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With so many apps competing for space on the shelf, only well-marketed apps will get noticed and downloaded. Even an app with a great concept will go unnoticed if it isn’t marketed well. Great advertising and growth strategies can give newly-launched apps the right launch pad and a new lease of life to existing apps. So if you wish for your app to get maximum visibility in the saturated app market, a robust marketing strategy is a must.
Parangat Technology is a leader in the app marketing strategy space. We have the skills, the team, the creativity, and the infrastructure to give your mobile app a great start. With our strategic collaborations with major advertisers and marketers, your app will stand out from the crowd. Our advertising and growth strategy services have made many apps climb the charts and get into the featured league at app stores. Our expertise and innovation make us a great marketing partner for your next app project.

Advertising Strategy

For new apps, we have a holistic advertising and marketing program that will multiple audience awareness about the app manifold.
  • icon App store optimization
  • icon Omni-channel outreach
  • icon Pre-launch and post-launch advertising campaigns
  • icon Social media campaigns
  • icon Blogger outreach program
  • icon Intelligent analytics and insights

Growth Strategy

For existing apps, our growth-hacking program can help reach out to new target segments and delight present users.
  • icon Features upgrades
  • icon In-app Referral program
  • iconLoyalty and exclusivity programs
  • iconApp install ad campaigns with deep linking
  • iconCommunity building
  • iconTracking legit data

Advertising Strategy Data

Our app advertising strategy is always governed by the same principle…..we don’t think like sellers; we think like buyers. We literally put ourselves in the users’ place to understand their expectations from an app. Then we create our marketing strategy around these needs. Naturally, apps marketed by us sell like hot cakes.

  • icon Audience research
  • icon Competition analysis
  • iconKPI determination
  • iconLanding page creation
  • icon App store listing optimization
  • icon Social media outreach
  • iconAdvertising metric Analytics

Growth Strategy

User engagement and retention are challenges faced by most app vendors. Even if an app is marketed well, there is virtually nothing to guarantee that it will convert visitors into customers. Using our well-researched growth strategy we not only delight and convert new users but also successfully re-engage old or lost customers.

  • icon In-app referrals for boosting sign-ups
  • icon Principle of exclusivity to create buzz
  • iconDeep linking for app installs
  • iconInnovative product designing
  • icon Easy on boarding
  • icon Building user community
  • iconStandout features for increased relevancy

Mobile attribution

We analyze mobile traffic to your app, attribute it to correct platform and campaign, rate platforms per their ROI, and identify places where effort needs to be streamlined.

Marketing analytics

We have strategic integration with every major player in mobile marketing space. Uninstall attribution, ad revenue attribution and in-app interactions are all monitored using our powerful analytics tools and reported flawlessly by our dashboards.

Deep Linking

Our developers create deep links that sends every user to the page their looking for, in as few clicks as possible. From a new user to re-engagement of old users, we provide frictionless interaction with your app.

Mobile ecosystem integration:

We integrate your app seamlessly into the diverse mobile ecosystem. We track your app’s performance across channels. Retargeting and marketing automation are ancillary services also provided by us.

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