obviously become a knowingly and captivating trend. And, it’s appropriate for some instances because it lets you apply the current trends and strategies haphazardly in all the manner and interactions. Today designers are adopting the current strategies and trends without thinking about whether it’s appropriate for the requirement and whether people will understand what they have designed. A great deal of flat design without visual avoidances makes it cumbersome for the user to understand that what they’re seeing is fully interactive and appreciable. It can be tapped or swiped or clicked to make something happen. If you can afford the visual affordances, you can clearly communicate purpose with others and you cannot expect people to know what you have designed.

Going with the current UI trends and Flat designs:

Why Does This Happen?

There are some very appropriate reasons because of which people take these approaches. One of them is your team is working within an insanely squeezed timeframe.

A shorthanded team doesn’t focus on what’s most appropriate or even what the real strategic objectives are because the only objective of them is just to get the project completed. And, that will lead to make other departments or management personnel design decision makers. And, if the decision makers are out of department then some of them will say “make it look like Zomato” or some other site. An app or system they’re captivated with is the best practices that they follow for making design strategies. But the key challenge is that they will mandate solutions, usually before the team even understands what exactly the problems are.

And, if the decision makers are from other departments the design team will do things that they don’t have a lot of experience with. As it’s more than a little unfair to ask someone from design team to do something they don’t have even experience of it. And, it would be like asking your electrician to fix your car.

So, What’s The Remedy? – Think First. Design Next.

The key element of great UI/UX is strategic thinking. Always before starting with the design – Think First & then Design Next. A little and wise strategic thinking can go a very long way. And, yes, if you think first, you’ll find that the foundation of good UX is your wise thinking. And, this will lead to everyone and every member of your team will contribute to great UX.
Just by changing the way they think about the design approach, you can get amazing results. If everyone on the team is in the habit of questioning what they’re about to do, and before working on the designs they must ask questions like:

1)  The product on which we are going to work will give the potential reward to users or to the business.

2) Does the features or functionalities we are about to add will really matter to users? Is it what we believe they’ll find useful, usable, scalable or valuable?

3) How do the users will expect this feature or function to work? And, whether this workflow will run counter to what it should be?

We help our client’s users understand what the product is meant for!

The design you are delivering is in line with what it should be. Is the data point and features you have added are making your app’s screen a crowded place. The placement of points and features should be the foundation of user experience. Parangat Technologies is a world-class mobile app design and development company. UI/UX design is one of the key elements that have the capability to be the reason of difference between user pleasure and user apprehension. And, that’s why we have a team of dexterous mobile app designers that are very particular about pixels. Our UI/UX designers and experts before proceeding for designing consider and understand the business challenges and goals. And, that enable us them to come up with the actual user-centric designs that successfully hooks them.

Being a leading Mobile App UI Design Company, based in India, we have helped thousands of clients in staying ahead of the competition and earning value and revenue, both. By leveraging latest and updated technologies and crafting a fresh and creative mindset, we have delivered lots of cost effective and engaging UI designs.

Our design-first, build-second approach enables us to deliver products that help in gaining traction. We at Parangat, fully understand our client’s business concerns and requirements to come up with something engaging and user-centric. Our Mobile Interface Designs are accompanied by innovative ideas, new concepts, flexibility and simplicity. We have developed projects that are geared to enhance the functionality and applicability of our client’s online presence and create striking and astounding layouts for our client’s mobile applications.