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With the increasing and ever-growing demand of engaging and interactive web designs and web applications, every business domain is looking for robust and scalable solutions. Get the opportunity to reinforce your brand or business with the emerging and modern Application Development framework. As a top AngularJS Development Company, we offer exceptional AngularJs solutions to help our client’s business shape their brand or niche on the World Wide Web. We are exceptional in offering viable solutions and meeting customization challenges by providing highly efficient and robust AngularJS framework. Being a top AngularJS development service provider, we at Parangat, aim at providing complete hold of the solutions. We are in compliance with JS markups & ensure cost-efficiency and easy adaptability. Additionally, with the ability to develop agile and high-tech solutions, our proficient team of AngularJS development also work hard to meet deadlines and get simplified web and app development solutions. Our AngularJS services include:

AngularJS Web Application Development

AngularJS UI/UX Development

AngularJS Web Development

AngularJS Rest API Development

AngularJS Mobile App Development

AngularJS Web Application Development at Parangat

You can hire our AngularJS web development company to get web and mobile applications developed at low rates. Using AngularJS solutions, we develop web & mobile apps that are easy to develop, test, or maintained. We have the expertise in comfortably including extra features as per the project needs. Our developers are proficient in adhering to clean & easy-to-read coding standards, thus creating significant web applications in lesser development time.

AngularJS developers at Parangat develop simple yet flawless apps that include refined features, thus effectively catering to your intricate business needs. We exploit the pioneering feature of AngularJS and our expert developers always focus on writing bug-free and clean codes. We know the extent of AngularJS that needs to be added to an existing web app. And that could be done by embedding other emerging and trending technologies. That’s why we are able to create an exceptional app that is easy to maintain and flawless. So, if you are looking to hire an AngularJS developer, we are there to help you.

Why choose Parangat as your AngularJS development partner?

AngularJS is a top-notch and popular JavaScript framework that simplifies the web development & rigorous testing processes. Being performance-centric, robust and speedy in process, AngularJS framework has become a developer’s delight. A business that needs engaging, interactive websites and single page applications chooses JavaScript framework. Our adept AngularJS developers team delivers secure, fast and scalable web applications and mobile applications, with a wide range of services as per the client’s business needs.

  • OpenCart Custom Module Development
  • Plugin Development & Theme Development
  • Music & Video Streaming App Development
  • Dynamic Web Application Development
  • eLearning Platform and Location Apps
  • Social Networking App Development

Marketing analytics

We have strategic integration with every major player in mobile marketing space. Uninstall attribution, ad revenue attribution and in-app interactions are all monitored using our powerful analytics tools and reported flawlessly by our dashboards.

Deep Linking

Our developers create deep links that sends every user to the page their looking for, in as few clicks as possible. From a new user to re-engagement of old users, we provide frictionless interaction with your app.

Mobile ecosystem integration:

We integrate your app seamlessly into the diverse mobile ecosystem. We track your app’s performance across channels. Retargeting and marketing automation are ancillary services also provided by us.

Data integration

Data protection is of utmost importance for us. Transparency is the backbone of our business. We provide you independent, unbiased reports about our processes. We do not patronize any ad agency or affiliate program. Our results are verifiable and completely free of subjectivity.

User Engagement Service

It’s our job to attract visitors to your app, retain them there, delight them along the way, and convert them to customers. Our job doesn’t end there. We re-engage lost users and keep reminding visitors of your app’s value. We identify the preferred platforms of each and every user, reach them there, and gently re-direct them to your app. We also craft enticing description for your app listing on app stores, highlighting its bestselling features and unmatched experience. This creates a steady flow of visitors to your app and infinite possibilities for conversion.

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