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Better – My Recovery Plan

An addiction recovery app to help you build recovery capital and prevent overdose.

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Better App by Last Door is an addiction recovery app that aims at merging harm reduction with the recovery community. The app helps connect people seeking to expand their recovery network and become a part of the community. Those who consume drugs and are gradually getting on the path of recovery can also be connected to peer monitors known as safety nets who ensure their safety and prevention of overdose. The app helps the users build Recovery Capital through social and community capital. Growing support and demand for healthy communities across social media has led to the launch of the application.

The App Comes with

  • Overdose Prevention Tool
  • Unlimited access to thousands of motivational speaker taps
  • Group chat with fellow recovery members
  • Self-help and personal growth exercise consultants
  • Support group meetings
  • One-on-one peer support tool
  • Recovery capital assessment tool to compare and judge a users performance
  • Encouraging leader board games
  • Online exclusive group chats
  • Access to recovery news feed for motivation of users
  • 24/7 help support




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Recovered Users

Safety Net

Safety Net is one of the most outstanding features of the application. It is an emergency tool to prevent overdose which alarms the peer monitors when someone is using the drug alone. The user can choose peers from the community who sign up voluntarily for becoming safety nets. These safety nets are notified when someone is consuming a drug alone. Post consumption, if the user doesn’t respond within 30 seconds, the safety net is notified and alarmed to call the emergency services.

Speaker Tapes

The application is equipped with over 15,000 speaker tapes for those on their recovery journey to keep them going and motivated. The feature is designed in a way that when played on High Power Autoplay, tells the user exactly what he needs to hear at that very moment. Speaker Tapes is a highly effective tool to stop and re-navigate the sudden urge to consume a drug.

LGBTQ2 Nearby People and Meetings

Better App offers the users to meet and network with fellow users in their proximity for any help, guidance, or requirement. This is a great tool for the users to find like-minded people on the same recovery journey and network with motivating and encouraging peers.

Check Nearby People

This tool enables the users to find people in recovery on the go. The feature is ideal for those who travel more due to professional needs and need company on their trips. The tool is a fantastic way to make new friends and learn about the local recovery community.

Leaderboard Section

To keep users motivated and continue the recovery process without deviating, a leaderboard section is incorporated into the application. The user gets points every time they take a recovery-oriented action. The scores are reflected on the leaderboard accessible to everyone. In pursuit of keeping the score high, the users continue to perform more recovery-oriented activities and actions. Since the leaderboard is visible to all, peers can help each other increase their scores if there is a fall


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